Cops Shoot Cow


Good Grief! Tired of shooting dogs as they cower in their crates, Police have a new hobby –shooting cows with their issue sidearms.

Is it possible to humanely take down a 1500 pound cow with a Glock 40?

Maybe, with a precision shot to break the spine near the shoulder followed with a shot through the center of the head. Not exactly what this Cop did or tried to do! Sheesh!


A YouTube video of Gatineau police opening fire on an escaped cow has raised questions about their treatment of the animals.

Gatineau police said two cows were headed for the slaughterhouse when they broke free from a truck Thursday, leaving them no choice but to shoot them dead.

Feral Cop Friday

Don't Tread On Me????

It matters not how many outrageous stories of isolated “bad apples” (See Only Ones File)in the nation’s law enforcement community grace the pages of this little blog there is always some more egregiously outrageous story in the pipeline.

Today come two three reports from nearly opposite poles of the nation.

Example the First:

Newark Police. New Jersey never seems to fail the nation with Bad Cop News.

But now the entire DEPARTMENT of a major city is under Federal investigation!

Yes, the number of wrongful death settlements has reached such a peak Eric Holder’s Justice Department has decided to inquire into the circumstances.

It must be assumed this investigation is a serious inquiry and not a protective coverup for “Brothers of the Badge” a la Waco or Ruby Ridge.

Tantalizing Excerpt:
Hundreds of similar allegations and stories over the past several years have prompted the Justice Department to launch a federal investigation of the Newark Police Department, digging into claims that the force has treated Newark’s citizens discriminatorily, brutally and illegally.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez announced the investigation on Monday in a joint press conference with Newark Mayor Cory Booker and U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.

“The investigation will examine allegations of excessive force, unconstitutional stops, searches and seizures, discriminatory policing on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, whether detainees confined to holding cells are subjected to unreasonable risk of harm, and whether officers retaliate against citizens who legally attempt to observe or record police activity,” said Perez in a statement on Monday.


Example the Second:

Indiana. An Indiana Supreme Court ruling has overturned the Magna Carta!

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Feral Cops War On Dogs Part The Ad Nauseum

Now in concert with the gentle approach of summer Police across the country renew their annual campaign against dogs and other pets.

Knowledgeable readers are familiar with the drill: when they came for the dogs I said nothing for I owned no dogs.

When they came for the cats I said nothing for I owned no cats.

When they came for me, there was no dog or cat owner left to speak on my behalf.

And then, of course, there is the matter of Marksmanship.

In Washington, DC it took seven or eight shots to kill a 13 year old 40 lb dog and in Missouri it took two shots about a minute apart to kill a restrained 60 lb dog at a distance of five feet.

But wait, there is MORE! A North Carolina STATE TROOPER trapped a KITTEN and THEN SHOT IT! Now he wants his job BACK after HE GOT FIRED!

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Feral Cops: They Shot The Dog! Again!

Watch this video at your peril. You will rethink every good thought you ever had about Modern Compliance Enforcement Officers (MCEO).

Yes, they shot the dog. Again and again and again. As the crackshots they invariably are, it took four rounds to complete the task. They probably practiced a tactical reload as well, just to be sure.

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J.D. Tuccille Reviews The Police War On Dogs

David Codrea’s fellow commentator J.D.Tucille at reviews the Police War On Dogs.

One problem J.D., the scenario you describe in your comments already occurred at Ruby Ridge when Federal Goons dressed in their finest Ninja Warrior Wannabe Gear shot the family dog which started a firefight with a teenager who was shot and killed in his turn which then led to the infamous Ruby Ridge Standoff. Consider this the fight that thuggery built. Soon to arrive in a neighborhood near you.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

That relationship has more disturbing implications. Given the familial connection so many people feel to their animals, and the proximity of so many pet shootings to private homes in which people live and keep whatever weapons they may own, it’s inevitable that killings of dogs will ultimately result in confrontations with people. Put bluntly, somebody is going to see a stranger in a blue shirt gun down Rover in the backyard and grab a shotgun to settle the score.

You can’t shoot down a family member without people reacting as if a family member has been shot down, no matter what the law or department policy may say.

Do police not understand where their actions inevitably lead? Or do they not care?

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Unbelievable! Another Cop Canine Killer!

Did I get this straight? The Deputy stopped for directions because he was lost?  Was the Patrol Car Radio out of order?

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The War On Dogs File -Part Something, Something Ad Nauseum

In a small town equipped with an Animal Control Department THE POLICE respond to a complaint about a “vicious dog” which had NOT bitten or harmed anyone but was sentenced to death because “he charged” and “showed his teeth”.

They fire a SHOTGUN TWICE in a residential neighborhood (presumably at close range) and leave the dead dog bagged by the side of the road.

The officer who pulled the trigger has been on the force for a year. Naturally, the Chief exonerates the behaviour of his officers.

Where are the 911 tapes and records for the alleged behaviour of this dog?  Remember, this a small town, presumably everyone more or less knows everyone and their business.

What are the CALEA policies for this type of response?

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

Mount Olive woman lodges complaint after officer kills dog.

Mount Olive, N.C. — A Mount Olive woman says she does not understand why a police officer killed her dog.

Durham, a 45-pound Labrador retriever, was fatally shot Thursday.

Mangum said she questions why animal control officers were not called first to pick up the animal, instead of the police.

SWAT Team Gone Wild Update-Berwyn Heights MD File

The Berwyn Heights SWAT Team Home Invasion story will not die. CATO Institute held a symposium with Mayor Cheye Calvo as a featured speaker.

Podcast link:

Introductory Excerpt:

The Prince George’s County police department is under fire for a recent drug raid on the home of Berwyn Heights mayor Cheye Calvo. Unbeknownst to Calvo, a box containing marijuana was delivered to his home. Shortly thereafter, police officers kicked in the front door and shot both of Calvo’s pet Labrador retrievers. The police have subsequently cleared Calvo of any wrongdoing but are unapologetic about their raid tactics. Are no-knock, paramilitary raids an appropriate tactic for drug investigations? Or do sudden, unannounced entries bring unnecessary violence to police investigations? Join us for a discussion of the Prince George’s incident and, more broadly, the militarization of police work in America.

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They ALWAYS Shoot the Dog! Even Their OWN!

Good news. The death was accidental.  Unlike Berwyn, Maryland where the Police chased a pup into the Mayor’s kitchen and shot him (the pup) as he ran away.

There has got to be more to these stories. There cannot be as many dog shootings by as many different jurisdictions without some common training or psychological profile element at work.

If you can shoot a family pet, you might just qualify to be in Law Enforcement?

Tantalizing Excerpt:

A Scottsdale police dog was shot and killed by his handler on Friday, but police say they think the death was accidental.

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