Bozos Occupy Raleigh

NC Gun Guy posts a video about the clowns who came to Occupy Raleigh.

Governor Beverly Perdue, (Nitwit,NC) who is already on record in favor of suspending elections and has repeatedly botched State Of Emergency decrees gave her tacit support for the Moron Movement from her office a few hundred yards away. Who else but a card carrying Bolshevik would put up with this nonsense week in and week out?


For two weeks a bunch of out-of-town nitwits parked,puked and encamped in front of the Office of Head North Carolina Nitwit Governor Beverly Perdue (really, she could smell the puke from her office window….
with the blessing of both incoming and outgoing Bolshevik Mayor(s) of Raleigh.

No concern was demonstrated by anyone involved for the size of their carbon footprint or the NEED TO RECYCLE the entire time.

Gaia was, no doubt, not amused.

Hitler Discovers Operation Gunwalker

Okay, I left Gunwalker in the hands of the competent, “serious”, “professional” bloggers for over ten months and made no public comment as child of a lesser blog, but *THIS* is funny!!

Bureaucrat Bully Signs

In a comment to my previous post about signs, NC Gun Guy offered some signs he encountered.

A very interesting collection to say the least. Our society is infested with tinpot potentates from all levels of Government-Federal, State, and local!


Behold the 21st Century! Bureaucratic Sign Bullies post edicts everywhere.

Frequently without statute or regulatory authority cited the signs just require compliance from one and all.

The Education Building in downtown Raleigh has one of the most impolite and draconian edicts of any government building in the city.

What top secret secrets do they protect to require taxpayers to identify themselves to anonymous bureaucrats just to enter the lobby?


TOP SHOT McMillan TAC-50

Dustin Ellerman

Holy Mackerel!

Another TOP SHOT Spectacular!

From start to prone, self-educated marksman and Christian Camp Counselor Dustin Ellermann loaded, cocked and hit a moving target at 500 yards with a McMillan TAC-50 in 8.22 seconds!

That, my friend, is shooting! You must see this to believe it!

Did I mention winds were blowing in the 25 mph range?

Lest you think this was some kind of fluke, three other competitors shot the same course between 9-12 seconds.

And of course, one guy took five minutes and 14 cartridges.


Pull Up Your Pants!

From The-Way-Things-Ought-To-Be file….. signs at a small gas station from my travels. Enjoy.
(With Permission)

Will Your Congregation Stand Up October 2nd?

Pulpit Freedom Sunday–October 2nd 2011–will your congregation stand up and be counted?

After a half century of fraudulent IRS regulation American Churches seek to restore Constitutional Liberty to the church pulpit.

Of the many injuries Welfare State Advocate Lyndon Baines Johnson inflicted on the American Psyche none has been more overlooked and under-publicized than the 1954 Johnson Amendment stifling a Ministers ability to speak freely on the topics of the day.

Glen Beck discussion:


Pulpit Initiative explained:


Introductory excerpt here:

The Pulpit Initiative is designed to allow pastors to speak freely from their pulpits without fear of censorship or control by the IRS. The Johnson Amendment was passed by Congress in 1954 as an amendment to section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. The Johnson Amendment states that entities who are exempt from federal income tax cannot:

Participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of – or in opposition to – any candidate for public office.

Since its passage in 1954, the Johnson Amendment has been applied to prohibit what a pastor says from the pulpit concerning candidates who are running for elective office. This means that under current IRS regulations, a pastor cannot say anything from the pulpit that may constitute support for – or opposition to – a political candidate.

It has not always been this way. For almost the first 200 years of America’s history, pastors frequently spoke out with great boldness about the great moral and social issues of the day and about the candidates running for office.

Beanshooter Update: Slingshot Cannon!!!

Here at John Jacob H RKBA Commentary there is alot of traffic through the Rufus Hussey Beanshooter posts.


So naturally when we learned of the Slingshot Cannon we had to take a look!


LawDog Commemorates 9/11

Read it! Whut he said. Wish I’d of said that or something similar!

Ten years ago I said if George W. was serious about National Security he would pass out fire hoses to neighbor Community Watch Teams if it was so important to throw money and infrastructure at the situation. More people would have learned more valuable skills in a few weeks better, faster, cheaper, as they practiced teamwork through (Fire) training drills than anything the Government has done in a decade!

Sadly it was not to be.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Seems the Thing To Do Today is to remember what you were doing on this date, ten years ago.

Really? One tiny decade later? Ask me on the fiftieth anniversary. That’s a decent amount of time for commemoration.

Instead we should be remembering what we weren’t doing on this day ten years ago.

If that is not enough red meat for you head over to Frank W. James for an after dinner mint:



Some of us, me in particular, find these ‘security searches’, where ever they are practiced, so demeaning and so senseless that our blood pressure rises and anger management becomes not a term associated with others, but a condition similar in many respects to breathing.

My internal anger response is pre-programed and subconscious.

The Religion Of Peace Commemorates 9/11


Hoo Boy! I am sure this is just a typo from our devout Muslim Neighbors.

I am glad to see these people exercise the freedom of Speech guaranteed by our Constitution.

Since I am a self-described Provincial you can imagine my surprise the messages are in English and sound suspiciously like Democrat Talking Points.

Obviously a black flag operation perpetrated by evil Republicans on an innocent and unsuspecting Muslim Community!!

At least one contributor has labeled the original author as a MODERATOR on that board!

Snag a copy while you can!!


Response To President Obama

Today, for audience edumufication, a montage of important points from my widely unheard rebuttal speech to President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress.

Mr. President resign immediately

President Obama resign immediately for the good of the nation.

This is no time for politics as usual. President Obama resign.

We cannot afford to wait, President Obama leave office now.

There is only one way to create jobs in America, Mr Obama quit YOUR job now!

Mr. Obama resign.

Resign now Mr. President.

Immediately resign Mr. President.

Resign immediately President Obama.

This nation cannot stand for the delay of Impeachment as usual, Mr. Obama resign.

Resign Mr. President, resign.

Mr President, to save the country you must quit your job now.

The good of the nation requires we, as a people, bypass the delays of Impeachment
and instead accept the immediate resignation of President Obama.

In this time of crisis only one remedy exists for the relief of a weary nation: President Obama resign.

Resign Sir, resign.

Sir, you must resign as your patriotic duty.

History will not forgive President Obama. Sir,resign immediately.

The eyes of the world are upon you. Mr. President resign.

No more. Resign

And to close, I make this final point from Shakespeare: President Obama, stand not upon the order of your departure. Just depart immediately!