TOP SHOT: Best. Season. Ever.

When you have a good rifleman you have a man who is confident of his ability to take care of himself; the quality pertains not to the rifle, but to himself; so you have a man who can quickly be turned to doing anything. He is a hunter and fighter; not a specialist who is at a loss when his specialty fails him. “-H.W. McBride “A Rifleman Went to War”

Cooper’s Principles of Practical Riflery:
Make first-round hits, at unknown distances, from improvised positions, with a cartridge appropriate to the purpose, under time pressure. –Colonel Jeff Cooper, Gun Guru

This week marks the end of the second season of TOP SHOT on the History Channel


A dirty shame the show must end. It has been a guilty pleasure for me from day one. CLICK LINK HERE

None of the usual race gun/tweaked target load ammo/five-finger tactical magazine swap IDPA/IPSC crap here.

Production guns, production ammo, off-the-shelf holsters and equipment. Don’t like the factory trigger on a Ruger 10/22? Too bad. Shoot it anyway.

Just respond to a simple question: can you hit six bottles from an upside down position after you’ve been spun around strapped to a giant plywood wheel? Because in the real world you may be just exactly that disoriented when you need to shoot your best. Yeah. How does that super-duper race gun holster work for you in that scenario?

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Civilian Disarmament William Norman Grigg

From the good stuff file, this speech by William Norman Grigg on the subject of Civilian Disarmament, a particularly useful topic on the eve of the Swiss Vote to require arsenal storage of military pattern rifles.

If passed, the Swiss turn their backs on a 500 year old tradition to include the mobilization that stopped Hitler in his tracks just half a century ago. CLICK LINK HERE

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Civilian Disarmament: Prelude to Tyranny | William Norman Grigg

The historical record clearly shows that civilian disarmament has been a precursor to tyranny and genocide. This is the grim reality that lurks behind the phrase “gun control.” This video lays out the facts concerning the ongoing drive by the federal government and the United Nations for civilian disarmament, and explains how you can help prevent America’s descent into police state tyranny. Speech by William Norman Grigg, a former senior editor of The New American magazine.

Gungrabbers Attack Switzerland


Switzerland did not fall to Hitler or any external invader for the last 500 years.

But the latest assault is the most insidious: the attack of nitwittery from Bolshevik Apparatcheks.

How far the Swiss have drifted from Operations Order #2: CLICK LINK HERE

Sickening Excerpt:

Staring down the barrel of Swiss gun traditions
Amy Wong, World Radio Switzerland

Switzerland is grappling with a question and it’s a loaded one: should its citizens be allowed to keep military rifles at home? The shooting traditions are deep-rooted in this country where basic military training is mandatory and so is storing weapons at home. It’s estimated that over 500,000 military rifles are kept in Swiss cellars and cupboards. WRS video journalist Amy Wong went to the Tiro Federale in Campagna (also called the Feldschiessen in German or Tir fédéral en campagne in French) the largest shooting festival in the world, to witness this 83-year-old tradition.


You’re Carrying A God Damned Gun At A Presidential Event

Watch Chris Matthews get rude, abrasive and hostile when the topic is a New Hampshire Town Hall meeting.

In New Hampshire not only is open carry completely legal, but many people (open) carry at Legislative Hearings and in the Gallery when the Legislature is in session.

While William Kostric is not the polished TV talking head to which viewers are accustomed he is extremely self possessed and probably too cogent to suit Matthews (whose resignation is apparent in his voice at the end of the interview.)

Descriptive Excerpt:

“You’re Carrying A God Damned Gun At A Presidential Event,” Matthews says to protester William Kostric, appearing on “Hardball” to explain why he carried a gun to a health care town hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire hosted by President Obama. He said he wanted “to be heard” and wanted everyone to be aware of the rights we are losing.

Matthews chides Kostric for bringing a loaded gun to an event where the President would be. “A firearm is a defensive tool,” Kostric says. “Who would be silly enough to carry an unarmed firearm?” It is legal to carry guns in New Hampshire.

Tactical Training Gone Wild!


Just when I thought I had seen everything!

Word to the wise: pick your training school carefully.

It matters not if these guys are shooting blanks, this is just crazy, meaningless and counterproductive.

I long for the insight of the late Col. Jeff Cooper, known as the gun guru, about this video.

The Heck With NASCAR! Real Competition=Knabenschiessen

Amazing what occurs around the world with virtually no notice by those of us who say we support and defend the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

Watch now this video of a vibrant, exuberant shooting competition as practiced by people who still remember the grim penalties exacted against a population who forget the meaning and purpose of such skills.

To paraphrase the MTV Generation- Call your cable service and tell them “I want my Knabenschiessen TV!”

No, you do not have to understand the language to appreciate the action.

Knabenschiessen Shooting Competition Video Link Click Here