Good Trigger Discipline circa 1961


Seven year old Child Actor Bill Mumy put all the usual Hollywood ignorami to shame in this 1961 Mattel Commercial when he demonstrated excellent pistol handling and trigger discipline! Watch the Youtube video carefully. The little tyke fires the pistol and makes a conscious effort to keep his finger out of the trigger guard.

We discussed normal Hollyweird weapon proficiency in the Tom Selleck kerfuffle of 2011.

Nick Vujicic, Genuine Tough Guy

Would that Chuck Norris be so lucky to be as tough as this guy.

Even if you are a minority within a minority of a minority, you can take lessons from a guy who is literally in a class by himself.

As the venerable Colonel Jeff Cooper observed: “Humans use their minds to fight, weapons are just accessories.”

Every day of his life Nick Vujicic has used his mind to fight.

Never say never again!

BarneyFifeocide! (Negligent Discharge)

Another Barney Fife moment out on the target range. An important cautionary tale for everyone. (Yes, there but for the grace of Heaven go we all!)

Fortunately in this incarnation Barney Fife is alive and well, but must limp for a while.

Old proverb: Man with one gun know EXACTLY how to fire his weapon, man with two guns not quite sure……

I like this guy. He did everything well and conducted himself calmly and honorably.

We have discussed this before:

Weapons are not toys, not for relaxation or sport or entertainment, but tools to be treated with utmost respect and caution which have but one purpose: to harm some critter- with four or two legs- before they harm you.

As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus famously said: Let’s be careful out there!

For other examples CLICK LINK HERE

Every Time You Use The Term “Assault Rifle” An Angel Dies!


Well, why not?

In that Gadawful Jimmy Stewart Movie “Its A Wonderful Life” the little girl at the end tells Donna Reed “Every time you hear a bell ring an Angel Gets It’s Wings or some such nonsense.

And if chiiiiildren can invent urban myths so can I.

So let the word go forth from this time and place to a new generation of Americans: We, The People arm ourselves and our countrymen with PATROL RIFLES or MODULAR RIFLES or COMPONENT RIFLES or even (*gasp*) MILITIA RIFLES.

But we DO NOT, NEVER HAVE, and NEVER WILL, accept or use the derisive term A$$au#LT Rifle to describe those implements which are vital to preserve our liberty. Henceforth, never let the term pass your lips,even to make a point.

People who should know better do not adopt the language ( and underlying premise) of their mortal enemies for then they have lost the battle even as they win the debate.

When George Sullivan created the original prototype AR-10 which later became the M-16 he chambered it in .308 and field tested it by HUNTING. YES!

So the original Prototype MODULAR COMPONENT RIFLE was used TO HUNT GAME.

So just Stop all the A$$au#LT Rifle NONSENSE! Stop IT NOW!

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

AR10 RifleC

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Next G.I.Rifle? By Eugene Jaderquist
March 1957
For eight years, California hunters have been unnerved by the sudden appearance of George Sullivan in the field. There is nothing peculiar about Sullivan himself when he’s out hunting. It is just his weapons that prompt a fast double-take. Most guns just don’t have light, silvery barrels, bright red breech actions, and Kelly green stocks. But Sullivan’s guns are a little unusual in more ways than color. They are the advance guard of a major airplane company’s entry into the gun-making field.


Training Aids- The Chamber Insert


Training Aids- The Chamber Insert

In a previous episode of JohnJacobH RKBA Commentary (CLICK HERE TO READ) I argued the case for teaching newbies with scaled down ammo suitable to their experience and capabilities rather than addle their brains with an array of various caliber firearms all of which feel and perform differently in an attempt to acclimate them to the “shooting experience”.

Thus, while a newbie may have purchased a .357 snubbie for his/her primary (or only) self defense weapon, there is no need to go to the range the first few times with full bore factory hot loads when Speer makes an excellent reusable primer actuated plastic bullet and case for practice and training .

The newbie shooter can become familiar with the operation and feel of his/her weapon without the distraction of flash or recoil or audible concussion.

Long arms can be taught just as well with the aid of a device called a chamber insert. It is little more than a precisely milled tube in the dimensions of a .308 cartridge that is sized to accept .32 pistol cartridges inside. The assembly of pistol cartridge and .308 insert is then chambered in any .308 rifle.

Made for .308,30-06 and .303 British a fully operational rifle can be converted to shoot 32 ACP or 32 H&R Magnum pistol cartridges in a single shot format. This is perfect for men, women and children who have never used a long arm.

The .32 ACP is so low powered out of a 16 inch barrel it can be fired anywhere an air rifle can be used with little difference in noise or recoil. The big difference is a 71 grain bullet moving at about 600 FPS so plinking gallon milk jugs twenty five feet distant becomes a exhilarating adventure instead of a scary experience.

While projectile diameters are slightly different- the standard NATO .308 is .308 inches in diameter and the .32 ACP and .32 HR are officially listed as .311 and .312 diameter respectively in my case I have a slightly shot out Spanish FR8 which is a nearly perfect training rifle- a bolt action carbine with sixteen inch barrel with just enough weight (9 pounds) to impress anyone who has never fired a “real” rifle.

So if you have some inexperienced newbie shooters in your immediate vicinity drag that old military surplus rifle out of the gun safe, equip yourself with a chamber insert and some .32 pistol cartridges and make a day of it-maybe even in the basement or backyard.

A 25 FOOT (not yards) target from rested position through the FR8 using the 200 Meter peep sight (iron sight) with .32 ACP. Shooting about 3 inches low. I will post some 32 H&R targets as soon as I can get to an outdoor range. I suspect a 100 grain bullet at 1000 fps will be just about dead on at 25-50 feet.

Teaching Tools: For That New Revolver You Bought!


The Welshman over at Liberty Sphere links to a discussion about Snubbies and Newbies.

Click The Syd Link Here:

The gist of the debate seems to be snubbies are not the best choice for a newbie’s first weapon, especially if they are women.

Far be it from me to stir the pudding, but two thoughts occur:

1. The trouble may not be the gun, it may be the instructor.

2. Not everyone can afford or intend to buy a cabinet full of weaponry in order to fulfill some Karate Kid apprenticeship requirement.

Maybe we should all try to start our newbies out with light target loads or other varieties of training ammunition.

Speer makes excellent plastic cartridges and projectiles which can be safely shot out to 25 feet without all the flash and bang of full power self defense loads.

The choice of gun or budget never becomes an issue. Once comfortable with manipulation of the variousknobs, wheels and buttons the newbie can smoothly progress through heavier and heavier loads at longer distances until an X-Ring hit seems to be the most natural thing in the world and they are ready for novice pistol training at Thunder Ranch or Front Sight

Link to Speer Plastic Cartridge Discussion:

Lesson Learned-Wife plays with pistol


Complete link CLICK HERE

This video has probably been around for some time.

Now that it is on Youtube it will no doubt reach a wider audience. As with all true art every viewer brings their own interpretation.

Personally I think it demonstrates a questionable and unnecessary training technique, probably counterproductive.

But I will cheerfully yield to any trainer who can demonstrate otherwise.

As for me, I figure someday most everyone will figure out weapons are not toys, not for relaxation or sport or entertainment, but tools to be treated with utmost respect and caution and have but one purpose: to harm someone before they can harm you.

Horse around with a real live Katana in that fashion and see what happens!