Time To Make Smokey Bear Into A Rug

Smokey The Bearskin Rug

Regular readers (all five of you!) know I have posted about the evil of trees and Smokey the Bear from my earliest days on this blog.

From Dr.Thomas M.Bonnicksen’s excellent exposition about early forests and the fires that maintained them to Australia’s frontal assault on the insanity of modern Tree Huggers and the tree worship policies they have created, I have tried to sound the alarm about the threat to America’s infrastructure from a 100 year policy of misguided fire suppression.


Now that Michael Bane can smell the smoke from his secret hidden bunker in Colorado this may be the time to revisit the issue.


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Australia Smokey The Bear Is Evil And Needs To Retire!!!!

One of the earliest discussion topics here on the JohnJacobH Blog has been about Wildfires and Tree Worship and the generally insane attitude of contemporary culture toward the wilderness and even ungroomed undergrowth in urban areas.

There is a separate category for these posts:


There is the excellent post Nine Myths About Forest Fires:


And yet, the annual damage from monster fires increases.

Australia is the latest to learn the horrific consequences of misplaced environmental compassion:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Bushfire expert David Packham at Melbourne’s Monash University has blamed green groups, saying their opposition to controlled clearance in forests known as burn-offs had allowed leaves, bark and dead wood to build up for decades, providing fuel for the fires.

“Elements of the (green) movement are behaving like eco-terrorists, waging war against proscribed burning and fuel management,” Packham, a former supervisor at the government-run Bureau of Meteorology, told The Australian newspaper.

Sydney Morning Herald columnist Miranda Devine also railed against “greenies,” who she said had stopped politicians and bureaucrats from taking steps to reduce the fire hazard with their insistence that forests remain pristine.

“If politicians are intent on whipping up a lynch mob to divert attention from their own culpability, it is not arsonists who should be hanging from the lamp-posts but greenies,” she wrote.

Link to complete story:


Forest Fire Myths (Part IV)

Ventura County Fire Department Picture

Ventura County Fire Department Picture

So who causes forest fires? Target Shooters? Careless Campers? Careless Hikers? Evil, Careless Smokers? How about NONE OF THE ABOVE? It is the EARTH burning! Go figure!

Anthony Watts covered this on his excellent environmental website:


And a complete link to a muddlestream media report:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

In 2004, a patch of land northwest of Ojai burned so hot, it started a brush fire that scorched three acres in Los Padres National Forest. Firefighters cleared the grass from the newest area of hot earth near Fillmore on Friday so the same thing won’t happen..

Though the outcome of both circumstances is the same — ground hot enough to delaminate boot soles — the reasons they started are likely very different.

Forest Fire Myths (Part III-Another view)

Forestry for Dummies, pretty much says it all.

The kakistocrats, the dunderheads among us are destroying the planet with their environmental wacko, tree hugging idolatry.

Complete link:


Tantalizing excerpt:

Greens have conspired to make it illegal, difficult, and unprofitable to harvest timber from our national forests,although the law that established them made provision for that.

The Greens interference resulted in “an unnatural accumulation of forest fuels.” Note the word “unnatural.” Gruell wrote that, “Nevada’s forests have experienced massive increases in tree cover resulting from human activities, particularly the suppression of natural fires.” And here’s the kicker! “As a wildlife biologist, I know a large body of evidence strongly suggests that increasingly dense forests are detrimental to wildlife, including numerous songbirds, and mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, and deer.”

Forest Fire Myths (Part II-The Short Version)

Folks, it is the Kakistocrats-in-charge who kill Bambi and Thumper and all the little creatures and destroy their homes and habitat with their misguided forest management policies. Do not let them tell you otherwise!

Complete link:


Tantalizing excerpt:

Instead of carefully managing our forests, we let wildfire do it for us. Consequently, we get fire-ravaged landscapes, burned homes, silt clogged streams and reservoirs, wildlife habitat destroyed and society denied all the values that a wisely managed forest could produce forever. There is no defense for this policy of neglect and waste.

Also vist the long version of this story at this link:


Trees Are Evil; They Deserve To Die (Part III-CedarEaters)

Want to prevent forest fires? Shred the forest!

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or go directly to the CedarEater Website:


Trees Are Evil; They Deserve To Die (Part II)

Want to prevent Forest Fires? Shred the forest.

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Be sure to visit the Nine Myths About Forest Fires while you are here:


Or Trees Are Evil;They Deserve To Die (Part I)