Debate Over! AK 47 vs. AR 15

Okay, I will come out of the closet and say I will never completely trust the ever popular Black Rifle. (Okay, modular component Sport Utility Rifle)

Not that there is anything wrong with people who love them and use them and cherish them. It is, after all, a free country!

But really, (A) the .223 cartridge can hardly compete with the powerhouse WWII 30.06, (remember? used in “the greatest battle implement ever made”?) and (B) maybe if you tweak the bits and pieces enough you can get some punch at 300 to 500 yards, (a distance vital in the mountains of Afghanistan, for example) and (C) then there is that business about “the forward assist”.

Seriously? A semi or full automatic rifle with a “forward assist” to chamber a round? How many rounds, how many times?

Why not just return to a single shot falling block design?

It would be much more reliable.

So, if push comes to shove, and I must forego my cherished bolt action .308 which will it be– AK47 or AR-15?

Supreme reliability combined with lousy accuracy or reasonable accuracy combined with failure to fire?

Forward assist or open beer? Do the arithmetic.

Beer wins hands down!


Tom Selleck No Hero


************************UPDATE 03/12/13*******************************

For proof of the idiocy of this whole Tom Selleck affair witness 7 year old Bill Mumy demonstrate EXCELLENT trigger discipline in a 1961 Mattel TOY COMMERCIAL CLICK LINK HERE

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Red Flag warning! Blue Bloods Gun Safety Amateur Hour!

David Codrea highlights an incident on the set of Tom Selleck’s television show “Blue Bloods” wherein Mr Selleck chastises a bit player for “waving a real gun around with his finger on the trigger”.


In news reports NRA Director Tom Selleck is cast heroically for his response to the extra’s faux pas.


Unfortunately, I cannot join the huzzah chorus in this instance.

Aside from the well established notion it is bad juju to publicly humiliate “the little people” the larger point should not be ignored as well: if you have joined a ship of fools about to wreck in the shoals it may make you feeeeel better to yell at the cabin boy but it sure will not keep the ship from capsizing!

As one message board commentator observed– it was the worst kind of Hollywood celebrity prima donna temper tantrum–all sound and fury with no productive outcome.

Yes, hardly a poster boy for on-screen displays of gun safety, hero Selleck has pretty big feet of clay. At the end of the day he is just one more Hollyweird drama queen who does not know squat about which he rants.

Exhibit A:

(Magnum PI –finger on the trigger TWICE in EVERY opening credit!)


Finger on the trigger when he slaps in the magazine! Good thing the slide was not locked back!


Finger on the trigger when he runs through the jungle!

Exhibit B:

(So Tom, is your finger on the trigger because your front sight is on the target?)

If the situation on his show has gotten to the point an extra in costume is “waving a gun around” many, many highly paid staffers failed in their appointed duties before the extra even auditioned for the role.

While Mr. Selleck was correct to react with alacrity, his fury more properly is, and ought to be, directed toward both the prop master and producer of his show.

This is a clear-cut case of Pot. Kettle. Black.

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Custom engraved lever guns. (via BigTime Smithworks)

Some eye candy from South Dakota. Good job Smithworks! Click on the image for all the details!

Custom engraved lever guns. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="A closer … Read More

via BigTime Smithworks

Cheaper Than Dirt Customer Service Fail (via Suburban Survivalist)

A small victory for knife rights.

Cheaper Than Dirt examines their sales policy and decides the customer is, in fact, correct.

Good job Suburban Survivalist!

Cheaper Than Dirt Customer Service Fail Update: Cheaper Than Dirt read this post and has corrected the issue! I think I feel a six-pack coming my way… Original Post: Do you think the Glock Field Knife is a dagger? Cheaper Than Dirt (CTD) does, and they won't ship it to a customer in my area because of this error. Note that the top edge of the knife past the tip is flat, not sharp or even tapered. Over the years I’ve purchased a lot of good equipment (and some junk) from CTD, includin … Read More

via Suburban Survivalist

Major Caudill Returns

My Post Awaits Moderation

Major Caudill has reappeared (CLICK LINK HERE)and once again I jump into the Munchkin Wrangler Vortex.

What is it about January and the Munchkin Wrangler?? It seems like only yesterday…..CLICK LINK for my encounter of the Munchkin Wrangler Variety HERE

I was unable to find a complete chrestomography of Major Caudill so I resorted to the two clearest explanatory links HERE and HERE

Alan Gura:NRA Needs Professional Litigators!

In a remarkable video from the folks at Grass Roots North Carolina, 2nd Amendment Civil Rights Attorney Alan Gura outlines his experience with cases before the Supreme Court and details the missteps the NRA has made with their approach to 2nd Amendment Litigation.

Primarily, the NRA seems unable to distinguish between legislative lobby tactics and judicial litigation tactics with disastrous outcomes possible from the confusion.

His recommendation?

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Dark Blue Dim Bulb?

America Online has a promotional video on their front page (CLICK LINK HERE)for a Television show called Dark Blue presumably about corrupt police.

Normally, after a steady diet of David Codrea’s Only Ones Files, I would be a likely sucker for such a story line but the promotional video left me in a state of wonderment.

The video features the rotating brass base of a cartridge as it moves through space until it reaches an impact point.

Call me crazy, but I am unaware of any pistol, rifle, shotgun or howitzer (for that matter) which fires a projectile with the brass case attached intact as it moves downrange toward the designated target.

Is this another case of Hollyweird Wizards who pollute public discourse with “facts” that do not exist in any nook or cranny of the real world?

Or do I once again offer the world a display of my abysmal ignorance?

My wonderment is boundless.

I am unable to capture or post the video, perhaps an Internet Saavy Type could grab it before it disappears.