August 23rd, 2000; A Day That Lives In Infamy

For some reason, in August of every year, the DEMONocrat RC Soles shooting story makes the blogosphere rounds. If blogospherists wish to recirculate August stories from the dog days of yesteryear, perhaps the heroic battle of Ashley Carpenter against insurmountable odds should be revisited? Repost some variation of this cautionary tale to your friends, family, email accounts, online forums! Always remember, never forget!

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In memoriam: Ashley Carpenter, Age 9 and  John William Carpenter, Age 7

On August 23rd, 2000 a California Family bore the full force and fury of Liberal Democrat Rule when two small children were sacrificed on the alter of ruinous political gun control theory and law in an incident that has become known as the Merced Pitchfork Murders.

If you have not heard this story spend some time and learn today.

Heed the words of  Mary Carpenter, grandmother of Ashley and John William: “Do not forget the Carpenter Story-the Big Bad Wolf does not come to the front door and knock, he hides in the garage and jimmies the kitchen door lock with a butter knife.” “May you (Legislators) stand before God and man as my two precious grand-children’s killer if you pass any more gun legislation that will make me a felon should I own a handgun or any other gun for that matter.”

Repeat Ashley Carpenter’s tale around the campfire, at the dinner table, cocktail parties, bars, at family gatherings, sewing circles, Bible Study Groups and everywhere else.

Shout out her name at conventions, meetings and public gatherings. Whisper it in quiet places and solemn times.

Behold the handiwork of the Roe v. Wade Liberal Democrat Party. They will literally kill children to “save them”, before they are born and after.

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When Feral Cops Collide


Police Department Party of the first part assaults Police Officer Party of the second part.

Even San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong is engulfed by the vortex.

(Remember Heather Fong? Link Chief Skips Target Practice)

Video Link Here:

Tantalizing Excerpt Here:

The city of Antioch and its police department have been slapped with a federal lawsuit by a San Francisco police detective who got Tasered in her home.

One of the officers who raided the San Francisco Police detective’s home was wearing a microphone, so it was all recorded.

Teach Daddy’s Little Girl to Shoot Guns!

Doug Giles explains How To Keep Daddy’s Little Girl Away From Thugs, Bad Boys and (B)olshevik(S)tupidity-teach them to shoot guns!

RKBA gains ground at University Of Berserkley-Chapel Hill Branch (NC)

In North Carolina, the University of Chapel Hill is arguably the University of Berserkley East. But even students there chafe at their status as goldfish in a barrel awaiting the attack of a predator de jure.

A report from our friends over at Human Events:

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Now a senior at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Springthorpe continues to shoot for sport as president of the Tar Heel Rifle and Pistol Club (THRPC). For college students to participate in a gun club – or even work on their own to start one – seems almost an anachronism, antithetical to the political correctness of the academic world.

But, as HUMAN EVENTS found, it’s a lot more common than most of the academic world would have us believe for one reason: students value their Second Amendment rights and are willing to work to protect them.

Although he enjoys taking the Mauser 98 rifle he custom built with his dad to the local range for a good time with friends, Springthorpe takes more pride in defending the principles of the Second Amendment every time he takes aim.

“Just as college students learn about the importance of free expression and the right to a fair trial, I believe they should have equal access to an education concerning the right to self-defense,” said Springthorpe, a physics major. “Though the use of force is always unfortunate and, I feel, should be avoided if at all possible, the Second Amendment ensures that the last and, perhaps most vital, line of defense remains.”

Teen Shot-Berserk Bolshevik Police Alert






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Kevin Valenzuela’s by all accounts a model teenager, so why did he end up on the wrong end of an officer’s gun Friday afternoon?

He invited a 15-year-old friend over to lift weights. As it turned out, that friend was wanted on a juvenile warrant, and someone told Haltom City officers they could find him at Kevin’s house “They came to my house looking for someone, and my dog ran up to the officer barking, and the officer said he was going to shoot the dog, and he shot two times,” said Kevin.

Doctors were unable to remove the bullet, more surgery may be ahead. But Kevin resisted condemning the officer responsible, other than to say he is a bad shot.

San Fran Police Chief Skips Target Practice

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Remember folks, according to the Bolsheviks-in-Charge only Police and Military can be trusted with firearms.


San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong acknowledged that she has gone years without taking the target practice required for officers who carry guns.

Department rules require all police officers who carry guns to pass shooting range tests every six months. Fong said in a statement this week that “the duties of a police chief are demanding and time-consuming. I acknowledge that I have not scheduled time for firearms re-qualifications.

The issue of Fong’s proficiency with a gun was raised last week by Officer Andrew Cohen. He wrote to Police Commission President Theresa Sparks that the chief had gone five years without being certified, which he called “an egregious matter of misconduct.”

“I know the chief is busy, and an occasional lapse or non-appearance may be justified,” Cohen wrote. “However, 10 consecutive failures to qualify are simply outrageous and insulting to all the men and women of the department.”