The Ultimate Ramset Hole Punch Tool

Ramset is a brand name for equipment generically referred to as a “powder actuated” hammer or “velocity tool”

They are used to fasten hardened nails into concrete with something on the order of a .22 cartridge.

As Kleenex has become an all purpose term for tissue; Ramset has become an all purpose term for this class of equipment.

Until the other day I was unaware velocity tools could be used to make holes as well as fasten nails into concrete.

What kind of holes you ask?

Boy howdy, try holes in really thick steel, such as, um, railroad track. No kidding, see for yourself.

I know not what size cartridge they use to do this, but I doubt it is a .22!


Ramset .22 Blank Cartridge Shortage?

Today Raleigh Constitutent writes to advise of an unusual problem he has run across:

Dear John Jacob,
As you know a Ramset is a powder actuated tool ie a nail gun used to set concrete nails with a projectileless .22 rimfire blank cartridge.

The cartridges are graded in strength by color-brown designates low power and yellow designates as much force as I usually need. I usually buy a box of one hundred of the various colors which keeps me supplied for 1-2 months so I can restock periodically without a panic attack at any particular time.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered several different Lowe’s Lumber Yards were completely out of all grades of the .22 caliber blanks. Whether this is related to the economy or the ammo shortage is anyone’s guess. I will keep checking at various hardware stores and Home Depots and etc.

Anyone out there use Ramset .22 cartridge blanks? Is this a restocking problem, a regional shortage or something more widespread?