Tom Selleck No Hero


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For proof of the idiocy of this whole Tom Selleck affair witness 7 year old Bill Mumy demonstrate EXCELLENT trigger discipline in a 1961 Mattel TOY COMMERCIAL CLICK LINK HERE

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Red Flag warning! Blue Bloods Gun Safety Amateur Hour!

David Codrea highlights an incident on the set of Tom Selleck’s television show “Blue Bloods” wherein Mr Selleck chastises a bit player for “waving a real gun around with his finger on the trigger”.


In news reports NRA Director Tom Selleck is cast heroically for his response to the extra’s faux pas.


Unfortunately, I cannot join the huzzah chorus in this instance.

Aside from the well established notion it is bad juju to publicly humiliate “the little people” the larger point should not be ignored as well: if you have joined a ship of fools about to wreck in the shoals it may make you feeeeel better to yell at the cabin boy but it sure will not keep the ship from capsizing!

As one message board commentator observed– it was the worst kind of Hollywood celebrity prima donna temper tantrum–all sound and fury with no productive outcome.

Yes, hardly a poster boy for on-screen displays of gun safety, hero Selleck has pretty big feet of clay. At the end of the day he is just one more Hollyweird drama queen who does not know squat about which he rants.

Exhibit A:

(Magnum PI –finger on the trigger TWICE in EVERY opening credit!)


Finger on the trigger when he slaps in the magazine! Good thing the slide was not locked back!


Finger on the trigger when he runs through the jungle!

Exhibit B:

(So Tom, is your finger on the trigger because your front sight is on the target?)

If the situation on his show has gotten to the point an extra in costume is “waving a gun around” many, many highly paid staffers failed in their appointed duties before the extra even auditioned for the role.

While Mr. Selleck was correct to react with alacrity, his fury more properly is, and ought to be, directed toward both the prop master and producer of his show.

This is a clear-cut case of Pot. Kettle. Black.

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Trigger Happy Deaf Cop

A Tale suitable for the ONLY ONE File (Click Link)

“During a traffic stop late one night I screwed my .40cal into the ear of a young man….”

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: Message Boards are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”

They are definitely excellent entertainment-portions of which should grace this blog more frequently.

Today’s submission comes from a Yahoo Group called “Snubby” for snubnosed revolvers.

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Police Violate Open Carry Law

Again I admire the spunk of open carry advocates.

But I do wish they would be better prepared for their (inevitable) encounters.

These Peace Officers decided to conduct a “felony stop” which gives them wide latitude in the use of force whether they are right or wrong.

This kid could have gotten killed.

Bombshell:Trooper Inside Luby’s Cafeteria?

NC Gun Guy has alerted us to his newest video: Neal Knox Explains Luby’s Massacre

As of now here at JohnJacobH we can neither confirm nor refute Mr. Knox’s allegation.

He clearly states the Fort Worth Star-Telegram briefly reported the presence of an armed Texas Highway Patrolman inside Luby’s Cafeteria at the time George Jo Hennard began his systematic murder of 23 people.

The officer, also described as a Texas Public Safety Sergeant did not draw his weapon because “he was not under direct fire”.

In the Youtube description the comment is found linked at the 1:45 section of the 7 minute video.

While it has been reported up to 80 people were in the facility at the time the incident commenced, only the dead and wounded have been widely documented.

It is entirely possible the undocumented others who were neither injured nor killed could have had a Highway Patrolman among their number, but for now, this anecdote clearly belongs in the Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot File.

Readers with access to newspaper archives are welcome to post any research results in the comments section.

Police Open Carry Stop

This is one of those Mother-in-law drives your new Cadillac over the cliff type videos.

On one hand much happiness at the Officer’s wonderfully positive attitude toward the innocent citizen, on the other hand much consternation as he muzzle sweeps the traffic behind him with a weapon whose operation is unfamiliar to him.

To see other examples of open carry/Constitutional Carry CLICK HERE or HERE or HERE

Waco Jim Cavanaugh Lies Again!

Remember the War on the 1st Amendment that accelerated when Barry Soreto Obama was “immaculated” President Of the United States? CLICK LINK HERE and HERE and HERE.

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Gun Control Capital Chapel Hill NC Suspends RKBA

Chapel Hill Police: Good Luck Peasant!

The YEAR OF THE GUN GRABBER continues in the formerly Great State Of North Carolina.

It began in February in King, NC when a few snowflakes prompted the Mayor of said burg to declare a State Of Emergency which suspended the possession and transport of weapons off private property.

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Wisconsin Open Carry Case

Seems like the folks in Wisconsin are really mixing it up with the “A-Thor-ities” in their neck of the woods.

Guns and Coffee has a complete archive here:


ICarry Message Board CLICK LINK HERE

Harkens back to the New Hampshire open carry battles. (CLICK LINK HERE)

With any luck Wisconsin will join

Pennsylvania CLICK LINK




To name just a few. (Always remember and do not ever forget the Virginia Citizens Defense League CLICK LINK HERE )

Oh, and do not forget California as well CLICK LINK HERE

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry-The Truth

Opponents of open carry are blithering NRA old school Zumboesque Fudds or prancing modern metrosexual gungrabbers.

Simple truth: Open carry proponents generally regard their sidearm as a tool to be used quickly and efficiently in the face of dire threat-animal, human or otherwise. (Yes, sometimes a firearm is a most effective signaling device,something your Grandfather understood and you have forgotten)

A fact the”vast overwhelming majority of idiots”in American Culture do not understand about open carry is proponents do not necessarily regard every human they meet as a threat and if they do their use of open carry immediately signals they are educated in threat and have adopted a posture of immediate and effective reprisal.

Thus both Police and Military open carry THE TOOLS OF THEIR TRADE and people around them understand they are educated in their use.

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Revealed-Gargantuan Homeland Security Compound!!

Okay, quick show of hands: how many of you out there knew the largest economic development project in the United States was the THREE BUILDING HOMELAND SECURITY COMPOUND in Washington D.C.?

Is it as large or larger than the Pentagon?

Are our masters in Washington building themselves a Palace on the Potomac from which to rule Us, the Peasants?

Are you kidding me? Do we really need another 4.65 MILLION square feet of office space the better to strip search Us, The Trampled,at the airport??

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