Chicago Tribune Reporter Field Dresses Deer

Credit where credit is due. Real hunting – two Chicago Tribune reporters take to the field and gun hunt their own venison.

They quickly understood the observation hunters have made for many years, to wit: Hunting is the most natural, organic, “sustainable” way to eat meat.

After several trips into the woods with no success, one reporter nevertheless volunteers to help skin, clean and butcher another hunter’s deer.

Yes, some would consider the video content graphic and may not wish to watch.

Youtube video description:

Chicago Tribune staff reporters Monica Eng and Barbara Brotman go on their first hunting expedition for deer, where they learn how to properly track, kill and butcher their prey. (Viewer discretion is advised)

Breaking ObamaNation:Nationalizing America’s Waterways

People need to stop their obsession with Obama’s flaws, real or imaginary. He may in fact be narcissistic, incompetent or tone deaf. SO WHAT? He wins. He wins all the time, everywhere about everything.

He and his cronies have poured sugar into America’s gas tanks, thrown sand in America’s geartrain, poisoned our collective well and monkey wrenched everything that is not nailed down, glued in place and painted over!

Quick show of hands. Does anyone believe a Rasmussen Poll of the Kulaks in 1930 Soviet Union would have shown overwhelming support for Stalin’s Policies? SO WHAT? It did NOT MATTER!


The election in November will not change anything. For every handful of initiatives the new Congress manages to defeat he will have dozens of new initiatives fueled up and ready to launch.

ObamaNation continues without pause.

This time waterways. “How does that affect me?” you ask.

Simple, you might just be a criminal if you go fishing without permission from the almighty, omniscient, all-powerful Federal Government!

Rule by Executive Order!

Tyranny by another name is…..tyranny.

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How Many ObamacRATS Does It Take To Screw Up Dove Hunting?

Governor CupCake (left) & Her 3 Emergency Management Bears-Dinky, Binky, and Bob

(Answer: One if you are unlucky, but really, she had help)

The high winds of Hurricane Earl have already hit the Capital of North Carolina as Raleigh reels from the impact of A STATEWIDE Emergency Decree from the Governors Office that essentially bans firearms on the eve of opening day of Dove Season.

As a highly anticipated annual social event celebrated by everyone who is not a Bolshevik in Exalted Public Office from the lowest plumber to the highest of high society white shoe Attorneys-At-Law to mess with North Carolina Dove Hunters is akin to publicly avowing a distaste for Moon Pies.

It just is not done.

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North Carolina Suspends Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Upon Governor Beverly Perdue’s declaration of a State Of Emergency on September 1, 2010 Dove Hunters, Concealed Carry Handgun Licensees, Target Shooters and all other gunowners cannot possess, transport or use firearms off their personal property as per N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-288.7

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NPR THE STORY: Bozo Bolsheviks Vandalize Hunters Cabin

For me to listen to Nitwit Propaganda Radio (NPR) is akin to some kind of Rambo Warrior endurance test- the longer I can hold my hand over the candle flame the sooner I will achieve a higher state of combat bliss.

Consequently it is not an exercise in which I often engage since I see no real reason to damage my trigger finger to achieve Rambo Warrior bliss.

But apparently I should listen more often because when I heard this story my jaw dropped.

Short story long: Mr & Mrs. Bolshevik fall in love with an isolated rustic Maine Cabin and rent it for a week’s vacation.

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Limited Edition Jeff Cooper Steyr Scout

The folks at Steyr Arms have worked up a limited run of 300 Jeff Cooper Scout Commemorative Rifles.

Just as no one sells a good cast iron pot at a yard sale, authentic Steyr Jeff Cooper Scouts are rarely available for sale at gun shops or gun shows.

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QDMA Should Boycott Marriott!

Recently, one of David Codrea’s Legion Of Gun Rights Examiners uncovered overt corporate hostility from the Marriott Hotel Chain to the Right To Keep And Bear Arms EVEN AS THEY BENEFITED FROM THE NRA CONVENTION in Charlotte, NC and presumably made a handsome sum from Convention Bookings.

Now comes the Quality Deer Management Association Banquet in Louisville, KY hosted by the Louisville Marriott in July.

Should hunters and gunowners actively pay good money to a corporation with a publicly demonstrated hostility to the interests and activities of their patrons?

I think not.

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Bambi Is A Pest

Raleigh Constituent visits the new North Carolina Department Of Agriculture website.

Dear John Jacob;

Steve Troxler is a great Agriculture Commissioner and I like his ideas.

But Moose Droppings (CLICK LINK HERE) has found a AgDept. idea that may need some tweaks before it is ready for primetime.

Everyone (outside the Wildlife Commission!) agrees NC wildlife management has reached farcical levels.

Crows can only be shot on Wednesdays,Fridays and Saturdays from June through February. Fox Squirrels from October 12 to December 31, Grey and Red from October 1 to February 13 etc,etc,etc.

So enter Commissioner Troxler with a website to link eager hunters to farmers eager to eliminate nuisance depredation animals from their fields.

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