Civil Rights And Lunch Counters

Talk about brothers under the skin!

When Constitutional Carry Activists in Wisconsin decided to meet at a local eatery in Madison two weeks ago they hardly realized they would re-enact a legendary protest from America’s not-so-recent past.

In some ways the response of Authorities to a challenge of the status quo is eerily unaffected by the change of time or location or subject. In some other ways the contemporary response is a drastic abandonment of American jurisprudence ideals (innocent until proven guilty for those who keep score.)

A casual observer might be forgiven if he concluded the opposite to be true- the response of the past would be more aggressive and the response of the present would be more, uh, Constitutional.

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Illinois Gunowners CCW March

Some 7000 Illinois gunowners filled the State Capitol to rehabilitate the right to carry firearms for self defense.

Even the Right Wing News Network seemed to miss this one.

Tantalizing Explanation:
Video of the crowd marching under the bridge before the capital building.

Illinois Sons of Liberty Was present at the IGOLD event.

March 10 2010 ISRA (Illinois State Rifle Association), …

Real Gun Fights: Armed Citizen Rapid Response

Armed citizen rapid response- works every time it is tried. Note the armed citizen did not fire a single shot to disarm the assailant.

Holy Moly! Start Your Own Porcupine 411!


Readers of this blog know I have long admired from afar the activities of New Hampshire “Free Staters”.

One of the best ideas they have had is an emergency communications network dubbed Porcupine 411. ( For details CLICK LINK HERE or HERE. )

Now I learn they want to spread their idea nationwide. God Bless them!

Here is an opportunity for Three Percenters or Oath Keepers or the Unorganized Militia or even your garden variety activist to make a real difference.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Start Your Own Porcupine 411

Bringing people together.

Whether it’s to document police misconduct, rescue a stranded traveler, or simply to get together for dinner, Porcupine 411 has proved itself indispensable in helping people connect and improve their activism. Now you can bring Porcupine 411 to your local organization, activist group, or geographic area.

We handle all of the technical aspects of Porcupine 411 for you, letting you focus on your activism.

University Of Berserkley (Chapel Hill Division) Fires Pistol Packing Professor


“Thanks for your concern; I have a Colt 45 and I know how to use it. I used to be able to hit a quarter at 50 feet 7 times out of 10.”

Those were the words from Professor Emeritus Elliot Cramer to a student concerned about the Professor’s safety that prompted UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp to demand Cramer’s resignation as advisor to the Youth For Western Civilization Student Group.

Apparently discussions about prowess in matters of self defense are not protected speech in the enlightened corridors of North Carolina’s Taxpayer Funded Public Universities.

Send your expressions of outrage and dismay to Chancellor Holden Thorp email:

Suggested text:

Dear Chancellor Thorp;

Given the wretched state of security on the modern University Campus, marked by the Virginia Tech Massacre just two short years ago with a body count of 32 dead and 17 wounded and more recently (September 13th!!!!) the murder of 4’11” 90 pound Yale Graduate Student Annie Le it is barbaric of you to suggest a Professor be punished for his open and honest talk about the need for and necessity of competent personal protection.

May I remind you few things are more uncivil than to be brutally murdered and stuffed into a cable duct inside a “secure” campus laboratory.

I know not how you rose to the position you hold and I do not care.

You are unfit to define civil discourse and an embarrassment to contemporary society.

Resign sir; resign immediately.

Do it for the children.

A Disgusted American Taxpayer


Tantalizing Excerpt From News Article:

UNC chancellor asks advisor to step down

Saturday, September 19, 2009 | 8:51 PM CHAPEL HILL (WTVD) —

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp asked Professor Emeritus Elliot Cramer to step down Friday.
Cramer was retired from the university, but the campus group Youth for Western Civilization needed an adviser, so he stepped in.
According to the university, Cramer was asked to step down after he sent an inappropriate e-mail.
It all started when someone warned Cramer that fliers, with his home address, were circulating.


War On Olympus

Codrea Keyword Search

Codrea Keyword Search

Once again Patriots, Conservatives, RKBAians, or whatever they call themselves this week step on their own neckties in pursuit of Nirvana.

Two of the earliest links I posted on my Blogroll when I first launched my little blog on the rough and roiling seas of the Internet 18 months ago were to David Codrea’s War On Guns Blog and the mega message board site Free Republic.

