Raleigh Constituent Investigates The Clyde Coffey Shooting


Our occasional correspondent from Raleigh, Raleigh Constituent,regales us with another telephone adventure.

For a link to the NC Wildlife Resources Page with .PDF Files of Wildlife Enforcement Officer Standards and Qualifications CLICK HERE

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Dear John Jacob,

As I have explained in the past I occasionally tangle with bureaucrats in government because my proximity here in Raleigh make them a somewhat irresistible target.

Once again a simple inquiry to what should have been a yes- or-no question became something of a quest as I bounced through various layers of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Bureaucracy in my attempt to ascertain over the phone whether they were a CALEA (Commission for Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies) Certified Agency

I must tell you this telephone visit with the Wildlife Resources Commission is consistent with previous telephone visits in that the people in Wildlife Resources are universally helpful and cheerful and dare I say intelligent people who really do offer their best help to the public when they call about some hunting related issue. They all seem to have attended the same finishing school and unfailing treat me in the manner I like to think I treat phone inquiries to my phone number.

When asked to identify myself I said I preferred to remain a hunter and member of the public engaged in a routine inquiry. They accepted this without comment and continued to help me to the best of their ability. These folks could give lessons to other bureaucracies on how to deal with the public.

All that said, my initial question: Is NC Wildlife Enforcement a CALEA certified agency? drew a complete blank from the person/people on the other end. The Enforcement Division is not directly listed in the Raleigh Phone Book so I called a number which I judged most likely to be able to answer my question.

However, they did diligently connect me with a sworn LEO (a Lieutenant) who said he was familiar with CALEA, but to the best of his knowledge the agency was not so certified. He did mention all officers carried a book of some sort which outlined their duties and responsibilities. It was about the size of binder which could have revisions inserted as needed.

The Lieutenant also suggested I call his boss who oversaw all training related issues. In addition he gave me a phone number for the Public Liaison or Public Information Officer.

The Public Liaison, while not a sworn LEO, was a complete professional filled with a wealth of information about the Wildlife Enforcement Division. If I quote him correctly, he offered the following details about Wildlife LEOs:

There are approximately 300 applicants for about a dozen slots at a 19 week training Academy or “boot camp” of which only 10 successfully graduate.

In their 19 weeks of study all candidates undergo the NC State Standard Basic Law Enforcement Training after which they are sworn to enforce State and FEDERAL Violations. (Yeah, that is kind of an eyebrow raiser)

When I gently turned the conversation to the Clyde Coffey shooting, the formerly effusive Public Liaison immediately clammed up citing “an ongoing internal investigation”.

Since he could not talk to me, I asked if I could talk to him with some comments about the incident. He said he would take notes and pass them along.

I proffered the notion this incident was not local to Wilkes County, but was a statewide problem since hunters could no longer be confident about their interactions with Wildlife Enforcement. We may have crossed the Rubicon where the bond of trust between Investigators and the public has been seriously damaged.

Unlike Clyde Coffey I am not 76 years old, so if approached by a stranger in the woods, it will be my policy to immediately call 911 from a cell phone so some version of the incident will go on record in real time. I have the technology and know how to use it.

I further offered the observation the standard issue uniform of khaki shirt and forest green pants has always struck me as a recipe for disaster since I was advised in a hunter safety course Wildlife Officers are not required to wear blaze orange during deer season as they tramp through the woods.

Just one of several odd things about Wildlife Regulations long overdue for review.

Regardless of safe hunting practices and rigorous Law Enforcement training it may be time to overhaul protocols for public/LEO interactions.

In an era when a 6 foot 8 inch tall 300 pound North Carolina parolee can walk around Gaffney, South Carolina and kill 5 people in a week, no one should have to apologize for their caution when a man who claims to be Law Enforcement approaches you in the woods and declares his intention to disarm you.

Free Hunting Day In Tennessee

Here is a program to be emulated around the country.  Salute to the Tennessee Wildlife Management Folks!



