The Real Question: Why Are Abortionists More Likely To Oppose Torture?

Sorry Jack, the comments section on your carefully couched focus group poll was closed. So I ask the real question here: Why are Abortionists more likely to oppose torture? Could it be they can not hear a fetus scream? Or maybe they just wear ear plugs?

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Sarah Palin Pregnant With Grandchild

Ben over at Spiffmo has archived a PDF file of the Daily KOS post which touched off rumors of a fradulent Sarah Palin pregnancy.

Too bad he did not capture the 1377 comments. If you have not seen it you should.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:
First Alan Colmes blames Sarah Palin for causing, at least in part, her own son’s affliction. Then some loon at the Daily Kos writes tripe like this [pdf].

National Abortion Background Check to Begin December 1st

Now that the post Heller “reasonable common sense firearms restrictions” flood in from all corners of the country I found this satire from my archives which I concocted the last time I discussed “reasonable common sense restrictions” with the gungrabbers among us.

It seems the arguments never change, only the decade in which they occur.

I could have updated it to sound more contemporary, but the charm of the original is almost quaint by today’s standards.


National Abortion Background Check to begin December 1st.

Generally unnoticed and underreported by the media, new laws take effect December 1st of this year to assure all citizens are safe from the dangers of unregulated abortions.

All women who receive abortions will be entered into a national registry and will only be allowed to have one abortion per year.

There will be mandatory counseling from an authorized priest or psychiatrist coupled with a three day “cooling off” waiting period.

Small rural clinics will be replaced with satellite abortion operating rooms attached to major hospitals in large cities.

No one under the age of eighteen will be allowed to have an abortion without the supervision of their parents.

All women who wish to have an abortion must produce references from a close friend or relative who will certify their need for abortion is absolutely necessary.

“We support a woman’s right to choose” said Christian Coalition Leader Jerry Falwell, “but think these regulations are necessary to protect the public from the violence associated with unrestricted access to abortions.”

Patricia Ireland, President of The National Organization For Women (NOW) disagrees. “These regulations are nothing are nothing more than a draconian curtailment of the God given freedoms that established this country and made it a beacon of hope it has become for people around the world.”

“We will fight this by any means necessary.”