VA Suspends RKBA For 116,000 Veterans!!

Maybe I have fallen behind on my mail, but I had no idea things were this far out of control.

My fading memory seems to recall mucho chatter about Veterans Disarmament a few years ago, but I thought the bill had been defeated and quietly disappeared.

Not so according to Gun Owners Of America.

Here is a GOA Alert about the current status of Veterans Disarmament.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Those who want to claim that there is no “Veterans Disarmament Act” ignore, first of all, that up to 140,000 veterans have ALREADY BEEN DISARMED by using twisted interpretations of the federal code. That figure was released on August 1 by Congress’ own research team — the Congressional Research Service.

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Raleigh Constituent Response To Burr Senate Staffer ChrisJ

Editor’s Note: Published as written because I sure do not want to go “all wobbly” or anything like that.

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Dear John Jacob,

Good Gravy! Someone besides the paperboy reads your blog? Who’d athunk?

Originally as I read the ChrisJ posts I thought the obvious- he (or she–Chris?) was a poseur.

But now I believe the comments to be authentic because they perfectly mirror the mentality that made my phone calls to the Senator’s office so memorable. CLICK LINK HERE
The blather starts almost from sentence one,

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RINO Republican Richard Burr Strikes Again!


Dear John Jacob,

These are the times that make men vomit. Have you seen the latest Gunowners Of America Alert?

Mr. Milquetoast himself, Harry Reid, may pass some version of ObamaNationCare because NOT ONE Senate Republican has the brass to stand up and just say NO…..not one more lie….not one more penny… not one more day…. not one more usurpation.

What possible power does this pantywaist Reid have over Senators like North Carolina’s Richard Burr to silence him into submission? The State that gave the nation Jesse Helms (Senator NO), now has Richard Burr (Senator Go-Along-To-Get-Along).

In case you did not read the Alert here is the money quote:

Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has adopted a losing strategy that will, unfortunately, help speed up the passage of Harry Reid’s anti-gun health care bill.

The Senate can do little without every senator agreeing to do it — or at least not objecting to its being done. Hence, you hear about “unanimous consent requests.” This means that every senator agrees to considering a particular amendment or, at least, to voting on it at a particular time.

The thing about these requests is this: They almost always make it easier for the bill to pass.

Hence, we are at the point where WE SHOULD STOP ALL UNANIMOUS CONSENT AGREEMENTS TO FURTHER REID’S HEALTH CARE FREIGHT TRAIN. And a single senator can do this by simply saying: “I object.”

But instead, Mitch McConnell has already started allowing amendments to be offered which will let the Senate Democrats “clean up” the bill … just enough to get it passed by the Senate.

We need to stop this sort of deal making. We need to stop these requests which grease the skids for Harry Reid’s freight train.

And, in particular, we don’t want to clean up this diabolical monstrosity. We want to kill it.

So our message? Kill the bill. Kill the bill. Kill the bill.


Previously I wrote to you about my attempt to find an actual upfront, out-of-the-closet gunowner in Senator Burr’s Office. (CLICK LINK HERE) Apparently staff insouciance extends past the Right To Keep And Bear Arms and flows directly into the all pervasive culture of tyranny that flourishes in contemporary Washington.

At the end of the day Richard Burr is just another Republican In Name Only. He is just a “beard” to give Bolshevik Liberal Ideas the appearance of normalcy.

If Burr can not throw speed bumps into path of ObamaNationCare even with symbolic objections why bother to keep him in office at all? Let a Democrat have the seat so they can take ALL the responsibility for their cockamamie schemes.

In disgust,

Raleigh Constituent


Guest Commentary- Republican Senator Richard Burr and the 2nd Amendment

(Republished to the top of the blog 04/06/2019)

Today’s guest remarks come from Raleigh,North Carolina …… posted without comment. Correspondent Raleigh Constituent shares his experience with the Staff of Senator Richard Burr. Enjoy.

Republican Senator Richard Burr and the 2nd Amendment

A Call To Action

Opinion Commentary From Raleigh Constituent.

Dear John Jacob;

As you may know over the years I occasionally undertake to contact my elected officials in a feeble attempt to influence the outcome of some political issue or other.

Notified over the weekend of the Presidential Order to shred expended brass small arm cartridge casings rather than recycle them to commercial civilian reloaders as had been the practice of the Department of Defense for many years I called the office of my Republican Senator Richard Burr to learn what he may know of this situation and how he will proceed to defeat this attempt to curtail freely available supplies of ammunition to gun owners of America.

As I bounced from the desk of the constituent service staffer to the Department of Defense Liaison and then to the 2nd Amendment Legislative Coordinator it occurred to me to ask a simple question of these people: Are you a gun owner or shooter or hunter or in any way actively engaged in 2nd Amendment Activities outside the bubble of Washington politics?

You may be surprised to learn I was unable to find anyone who was a proactive, gung-ho,out-of-the-closet gun owner anywhere inside the office of Senator Richard Burr.

In short, gun owners literally do not have a place at the table inside the office of Republican Senator Richard Burr.

There is no go-to guy or gal who walks the walk or talks the talk of ordinary routine commonplace 2nd Amendment Activities – IDPA,Trap,Skeet,Sporting Clays,Camp Perry,Plinking,Duck Hunting, Deer Hunting, Predator Hunting,Bullseye,CCW,Open Carry,Cowboy Action, Thunder Ranch, Front Sight, you name it, it does not exist inside the Senators Staff on a daily basis in Washington or in the North Carolina Office.

No one who attends seminars or meetings, sits in conferences, writes memos, makes phone calls actually owns or understands the daily possession and use of rifles, pistols and shotguns let alone crew served weapons or other accoutrements of a well regulated Militia.

There is simply no one available to refute the dozens of daily myths or misunderstandings that may be held by members of the staff or answer questions from the public about the Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

So it would appear Task One for all Three Percenters and 2nd Amendment Activists would be to catalog all the offices of all elected officials who cannot find room in their staffing budget to include an actual real live gun owner as part of the routine personnel selection process.

Do it today. Call your various elected representatives and ask to speak to an actual real live gun owner on staff.

Be sure not to settle for some lame answer or half hearted response- I used to shoot when I was a kid or I have a shotgun in the closet.

Ask specific questions: In what kind of shooting or hunting do you engage? How often? With what rifle, pistol or shotgun? Where?

You will easily separate sheep from goats with the quality of replies you receive.

All other issues are moot if the staff is devoid of anyone with true knowledge of and passion about the 2nd Amendment.

So call out the Militia with instructions for recon patrols of their elected representatives staff personnel.

If The People do not have a place at the table of our elected representative’s counsels, for all practical purposes we are invisible and do not really exist in a practical sense.