FREE HUNTING DAY For Tennessee Residents SET FOR AUGUST 23

August 23, the opening day for the 2008 squirrel hunting season, has been established as a free hunting day in Tennessee, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA).

This special day offers a chance to introduce a youth or an adult to squirrel hunting, the species which most of us started out hunting. It is also a good opportunity for those folks who have not tried hunting in a while to get back into the woods.

On free hunting day, all resident hunters are exempted from hunting licenses and WMA permits requirements. Not all WMA’s are open to hunting on August 23th. Be sure to check the information for particular WMA’s in the 2008 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide.

In addition to squirrels, those species that have a year-round season will be open as well. The year-round species are: armadillo, beaver, coyote, English sparrow, groundhog, nutria, pigeon, starling, and striped skunk.

California AG Suing Gun Club Over Forest Fires

This topic has been beaten to death on this blog.

Grotesque Government Fire Suppression Polices over the past century by Smokey the Bear and his ilk have led to a astronomical fuel load in the nation’s forests which create monster forest fires that kill Bambi and Thumper and all the other little critters the loony left claims to adore.

Educational material posted in these links:






Or Here:


Nevertheless here is the latest double dealing, double crossing double talk from Government Kakistocrats:

Complete link:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Attorney general suing igniters of 2006 fires
By Ryan Sabalow
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shooters at a gun range in Junction City and rock harvesters in Whitmore who unwittingly sparked separate fires in 2006 are being sued by the California attorney general for repayment of the state’s firefighting costs.

In one lawsuit, the state’s attorneys seek $6.36 million from the managers of the Weaverville Rod & Gun Club and the organizers of a National Rifle Association sanctioned shooting event in which a sparking bullet is alleged to have caused the 3,126-acre Junction Fire, which burned one home.

The suit, filed in late July in Trinity County Superior Court, alleges that the gun club was hosting a “service rifle shoot” on July 29, 2006, in which participants where firing assault weapons, including Ruger Mini 14s and Armalite AR-15s.

Forest Fire Myths (Part IV)

Ventura County Fire Department Picture

Ventura County Fire Department Picture

So who causes forest fires? Target Shooters? Careless Campers? Careless Hikers? Evil, Careless Smokers? How about NONE OF THE ABOVE? It is the EARTH burning! Go figure!

Anthony Watts covered this on his excellent environmental website:


And a complete link to a muddlestream media report:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

In 2004, a patch of land northwest of Ojai burned so hot, it started a brush fire that scorched three acres in Los Padres National Forest. Firefighters cleared the grass from the newest area of hot earth near Fillmore on Friday so the same thing won’t happen..

Though the outcome of both circumstances is the same — ground hot enough to delaminate boot soles — the reasons they started are likely very different.

Forest Fire Myths (Part III-Another view)

Forestry for Dummies, pretty much says it all.

The kakistocrats, the dunderheads among us are destroying the planet with their environmental wacko, tree hugging idolatry.

Complete link:


Tantalizing excerpt:

Greens have conspired to make it illegal, difficult, and unprofitable to harvest timber from our national forests,although the law that established them made provision for that.

The Greens interference resulted in “an unnatural accumulation of forest fuels.” Note the word “unnatural.” Gruell wrote that, “Nevada’s forests have experienced massive increases in tree cover resulting from human activities, particularly the suppression of natural fires.” And here’s the kicker! “As a wildlife biologist, I know a large body of evidence strongly suggests that increasingly dense forests are detrimental to wildlife, including numerous songbirds, and mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, and deer.”

Forest Fire Myths (Part II-The Short Version)

Folks, it is the Kakistocrats-in-charge who kill Bambi and Thumper and all the little creatures and destroy their homes and habitat with their misguided forest management policies. Do not let them tell you otherwise!

Complete link:


Tantalizing excerpt:

Instead of carefully managing our forests, we let wildfire do it for us. Consequently, we get fire-ravaged landscapes, burned homes, silt clogged streams and reservoirs, wildlife habitat destroyed and society denied all the values that a wisely managed forest could produce forever. There is no defense for this policy of neglect and waste.

Also vist the long version of this story at this link: