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David Codrea echos a discussion held many times over the years in his new gig as the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner.

(Example from the dusty past: See archived article from the old Sierra Times:

Tantalizing Excerpt from the Cleveland Examiner:

But in ourselves…
November 5, 6:50 AM
by David Codrea, Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner

I question how many of us got truly involved, not just in this election, but in influencing our political destinies on a regular basis………

Unbelievably, of the many thousand gun owners in the district who had signed up to be on a local gun show’s mailing list, less than a tenth of these were even registered to vote. To add insult to injury, after losing the election, my friend was stuck with a $10,000 campaign bill, with little financial assistance in sight…………

We expect politicians to champion our rights, but how many of us make it worth their while to do so on such a hot button issue–one that is radioactive in most urban locales? Yes, true, a principled person does not shrink from hoisting his colors, but most politicians, even the ones who vote our way the majority of the time, view it as but one of many issues. And even though we don’t like to hear this, most constituents do not consider gun rights their major concern……

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Sierra Times Classic- Meditation On Our Current Predicament

Honest, I will try not to dabble in the Sierra Times Archives any more after this. (But really, it was a great online publication)

This piece seems relevant today because of all the chatter about “the reset button” and “the threshold of outrage” and uberposts about “what to do” going around during the Dog Days of this really not all that hot summer.  The “reset button” has been right under our nose all these years and we, the people of dissent, still have not learned how to use it as explained in this kinder, gentler analysis of the State of The Union.

Thanks to the good folks at FreeRepublic it lives on the Internet  but somehow has not made it into the Wayback Machine archives.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

A Meditation On Our Current Predicament

(c) 2000 by TJ Kattermann – 06.26.00

Guest Editorial

On the surface, it would seem to be a fair fight.

In the Second Amendment Corner stand people with Business experience – (Motto: Better, Faster, Cheaper); Sports experience – (Motto: When the going gets tough, the tough get going) and Military experience – (Motto: Capitulation occurs when the enemy’s assets are depleted beyond replenishment.)

In the Fabian Socialist Corner stand people with Psychology backgrounds – (Motto: Get touchy-feely with your inner child); Theatre Backgrounds – (Motto: All the world’s a stage and I’m the most important actor) and the unholy marriage of the two known euphemistically as Marketing/Public Relations – (Motto: we can produce graphic demonstrations of “facts” that don’t exist anywhere outside our imagination.)

While -We the People- of the Constitution have barely discovered the Gutenberg Printing Press, they -the Fabian Socialists- have taken our tax dollars to erect institutions and organizations to thwart our every move. The Federal Communications Commission, an organization that magically determines who shall own and build the fortresses known as Television and Radio Stations; the Federal Election Commission, an organization which establishes dominion over the kind of people who can run for office and the terms under which they may get their hands on the levers of power known as taxation.

Another Sierra Times Classic- Strange Case Of Gil McGillicuddy

Without question one of my favorite “Cops Gone Wild” stories. A Sierra Times Classic from the Wayback Machine.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

The Strange Case of Gil McGillicuddy
TJ Kattermann 09.06.01

What is it with law enforcement and family pets? Ruby Ridge started when Ninja Clad Warrior Wannabes shot the family dog and initiated a firefight with Randy Weaver’s son. In Santa Clarita James Beck was worried the BATF would injure his dog. While this North Carolina case does not rise to the level of pathos of these other cases, it is oddly resonant of the mindset of modern law enforcement. The names have been changed to protect the guilty because God knows the dog has suffered enough.

After almost exactly one hundred days Gil McGillicuddy’s (not his real name) dog was returned to him.

The dog, Cuddles, (not her real name) was imprisoned for three months in the Cornucopia County Animal Shelter (not a real North Carolina County) at the direction of one Cornucopia County Deputy Sheriff Brassbadge (not his real name) as part of an aggressive animal abuse investigation.

McGillicuddy’s trip through Alice’s Looking Glass began at twilight on Saturday evening April 20th 2001 when he peered through the window of his mobile home and was surprised to see three uniformed Cornucopia County Sheriff Deputies standing in his front yard each of whom had arrived in a separate vehicle………

The Magistrate was moved to tears when he read the charge against McGillicuddy, possibly because of the official grammar.

Deputy Brassbadge used a North Carolina Uniform Citation ticket to charge McGillicuddy with his violation. The North Carolina Uniform Citation lists over a dozen possible traffic offenses and provides a blank category for an arresting officer to fill in with some other offense should circumstances warrant.

So the text of the actual charge presented to the court read as follows:

” The undersigned officer has probable cause to believe that on or about Saturday 2030 PM the 20th day of April 2001 in the named county the defendant did unlawfully and willfully operate a (motor) vehicle on a 14. did beat him dog by kicking him in the dog and around the head with his hand, and did pick up dog throw him out the front door this Abuse is in violation of GS”

McGillicuddy spent the rest of Saturday night in the Cornucopia County Jail and posted bail early Sunday morning.

