J.D. Tuccille Reviews The Police War On Dogs

David Codrea’s fellow commentator J.D.Tucille at Examiner.com reviews the Police War On Dogs.

One problem J.D., the scenario you describe in your comments already occurred at Ruby Ridge when Federal Goons dressed in their finest Ninja Warrior Wannabe Gear shot the family dog which started a firefight with a teenager who was shot and killed in his turn which then led to the infamous Ruby Ridge Standoff. Consider it the fight that thuggery built. Soon to arrive in a neighborhood near you.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

That relationship has more disturbing implications. Given the familial connection so many people feel to their animals, and the proximity of so many pet shootings to private homes in which people live and keep whatever weapons they may own, it’s inevitable that killings of dogs will ultimately result in confrontations with people. Put bluntly, somebody is going to see a stranger in a blue shirt gun down Rover in the backyard and grab a shotgun to settle the score.

You can’t shoot down a family member without people reacting as if a family member has been shot down, no matter what the law or department policy may say.

Do police not understand where their actions inevitably lead? Or do they not care?

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Unbelievable! Another Cop Canine Killer!

Did I get this straight? The Deputy stopped for directions because he was lost?  Was the Patrol Car Radio out of order?

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