Police Stop Refresher Course

Our New Hampshire Liberty Friends offer us all this excellent short, sweet, to-the-point and memorable reminder of proper conduct during encounters of the Peace Officer kind…….

Pass along to everyone you know everywhere.

Traffic Stops And Other Police Encounters Tutorial

Everyone needs to carefully study What-To-Do-In-An-Encounter-Of-The-Cop-Kind, especially gunowners, so the links herewith included will get this separate compilation post because they are completely lost in the Investigator Category and in my humble opinion they comprise some of the best insight available on the web.

To deal with an LEO in a non-hostile, non-threatening but completely assertive and completely correct manner is an art form and must be practiced before the real event.

All conversations with police should be limited to some benign variation of three specific ideas:

1. Am I being detained?

2. Am I free to leave?

3. I will discuss that when my Attorney is present.

Learn to do it and do it correctly.

The techniques may be the only thing to stand between you and a life altering experience. Ask Clyde Coffey.

This one post will get it’s own category and it will be the ONLY post in that category.

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First for an excellent overview about ANY Cop encounter watch this video(WMV file of the two Youtube Videos Above): CLICK HERE

Then learn how the Martha Stewart case completely screwed up your “right to remain silent” and what to do about it: CLICK HERE

Then get tips from two other videos CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

For a really great example of what can happen in real time check out the intrepid David Ridley in this video: CLICK HERE

Learn how the New Hampshire folks have planned ahead for Police Encounters with their own off site electronic recording system-Porcupine 411 CLICK HERE

And finally you may be ready to pick your way through some other examples of Police Encounters in this (and other) categories: CLICK HERE

If you know of other instructive materials, post them in the comments section and I will incorporate them in this post if necessary.

In Liberty,