August 23rd, 2000; A Day That Lives In Infamy

For some reason, in August of every year, the DEMONocrat RC Soles shooting story makes the blogosphere rounds. If blogospherists wish to recirculate August stories from the dog days of yesteryear, perhaps the heroic battle of Ashley Carpenter against insurmountable odds should be revisited? Repost some variation of this cautionary tale to your friends, family, email accounts, online forums! Always remember, never forget!

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In memoriam: Ashley Carpenter, Age 9 and  John William Carpenter, Age 7

On August 23rd, 2000 a California Family bore the full force and fury of Liberal Democrat Rule when two small children were sacrificed on the alter of ruinous political gun control theory and law in an incident that has become known as the Merced Pitchfork Murders.

If you have not heard this story spend some time and learn today.

Heed the words of  Mary Carpenter, grandmother of Ashley and John William: “Do not forget the Carpenter Story-the Big Bad Wolf does not come to the front door and knock, he hides in the garage and jimmies the kitchen door lock with a butter knife.” “May you (Legislators) stand before God and man as my two precious grand-children’s killer if you pass any more gun legislation that will make me a felon should I own a handgun or any other gun for that matter.”

Repeat Ashley Carpenter’s tale around the campfire, at the dinner table, cocktail parties, bars, at family gatherings, sewing circles, Bible Study Groups and everywhere else.

Shout out her name at conventions, meetings and public gatherings. Whisper it in quiet places and solemn times.

Behold the handiwork of the Roe v. Wade Liberal Democrat Party. They will literally kill children to “save them”, before they are born and after.

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Girls 11-18 Learn to Defend Themselves- Just Yell Fire!

Coming soon to a potato chip bag near you,no kidding, advice on self defense courtesy of one Dallas Jessup -age 16.

While it may be impermissible to yell fire inappropriately in a crowded theatre, apparently it is permissible when under threat of extreme physical violence.

As much as I believe this project to be a step in the right direction, youngsters in the RKBA community have always understood the need for, and application of necessary force in pursuit of the preservation of life and well being (their own and others).

Perhaps this understanding of necessary force will slowly permeate the entire world community and eventually extend to the Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

Link to the Just Yell Fire Website:

Dad Was Lucky, A Pistol Would Certainly Have Helped.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

She was screaming as her father ran into the bedroom and fought off the attacker. When police arrived, the father had his arm around the intruder’s throat and was holding him.

“The father was able to get his arm around this guy’s neck and throat and has him down on the ground. The mother calls 911, the police get there,” Sgt. Mount described. “They tell the guy, ‘Okay, you can let go of him now, we’re here, we’ll take care of this.’ As he then releases his hold on him and putting the cuffs on him they realize he’s unresponsive.”

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Teach Daddy’s Little Girl to Shoot Guns!

Doug Giles explains How To Keep Daddy’s Little Girl Away From Thugs, Bad Boys and (B)olshevik(S)tupidity-teach them to shoot guns!