August 23rd, 2000; A Day That Lives In Infamy

For some reason, in August of every year, the DEMONocrat RC Soles shooting story makes the blogosphere rounds. If blogospherists wish to recirculate August stories from the dog days of yesteryear, perhaps the heroic battle of Ashley Carpenter against insurmountable odds should be revisited? Repost some variation of this cautionary tale to your friends, family, email accounts, online forums! Always remember, never forget!

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In memoriam: Ashley Carpenter, Age 9 and  John William Carpenter, Age 7

On August 23rd, 2000 a California Family bore the full force and fury of Liberal Democrat Rule when two small children were sacrificed on the alter of ruinous political gun control theory and law in an incident that has become known as the Merced Pitchfork Murders.

If you have not heard this story spend some time and learn today.

Heed the words of  Mary Carpenter, grandmother of Ashley and John William: “Do not forget the Carpenter Story-the Big Bad Wolf does not come to the front door and knock, he hides in the garage and jimmies the kitchen door lock with a butter knife.” “May you (Legislators) stand before God and man as my two precious grand-children’s killer if you pass any more gun legislation that will make me a felon should I own a handgun or any other gun for that matter.”

Repeat Ashley Carpenter’s tale around the campfire, at the dinner table, cocktail parties, bars, at family gatherings, sewing circles, Bible Study Groups and everywhere else.

Shout out her name at conventions, meetings and public gatherings. Whisper it in quiet places and solemn times.

Behold the handiwork of the Roe v. Wade Liberal Democrat Party. They will literally kill children to “save them”, before they are born and after.

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Mary Shepard In Her Own Words

Mary Shepard joins an elite group of women who will no longer tolerate thuggery mandated by Government Regulatory Fiat.

She makes her case in her own words in a video from her home in Illinois.
From the description on the Youtube Page:

Mary had taken 5 different firearms training courses. She held two concealed carry permits from two states.
She would have been carrying a gun to defend herself had IL allowed it.
This is her story.


None of this is new, of course. It is almost literally the same story told by a new member of an exclusive club we all hope we will never join.

For those who missed previous episodes, a small….tiny selection of some stories from memory lane:


And, of course, not all women are available to tell their story:


Ashley Carpenter, 9 Year Old Medal Of Honor Candidate

Newsflash: The World Is A Dangerous Place

Dateline: Tucson, Arizona

A funny thing happened on the way to the shopping mall: A member of the predatory Overlord Oligarchy who wished to ascertain the State Of the Union collided with a member of the predatory Underclass who left no doubt as to his point of view.

Hijinks ensued complete with the sound of gunfire.

When the gunfire ceased celebrity politician Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords barely clung to life while a substantial number of ordinary pedestrians who were unfortunate enough to be in the immediate vicinity sustained significant collateral and incidental damage-to include but not be limited to the death of a nine year girl.

Hardly a surprise to We, the Trampled, who have suffered under this oppression for the better part of a century,the incident nevertheless reverberated through the Royal Court inside the Washington DC Beltway.

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Pretty Good Copy of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp Congressional Testimony

Many grainy copies of segments of this testimony floating around, this is one of the most comprehensive and clearest I have seen.

Note Mary Carpenter echos Suzanna Hupp’s words when she discusses her family’s encounter with a pitchfork murderer 9 years later.

(Paraphrase) I/we did a stupid thing. We obeyed a law that disarmed us.

Watch these videos early and often,send to your friends and enemies alike. Just say no to political tyranny.

Complete Link:

Girls 11-18 Learn to Defend Themselves- Just Yell Fire!

Coming soon to a potato chip bag near you,no kidding, advice on self defense courtesy of one Dallas Jessup -age 16.

While it may be impermissible to yell fire inappropriately in a crowded theatre, apparently it is permissible when under threat of extreme physical violence.

As much as I believe this project to be a step in the right direction, youngsters in the RKBA community have always understood the need for, and application of necessary force in pursuit of the preservation of life and well being (their own and others).

Perhaps this understanding of necessary force will slowly permeate the entire world community and eventually extend to the Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

Link to the Just Yell Fire Website:

Teach Daddy’s Little Girl to Shoot Guns!

Doug Giles explains How To Keep Daddy’s Little Girl Away From Thugs, Bad Boys and (B)olshevik(S)tupidity-teach them to shoot guns!

Ersatz RKBA. Comments on the NSSF Kerfuffle.

The last few days the people who go to conventions, the SHOT Show, appear on TV and speak on radio have gotten into a food fight over the NSSF’s recommendations from a Research Firm about how to gain public trust for RKBA.

According to focus group research some firearms are more equal than others. Pistols,in particular, are children of a lesser god.

Michael Bane has some lengthy comments on his blog.

Those of us who have gone where no celebrities or cameras or big shots can be found have long been aware this society is top heavy with gungrabbers.

No matter how many members of a police or Sheriff’s Department support RKBA, the top administrators and policy makers are almost always gungrabbers.

No matter how many County Commissioners or City Council Members or Wildlife Commission Directors support RKBA, the City Manager or the Executive Director or the research staff are almost always gun grabbers or in a pinch, lean toward “sensible gun control” regulations.

And of course the NRA is on record since the 1930s with their version of gungrabbing in their role as America’s Oldest Gun Control Institution

So why the surprise with NSSF? Has everyone forgotten the CHILDSAFE Ad Campaign from 2004 funded and supported by NSSF?

Can anyone recall the specifics of ChildSafe and Project SafeNeighborhood?

Let me help you out. 5 MILLION Dollars(last I checked, it has probably increased by now) of YOUR TAX MONEY fund a guy and a van to drive into YOUR CITY and park IN YOUR Walmart Parking lot and advertise to all and sundry that any RKBAian who does not try to ruin his/her weapon with some inane bicycle cable lock is an evil danger to society and him or herself.

George Bush (the good Republican) loved this program when he was Governor of Texas and he loved it even more when he became President.

As a result behold the NSSF in a full page ad in your favorite gun magazine using your tax dollars to tell you how to live your life.

It matters not what Mary Carpenter thinks about Child Safety programs, for example. Most people do not have the intestinal fortitude to sit through 10 minutes of her testimony even if it is broken up into two parts so they can take a breather between indictments. Like a train wreck it is easier to avert eyes and pretend the inevitable will not occur.

Here, see if you are one of the few strong enough to endure ten minutes in two parts here and here.

And you can dingdongdarnwell bet Doug Koenig does not abuse any of his raceguns with some idiotic cable lock and risk ruining the alignment of the slide or dinging the magazine well.

Yet, behold, again, Mr Koenig instruct the ignorami amongst the unwashed masses how to acquire, possess, transport and deploy their personal weapons with a child who looks NOTHING like the children who die of gunshot wounds in crackhouses and neighborhoods filled with drug dealers and gang violence.

As much as I enjoy a good food fight amongst the elite it is simple reality things will not change until We, The Peasants ask ourselves and each other:”How did the people who “run things” get to where they got and why can we just not fire them and find replacements who actually believe in RKBA?”

I will believe in change when I see it.