Real Gunfights: Skateboard Kid vs. Gun Toting Thug


This kid was lucky. That thug was an imminent danger to himself and others the way he waved that pistol around. Maybe it was a toy or jammed or unloaded. In any case the kid and his buddies pulled it all together in this incident. Godspeed to them all.

Ignatius Piazza provides details on his blog:

This video demonstrates that anyone can be accosted by a gun wielding thug, at any time of the day, in any place.

This video also clearly demonstrates some universal rules of combat from a most unlikely hero…


Real Gunfights: Wow! .380 v.Shotgun!


Okay, there are many jokes out there about the mighty .380 cartridge.

In this case the perps laugh not.

So, once again, any gun trumps gunless when mental outlook is sharp and the will to survive prevails.

Always remember and do not ever forget, shot placement is everything.

As the late Colonel Jeff Cooper reminded us all: “You fight with your mind; weapons are accessories.”

Kudos as well to the Police and their affirmative attitude toward the incident.

Tantalizing Excerpt from the Ignatius Piazza Blog:

What would you do if you were staring down the barrel of a shotgun, with a hooded man demanding your money or your life, but all you had in your pocket was five dollars and a .380 pistol?

Here is a very candid, post-shooting incident interview with a man who experienced exactly this situation and the law enforcement officials handling the case.

There are many real world lessons to be learned in this very rare and extremely educational video interview…

Link to Ignatius Piazza commentary and video interview click here

Real Gunfights: Why Hunting Is Important -Tueller Drill

Here is an example of a real life Tueller Drill filmed while on an otherwise ordinary hunt.

Quick show of hands- has your tactical trainer shown you his hostile-encounter-of-a-real-life-kind video?

Or does he spend your training dollar regurgitating the received wisdom of other tactical trainers who have also rarely fired a shot under real life stress?

Training has a place in the universe of possibilities but it should be matched with an equal dose of real experience.

Hunting: not just recreational activity, it is preparation for the real world.

Real Gunfights: Why Hunting Is Important

Call me topsy turvey, but if people want to learn about the use of firearms or weapons under stress they need to get out and hunt once in a while.

Most of the sensations described by tactical trainers are well known to those who take to the field to hunt wild game.

They cover the gamut from the frequently described “buck” fever to ordinary equipment snafus which occur with incredible frequency even after months of training, preparation and careful selection of hardware for woods or mountain use.

All the paper target tactical trainers in the world can not prepare you for a real gunfight as well as a wild boar hunt with gun, knife or bow. Either do it right the first time or take a trip to the hospital.

Here are two articles that cover the verities of real gunfights. If you are a hunter see if you do not recognize all or most of the elements in the examples they offer.

Take the time to read these articles through to the end.

Tantalizing Excerpt Number 1:

What Really Happens In A Gunfight?
The conclusions from twenty-five years of lethal force investigation.
By Dave Spaulding

I said, “I was glad to see after the initial exchange that you moved behind the engine block of your cruiser to take cover.”

His response to this was surprising, “I didn’t take cover, I fell down and it was the scariest part of the whole situation. Here I was in the middle of a gunfight and I was flat on my back. I was terrified that I was going to get shot in the butt. I felt so helpless.

Complete Link:

Tantalizing Excerpt Number 2:

There I was, with a snubbie .357, a five-cell Maglight and a Handi-Talkie, and me only having two hands. About the fourth time I tried to answer the Sheriff’s: “Have you got him yet!?” while trying to cover a suspicious patch of darkness and juggle the Mag-Lite, I stopped in the feeble light of the moon shining down through a hole in the ceiling.

I’m busily trying to figure out which I needed more: the Mag-lite or the Handi-talkie, when the SOB jumps me. I’m here to tell you, folks, things went rodeo from there. He lunged out of a shadow, trying to grab for my throat, and me–reacting totally instinctively–I whack him a good one across the forehead with the Maglight.

Bulb, batteries and assorted electronic parts arc gracefully into the darkness. Critter takes one step back and jumps at me again.

Things are not looking good in Dogville.

I’ve got the snubbie back with my right hand, trying to keep it away from this goblin, and I’m trying to stiff-arm him away with my left when I step onto what was later found to be a D-cell battery from my Maglight.

Down I go. And the alleged axe-murderer lands on top of me. Hoo boy.The gloves really come off then. We roll on the cold cement, I’m hitting him in the head with the butt of my revolver, elbow smashes to the jaw and brachial plexus, knee strikes–the whole enchilada. And he keeps grabbing at my throat.