Heaven knows they have both been good to this little one oar rowboat blog especially when you consider I do not post cookie recipes to attract readership.

Now, alas, fisticuffs have broken out between these two favorite sites.

In many respects, they are equally matched.

Freepers, as they refer to themselves, are at best a wild and woolly bunch whose message board discussions can evoke images of barroom brawls as portrayed in a John Wayne Western.

(You know, the visiting Ingénue sits on the bar with a teapot as she waits for a chance to smash it on the head of an evildoer as they coast past her position while Granny knits quietly in the corner and trips everyone who comes within range)

And Codrea is a professional gun magazine writer whose online commentary frequently includes obscure sentences of the *We discussed that HERE(HTML Link) and HERE(HTML Link) and HERE(HTML Link) * variety leading readers through a rabbit warren maze of topics and references that would make Google proud.

So it is probably no surprise in a head -to-head collision confusion and incoherence will abound in all directions

In this particular case Codrea has managed to trigger Free Republic’s Legendary MODERATE-THEM-ALL-LET-GOD-SORT-THEM-OUT policy because of a dispute over some of his articles.

His claim? His articles are reprinted in their entirety on the Free Republic Website and as a consequence he is not properly compensated for his work product which is paid on a piece work viewer click basis. CLICK LINK HERE

A brief keyword search of “Codrea” reveals a somewhat mixed result. CLICK LINK HERE

About half a dozen Freepers have posted his columns over the past six months, most of them well within fair use guidelines. CLICK LINK HERE

In at least a few examples due diligent fair use is practiced almost to excess with one example generating nearly six thousand clicks with presumably handsome rewards for Mr. Codrea. CLICK LINK HERE

In other cases, confusion may be a direct result of Mr. Codrea’s own public pronouncements.

Free Republic maintains a excerpt feature as part of their post procedure. Why this excerpt feature is not universally applied to all posts is anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, if an author posts permission to reprint with attribution Freepers cheerfully reprint work product in its entirety and bypass the excerpt feature.

Here’s where the confusion begins. On HIS BLOG Mr. Codrea makes this statement: “All of my entries on this site are © David Codrea, but may be posted freely elsewhere as long as they are not edited without my consent, and attribution and a link to this blog are provided.” CLICK LINK HERE

Now is it possible a few of the more gung ho and somewhat naive Freepers (who are legion) find it difficult to distinguish between Mr. Codrea’s BLOG and his online published work for EXAMINER.COM? Especially since Mr. Codrea co-mingles his site with his blog and visa versa?

Yes, the sophisticated among us may smugly believe all Internet users are equally savvy and knowledgeable.

But if my own experience is any guide, every ignoramus is ignoramus in a completely different and unique fashion. At the end of the day a page click from a blog to a publication website is just another click indistinguishable from any other click

Nevertheless, as a result of all this confusion ALL articles are now blocked from the Free Republic Website.

Regardless of how well or how poorly they have been crossposted hundreds of conscientious writers can no longer communicate their ideas through the noise and fog of the Official Propaganda Press Corps Media to an audience eager to read their work because two sets of knuckleheads in two widely separate locations cannot come to terms as all good Capitalists should.

Normally AT THIS POINT I would scream…….but sadly, AT THIS POINT, I suffer from extreme scream fatigue because of the incessant nitwittery which surrounds me.

Can the party of the first part acknowledge the party of the second part may not be as skilled in the use of the Internet or have a Copyright Handbook available?

Can the party of the Second Part acknowledge long standing principles that date back to the Original Congressional Trademark, Patent and Copyright Act should be understood and practiced by Conservatives if no-one else? Repeat after me: DUE DILIGENT FAIR USE EXCERPT. It is not exactly rocket science.

Jeez, guys, if you cannot rule yourselves how will you deal with the Bolsheviks who eviscerate us all even as we cogitate? This nation was founded on the notion of protected innovation as a spur to development and prosperity. Does this really require a dunderhead Attorney Cease-And-Desist letter?

Maybe everything that has occurred in this little Donnybrook is all perfectly legal. But you know what? It still stinks. Color me exasperated.

Here is a thought: Why not thank the people who crossposted correctly and correct the people who crossposted incorrectly? Not nearly as much chaos with that effort, eh?

