Economic Forest Fires As Dangerous As Wilderness Wildfires!

Not only does this commentary speak my language as posted repeatedly on this blog

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but he wrote this last year before the current kerfuffle began! An excellent read, highly recommended.

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Tantalizing Forest Fire related excerpt:

In the late 19th Century the goal of forest fire suppression gained wide support in the US. The Forest Service was established in 1905, becoming the lead agency in this program. After a century of successful fire prevention much of the western US consists of dense forest with layers of dead wood. Tinderboxes across the West, ready for the next drought to spark uncontrollable fires.

What can be done? Not much. Nature delayed must take its course. Logging permits are difficult to get and logging itself often uneconomic. Thinning and removal of ground cover is prohibitively expense over large areas. Controlled burns often work well. Unfortunately they occasionally become uncontrolled burns. Instead landowners clear the land around their buildings and wait for the inevitable. Eventually, over years, this process will work itself to a new equilibrium.

We have managed our economy like our forests. The US Federal Reserve has successfully prevented a severe recession for a quarter-century. The early 1990’s saw a slight downturn in GDP; the early 2000’s an even slighter one. The government responded to each slowdown with aggressive monetary policy (easy credit, low rates), aggressive fiscal policy (government spending), and often exchange rate action (devaluing the US dollar to stimulate exports). The Fed has declared war on the business cycle. As Mao said, protracted struggle.

As a result of the Fed’s success the US economy has evolved in an unbalanced manner since 1982. Large, growing trade deficits. Accelerating growth in household debt. Decreased savings. National consumption in excess of national income, financed by foreign borrowing (current account deficits) — resulting in large foreign debts.

We have been warned. Comptroller General Walker. The IMF. High government officials, like former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. The major credit ratings agencies. Wall Street. Academia. It is not all boring jargon; here is a paper with an usually catchy title for a Fed publication: Is the United States Bankrupt?

A long list of alarms, ringing for many years. We ignored them as obviously false, since they warned of threats not yet here.


California AG Suing Gun Club Over Forest Fires

This topic has been beaten to death on this blog.

Grotesque Government Fire Suppression Polices over the past century by Smokey the Bear and his ilk have led to a astronomical fuel load in the nation’s forests which create monster forest fires that kill Bambi and Thumper and all the other little critters the loony left claims to adore.

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Nevertheless here is the latest double dealing, double crossing double talk from Government Kakistocrats:

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

Attorney general suing igniters of 2006 fires
By Ryan Sabalow
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shooters at a gun range in Junction City and rock harvesters in Whitmore who unwittingly sparked separate fires in 2006 are being sued by the California attorney general for repayment of the state’s firefighting costs.

In one lawsuit, the state’s attorneys seek $6.36 million from the managers of the Weaverville Rod & Gun Club and the organizers of a National Rifle Association sanctioned shooting event in which a sparking bullet is alleged to have caused the 3,126-acre Junction Fire, which burned one home.

The suit, filed in late July in Trinity County Superior Court, alleges that the gun club was hosting a “service rifle shoot” on July 29, 2006, in which participants where firing assault weapons, including Ruger Mini 14s and Armalite AR-15s.

Forest Fire Myths (Part IV)

Ventura County Fire Department Picture

Ventura County Fire Department Picture

So who causes forest fires? Target Shooters? Careless Campers? Careless Hikers? Evil, Careless Smokers? How about NONE OF THE ABOVE? It is the EARTH burning! Go figure!

Anthony Watts covered this on his excellent environmental website:

And a complete link to a muddlestream media report:
Tantalizing Excerpt:

In 2004, a patch of land northwest of Ojai burned so hot, it started a brush fire that scorched three acres in Los Padres National Forest. Firefighters cleared the grass from the newest area of hot earth near Fillmore on Friday so the same thing won’t happen..

Though the outcome of both circumstances is the same — ground hot enough to delaminate boot soles — the reasons they started are likely very different.

Forest Fire Myths (Part III-Another view)

Forestry for Dummies, pretty much says it all.

The kakistocrats, the dunderheads among us are destroying the planet with their environmental wacko, tree hugging idolatry.

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Tantalizing excerpt:

Greens have conspired to make it illegal, difficult, and unprofitable to harvest timber from our national forests,although the law that established them made provision for that.

The Greens interference resulted in “an unnatural accumulation of forest fuels.” Note the word “unnatural.” Gruell wrote that, “Nevada’s forests have experienced massive increases in tree cover resulting from human activities, particularly the suppression of natural fires.” And here’s the kicker! “As a wildlife biologist, I know a large body of evidence strongly suggests that increasingly dense forests are detrimental to wildlife, including numerous songbirds, and mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, and deer.”

Forest Fire Myths (Part II-The Short Version)

Folks, it is the Kakistocrats-in-charge who kill Bambi and Thumper and all the little creatures and destroy their homes and habitat with their misguided forest management policies. Do not let them tell you otherwise!

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Tantalizing excerpt:

Instead of carefully managing our forests, we let wildfire do it for us. Consequently, we get fire-ravaged landscapes, burned homes, silt clogged streams and reservoirs, wildlife habitat destroyed and society denied all the values that a wisely managed forest could produce forever. There is no defense for this policy of neglect and waste.

Also vist the long version of this story at this link:

Trees Are Evil; They Deserve To Die (Part III-CedarEaters)

Want to prevent forest fires? Shred the forest!

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or go directly to the CedarEater Website:

Trees Are Evil; They Deserve To Die (Part II)

Want to prevent Forest Fires? Shred the forest.

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