Sierra Times Classic- The Whack & Stack White Paper

Yes, I FOUND it! The Sierra Times Whack & Stack White Paper by publisher and editor JJ Johnson.

Just as relevant today as it was when written seven years ago.

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Update May 3, 2009. Here are archives of the Whack & Stack Incidents documented by Sierra Times:*/

Tantalizing excerpt:

The Whack’em & Stack’em White Paper
News Analysis by J.J. Johnson
Sierra Times 08.23.01

Since publishing yesterday’s Whack’em& Stack’em, Sierra Times has received many inquiries from folks, some wanting to know, “exactly what IS a Whack’em & Stack’em?”

Let us explain.

This is a term created here at Sierra Times to identify the ‘always justifiable’ law enforcement homicide, or fatal police shooting. The “whack” means to “kill”, and the “stack” means to just keep counting the bodies, and thanking the Good Lord that even though more people die in the country each year via cop bullets than in Russia, we can sleep easy knowing there is always a “good reason” for killing someone.

What we find so fascinating about this lethal art is the methods the justifications for whack & stacks are laid out to the public, and how. Of course, there is always a good reason, including the generic, “the officer(s) thought his/their life was in danger”. We have learned that this usually works as a catch all when ever a whack & stack is reported. In this whack & stack White Paper, we will use one of our most recent stories, and show you some things to look out for whenever there is a whack & stack in your neck of the woods. (Article in red; our analysis in black)

Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE

The Complete Column in Pictures:











Sierra Times gone, but not forgotten!

Those were the good ole days! Sierra Times with their quirky mix of Whack’em and Stack’em Chronicles, health tips and political commentary.

Here is a post 9/11 gem.

You will not find this editorial in anywhere in your morning paper!

TJ Kattermann


On Tuesday September 11 2001 the world was treated to a graphic demonstration of Democracy in action.

A vast overwhelming majority of 266 randomly selected Americans (whose number arguably included some of our best and brightest) in four separate airplanes (call them focus groups if you will) voted by their silent assent to obey the wishes of a small number of lunatics whose intent was contrary to their most vital interests rather than assert their sovereignty as citizens of a representative Republic.

Trained almost from birth not to argue or challenge or resist “the people in charge” they surrendered their lives in a near Ritlinesque stupor as captors executed their plans virtually uninterrupted.

It made them feel safe. It was best not to argue. It was important not to make waves, not to rock the boat, not to cause trouble. Can’t we all just get along?

And so they found themselves literally on a plane ride into the flames of Hell.

On exactly one plane a tiny vocal extremist minority of three people acted forcefully to oppose the leadership of the hijackers who seized power regardless of the consequences to themselves, their fellow passengers or the airline because it was the right thing to do.

They alone managed to keep intact the habits of thought and mind which once defined this nation, proudly, as a nation of Riflemen; a nation of sovereign citizens, self reliant and self sufficient acting in the their own best interest for the common good.

They triumphed and today we call them heroes. Their plane did not hit the intended mark. Thousands of their fellow Americans continue their lives uninterrupted because of this tiny dissident group’s sacrifice.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

There is a direct line from the early 20th Century through the Wilson Administration’s casual extermination of the Constitution through the Roosevelt Administration’s casual embrace of socialism through the Johnson Administration’s casual imposition of Orwellian tyranny through the Clinton Administration’s casually decadent and thoroughly corrupt praemunire and all the other half hearted half baked half steps of intermediate administrations to the events of Black Tuesday.

Even as the nation reels, stunned from the blows of 9/11, members of the Good Ole Bolshevik Network emerge from their tofu filled back rooms to perpetrate yet more regulatory unconstitutional crimes against the American people. They seek to deepen the burden of taxation and repression through new contrivances of bureaucracy such as The Office of Homeland Security and budget busting appropriation bills.

Enough already. The signposts of the Constitution must mark the path to liberty. The resolution to our current crisis must come from less government not more. The citizens of the United States must relearn the habits of thought and mind, heart and hand that made this country a free Republic, not a Democracy.

We must begin today to distance ourselves from all the clever engines of government that have collectively brought us to this low estate.

The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. Shut it down.

The Department of Education is unconstitutional. Shut it down.
The FCC is unconstitutional. Shut it down.
The FAA is unconstitutional. Shut it down.
The IRS is unconstitutional. Shut it down.

These and all the similar bureaucracies created over the past century have incorrectly taught Americans they are subjects not citizens. They have collectively removed the power and ability for individuals to think and change the circumstance of their individual surroundings and ultimately induced a passive acquiescence in the face of the most extreme threat.

Never again. The path is clear. The sovereign citizen is the last redoubt of a Constitutional Republic.

Let’s roll.