Oh, and my disclaimer? I hold no brief for, Free Republic, or David Codrea. My interest is solely in the preservation of the Republic and the pursuit of Liberty. A pox on all your houses when you undermine fundamental foundational precepts.

Every Time You Use The Term “Assault Rifle” An Angel Dies!


Well, why not?

In that Gadawful Jimmy Stewart Movie “Its A Wonderful Life” the little girl at the end tells Donna Reed “Every time you hear a bell ring an Angel Gets It’s Wings or some such nonsense.

And if chiiiiildren can invent urban myths so can I.

So let the word go forth from this time and place to a new generation of Americans: We, The People arm ourselves and our countrymen with PATROL RIFLES or MODULAR RIFLES or COMPONENT RIFLES or even (*gasp*) MILITIA RIFLES.

But we DO NOT, NEVER HAVE, and NEVER WILL, accept or use the derisive term A$$au#LT Rifle to describe those implements which are vital to preserve our liberty. Henceforth, never let the term pass your lips,even to make a point.

People who should know better do not adopt the language ( and underlying premise) of their mortal enemies for then they have lost the battle even as they win the debate.

When George Sullivan created the original prototype AR-10 which later became the M-16 he chambered it in .308 and field tested it by HUNTING. YES!

So the original Prototype MODULAR COMPONENT RIFLE was used TO HUNT GAME.

So just Stop all the A$$au#LT Rifle NONSENSE! Stop IT NOW!

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

AR10 RifleC

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Next G.I.Rifle? By Eugene Jaderquist
March 1957
For eight years, California hunters have been unnerved by the sudden appearance of George Sullivan in the field. There is nothing peculiar about Sullivan himself when he’s out hunting. It is just his weapons that prompt a fast double-take. Most guns just don’t have light, silvery barrels, bright red breech actions, and Kelly green stocks. But Sullivan’s guns are a little unusual in more ways than color. They are the advance guard of a major airplane company’s entry into the gun-making field.


Breaking: NC Gun Control Democrat RC Soles Shoots Intruder


Here we go again!

Raleigh Constituent alerts us to another Democrat hypocrite armed with a firearm who defends himself after a career of gun control advocacy. So Senator, is your life worth more than We, The Peasants?

As posted on the in- state 2nd Amendment Civil Rights Organization Grass Roots North Carolina website 2008 Voter Evaluation Guide Senator Soles voting record on the Right
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Real Gunfights: Wow! .380 v.Shotgun!


Okay, there are many jokes out there about the mighty .380 cartridge.

In this case the perps laugh not.

So, once again, any gun trumps gunless when mental outlook is sharp and the will to survive prevails.

Always remember and do not ever forget, shot placement is everything.

As the late Colonel Jeff Cooper reminded us all: “You fight with your mind; weapons are accessories.”

Kudos as well to the Police and their affirmative attitude toward the incident.

Tantalizing Excerpt from the Ignatius Piazza Blog:

What would you do if you were staring down the barrel of a shotgun, with a hooded man demanding your money or your life, but all you had in your pocket was five dollars and a .380 pistol?

Here is a very candid, post-shooting incident interview with a man who experienced exactly this situation and the law enforcement officials handling the case.

There are many real world lessons to be learned in this very rare and extremely educational video interview…

Link to Ignatius Piazza commentary and video interview click here

New Release Now Available: No Guns For Negros

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership has released their latest blockbuster documentary: No Guns For Negros, a long overdue analysis of the connection between Jim Crowe Laws and the American Gun Control movement.

David Codrea has a comprehensive review in his column.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Most people are unaware of the brave stand taken by groups like the Deacons for Defense during the Civil Rights struggles of the 20th Century.

Without a sense of history, and without a clear understanding of the motivations employed today to ensure continued and expanded citizen disarmament, most do not have perspective to challenge deception-based assumptions, ones that purposely omit any reference to the implications for freedom that guns in moral private hands represent.

Ralph W. Conner, Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)-Chicago, and Donna Major, Boston Field Coordinator for Second Amendment Sisters, are our guides through this 20-minute video. I urge you to stop what you’re doing, right now, and go watch it.

The Complete Link:

Gun Rights Examiner JPFO’s ‘No Guns for Negroes’ exposes racism of ‘gun control’