Open Carry vs Concealed Carry-The Truth

Opponents of open carry are blithering NRA old school Zumboesque Fudds or prancing modern metrosexual gungrabbers.

Simple truth: Open carry proponents generally regard their sidearm as a tool to be used quickly and efficiently in the face of dire threat-animal, human or otherwise. (Yes, sometimes a firearm is a most effective signaling device,something your Grandfather understood and you have forgotten)

A fact the”vast overwhelming majority of idiots”in American Culture do not understand about open carry is proponents do not necessarily regard every human they meet as a threat and if they do their use of open carry immediately signals they are educated in threat and have adopted a posture of immediate and effective reprisal.

Thus both Police and Military open carry THE TOOLS OF THEIR TRADE and people around them understand they are educated in their use.

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William Shatner’s Aftermath: Ruby Ridge Interview

William Shatner Interviews Ruby Ridge Survivor Sara Weaver now rebroadcasts episodes of William Shatner’s Aftermath from the Biography Channel.

Shatner conducts a sensitive, intense interview with Sara Weaver in a way that hearkens back to the best of Brian Lamb’s interviews on C-Span.

He quietly asks questions and allows Weavers’story to unfold complete and uninterrupted in her own words.

Highly recommended.

Update: The Amazon Pay-per-view is the only viable option to see this video. Still highly recommended. (Pay Per View with free preview) Sara Weaver Ruby Ridge Interview CLICK HERE Main Aftermath Page CLICK HERE

Sara Weaver Ruby Ridge Interview CLICK HERE


The Official William Shatner Website has commentary about Aftermath.


North Carolina Suspends Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Upon Governor Beverly Perdue’s declaration of a State Of Emergency on September 1, 2010 Dove Hunters, Concealed Carry Handgun Licensees, Target Shooters and all other gunowners cannot possess, transport or use firearms off their personal property as per N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-288.7

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Attack Of The Reasonable Restriction Nazis

It is said by the wise to be careful for what you wish, for it may be granted.

After 234 years of confusion and contention the Right Of the People To Keep and Bear Arms is officially acknowledged and accepted by the Imperial Feral Government of these United States as Stare decisis.

Or so We, the Befuddled, are led to believe.

Remember, when the topic is abortion, there exists the “penumbra of a right” to kill at will. CLICK LINK HERE

When the topic is impeachment of the President Of The United States for obstruction of justice, Scottish Law prevails. CLICK LINK HERE

But when the topic is the 2nd Amendment-all the above and more, maybe not so much applies!

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Shoot To Wound And Elsie Dinsmore

Elsie Dinsmore Early Edition

David Codrea discusses a new “shoot to wound” policy on EXAMINER.COM. CLICK LINK HERE

Sadly, the idea is hardly new.

The cultural origin of some of these dangerous concepts are vast and deep.

Before We, the Baffled, were blessed with Hollyweird movies and television scripts, there came the Victorian Era of writers when authors such as Charles Dickens made a fortune with his picture of the ultimate Businessman- Ebenezer Scrooge- and America had a remarkably successful author in one Martha Finley.

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Yes, He Wants To Return To Law Enforcement!

This is beyond outrage.

If you live in Farm Country and even think anything like this occurs in your vicinity, you better step up and clean it up now.

Otherwise it just fuels the Bolshevik lust for totally berserk control over all things great or small.

A man like this is truly a danger to himself and others.

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Bombshell! Clinton Involvement With Waco!

Must see video. Dick Morris attests to Bill Clinton’s reluctance to reappoint Janet Reno because of her oversight of Waco.

Reno forces Clinton to reappoint her or she will “tell the truth about Waco”

ATONEMENT: When Cops Repent

Police Dog False Alerts? Incite a chase? Plant Drugs? Ghost Informants? Former Narcotics Officer Barry Cooper explains the inner works of contemporary cop culture in a piece broadcast on NPR of all places.

Gunowners are already familiar with the attitude and outlook of the corrupt cop culture based on the actions of the ATF (BATFE) over the past two decades.

Take a listen at around minute forty (ACT 2) of episode 405 of This American Life CLICK LINK HERE

For a Blogger’ eye print summary CLICK HERE

Explanatory note from This American Life:

Act Two. Taking a Big Pink Eraser to the Thin Blue Line
Michael May tells the story of Barry Cooper, a former crooked narcotics cop who has turned his interest elsewhere… to busting crooked narcotics cops. But after Cooper and a rich benefactor team up to set a trap for the police, Barry’s plans are put in jeopardy- including his dream of creating a reality show called “Kop Busters.” Michael May is the Culture editor at the Texas Observer. You can watch videos of Barry’s police raids at their website. (15 minutes)

Breaking: FBI Raids Michigan Militia

News reports from Washtenaw County, Michigan suggest the FBI and Homeland Security arrested at least one member of the Hutaree Militia in a multiple location operation.



Updated: FBI raids in Washtenaw, Lenawee counties tied to Michigan militia group
Posted: Today, 2 hours ago

The FBI conducted raids Saturday night in Washtenaw County and Lenawee County in an investigation involving members of Hutaree, a Christian-oriented militia group based in Lenawee County, has learned.

The nature of those raids has not been made public. FBI Special Agent Jason Pack, who is based in Washington, D.C., said he did not know how many people were taken into custody. Gina Balaya, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit, could not be reached for comment today.

Forensic Expert Dan Austin Explains The Golani .223 Elephant Rifle

Holy Mackerel! This IS truly unbelievable!

Where has this guy testified as a forensic expert?

Can you say mistrial?

Is it too late to have the NYPD revoke his pension?

If video does not load use manual links:


Tantalizing Explanation:

February 24, 2010

Forensic expert Dan Austin speaks with In Session Host Ryan Smith about the weapon that was used to kill Amy Boscarino.