Breaking ObamaNation:Nationalizing America’s Waterways

People need to stop their obsession with Obama’s flaws, real or imaginary. He may in fact be narcissistic, incompetent or tone deaf. SO WHAT? He wins. He wins all the time, everywhere about everything.

He and his cronies have poured sugar into America’s gas tanks, thrown sand in America’s geartrain, poisoned our collective well and monkey wrenched everything that is not nailed down, glued in place and painted over!

Quick show of hands. Does anyone believe a Rasmussen Poll of the Kulaks in 1930 Soviet Union would have shown overwhelming support for Stalin’s Policies? SO WHAT? It did NOT MATTER!


The election in November will not change anything. For every handful of initiatives the new Congress manages to defeat he will have dozens of new initiatives fueled up and ready to launch.

ObamaNation continues without pause.

This time waterways. “How does that affect me?” you ask.

Simple, you might just be a criminal if you go fishing without permission from the almighty, omniscient, all-powerful Federal Government!

Rule by Executive Order!

Tyranny by another name is…..tyranny.

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North Carolina Suspends Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Upon Governor Beverly Perdue’s declaration of a State Of Emergency on September 1, 2010 Dove Hunters, Concealed Carry Handgun Licensees, Target Shooters and all other gunowners cannot possess, transport or use firearms off their personal property as per N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-288.7

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NPR THE STORY: Bozo Bolsheviks Vandalize Hunters Cabin

For me to listen to Nitwit Propaganda Radio (NPR) is akin to some kind of Rambo Warrior endurance test- the longer I can hold my hand over the candle flame the sooner I will achieve a higher state of combat bliss.

Consequently it is not an exercise in which I often engage since I see no real reason to damage my trigger finger to achieve Rambo Warrior bliss.

But apparently I should listen more often because when I heard this story my jaw dropped.

Short story long: Mr & Mrs. Bolshevik fall in love with an isolated rustic Maine Cabin and rent it for a week’s vacation.

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Free Elk Hunt

Yup. Free Elk Hunt.

That is the good news.

The bad news- it is run by all the usual bureaucrats you love to hate.

Right now I am not entirely sure it might not be cheaper just to pay a guide service the market rate.

In any case, it may be worth a look for the select group of people who can deal with the red tape.

Since it is a cull hunt I assume Rangers will be available to identify individuals designated for removal.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Earlier this month, officials with the Theodore Roosevelt National Park put out word that it was seeking pro packers to assist with its upcoming elk-reduction efforts. Now, the North Dakota park is accepting applications from hunters interested in volunteering to help cull about 250 cow elk from the herd of approximately 950 animals that make the South Unit area their home.

Up to 20 volunteers will be needed for each of 12 weeks beginning Nov. 1. No hunting license or tags will be required, and there is no fee for participation. Plus, volunteers may receive meat from up to one elk, depending on each week’s total harvest success rate.

“There has been a strong interest in volunteering for this program for some time, and we are very pleased to announce the availability of this application,” said Park Superintendent Valerie Naylor. “We have gone to great lengths to automate and streamline the application process, and to ensure the selection of volunteers will be as fair as possible.”

New AR15 Lowers Banned By BATFE

Here we go again.

While the Spaghetti Spined Republicans sing a rousing chorus of their version of Little Orphan Annie’s Tomorrow, the malignant Democrats continue their trek to destroy America from within virtually unmolested.

All together:

The sun’ll come out
in November!
Bet your bottom dollar
In November
There’ll be sun!
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Limited Edition Jeff Cooper Steyr Scout

The folks at Steyr Arms have worked up a limited run of 300 Jeff Cooper Scout Commemorative Rifles.

Just as no one sells a good cast iron pot at a yard sale, authentic Steyr Jeff Cooper Scouts are rarely available for sale at gun shops or gun shows.

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