William Norman Grigg- Oslo Bomber

Over at Pro Libertate William Norman Grigg brings his usual insightful analysis to the events of the past few days in Norway.



Roughly a decade ago, Al Pacino starred in a movie entitled S1m0ne, a cyber-era updating of the Pygmalion myth in which a film director creates an uncannily realistic digital actress. Despite the fact that “Simone” was a computer-rendered composite fantasy, the lustrous blond enchantress becomes a global pop culture sensation – a profitable illusion sustained through increasingly desperate acts of misdirection on the part of the director.

It’s tempting to think that accused Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik is a S1m0ne-style digital fantasy drawn to specifications provided by Morris Dees’ so-called Southern Poverty Law Center. Breivik used social networking sites to create a cyber-persona seemingly made to order for left-leaning “watchdog” groups. Available photographs depict the blond, stereotypically Nordic Breivik as if he were a dress-up doll, his face oddly unmarked and expressionless as he poses in a variety of guises – including Freemason garb and a scuba outfit.

In similar fashion, his recorded ideological pronouncements – the quotes attributed to him in the aftermath of the killing spree in Oslo and Utoya, and his bloated “manifesto” – could be the work of someone determined to embody every detail of the familiar caricature of the right-wing “hate criminal.”

Law Dog Needs Your Vote!


Behind on my mail again! In case you missed it, LawDog seeks input on the most appropriate LawDog PAW OF APPROVAL stamp for his personal use.

There is still time to vote. I do not want to prejudice the outcome, but the initials of my personal favorite are TOP LEFT.


Police Stop Refresher Course

Our New Hampshire Liberty Friends offer us all this excellent short, sweet, to-the-point and memorable reminder of proper conduct during encounters of the Peace Officer kind…….

Pass along to everyone you know everywhere.

Feral Cop Friday

Don't Tread On Me????

It matters not how many outrageous stories of isolated “bad apples” (See Only Ones File)in the nation’s law enforcement community grace the pages of this little blog there is always some more egregiously outrageous story in the pipeline.

Today come two three reports from nearly opposite poles of the nation.

Example the First:

Newark Police. New Jersey never seems to fail the nation with Bad Cop News.

But now the entire DEPARTMENT of a major city is under Federal investigation!

Yes, the number of wrongful death settlements has reached such a peak Eric Holder’s Justice Department has decided to inquire into the circumstances.

It must be assumed this investigation is a serious inquiry and not a protective coverup for “Brothers of the Badge” a la Waco or Ruby Ridge.

Tantalizing Excerpt:
Hundreds of similar allegations and stories over the past several years have prompted the Justice Department to launch a federal investigation of the Newark Police Department, digging into claims that the force has treated Newark’s citizens discriminatorily, brutally and illegally.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez announced the investigation on Monday in a joint press conference with Newark Mayor Cory Booker and U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.

“The investigation will examine allegations of excessive force, unconstitutional stops, searches and seizures, discriminatory policing on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity, whether detainees confined to holding cells are subjected to unreasonable risk of harm, and whether officers retaliate against citizens who legally attempt to observe or record police activity,” said Perez in a statement on Monday.


Example the Second:

Indiana. An Indiana Supreme Court ruling has overturned the Magna Carta!

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Armored Assault Golf Cart

A serious piece of work.

For use in tight spaces and narrow corridors.

Of course, Murphy’s Law still applies:
If the enemy cannot get in, you cannot get out.

Hope nobody gets hurt.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Its manufacturer, Metaltech Motor Bodies Pvt Ltd, said it had been designed in the wake of the Mumbai carnage, in which Islamist gunmen holed up in two luxury hotels held Indian commandos at bay for 60 hours.

Seventeen security personnel lost their lives in the attacks, which left a total of 166 people dead.

Police Drones: Big Brother Gets His Wings

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Instead of those annoying Police Helicoptors chasing bad guys day and night your city may soon join the list of cities with a 24 hour aerial surveillance capability.

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Holy Moly! Is Your Elected Official “DULY SWORN”???

When elected officials are criminals, only criminals will be elected as officials. Claire Wolfe call your office.

Free Republic Discussion Link CLICK HERE

Traffic Stops And Other Police Encounters Tutorial

Everyone needs to carefully study What-To-Do-In-An-Encounter-Of-The-Cop-Kind, especially gunowners, so the links herewith included will get this separate compilation post because they are completely lost in the Investigator Category and in my humble opinion they comprise some of the best insight available on the web.

To deal with an LEO in a non-hostile, non-threatening but completely assertive and completely correct manner is an art form and must be practiced before the real event.

All conversations with police should be limited to some benign variation of three specific ideas:

1. Am I being detained?

2. Am I free to leave?

3. I will discuss that when my Attorney is present.

Learn to do it and do it correctly.

The techniques may be the only thing to stand between you and a life altering experience. Ask Clyde Coffey.

This one post will get it’s own category and it will be the ONLY post in that category.

On slow days I will try to sticky paste this post at the top of the blog.

First for an excellent overview about ANY Cop encounter watch this video(WMV file of the two Youtube Videos Above): CLICK HERE

Then learn how the Martha Stewart case completely screwed up your “right to remain silent” and what to do about it: CLICK HERE

Then get tips from two other videos CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

For a really great example of what can happen in real time check out the intrepid David Ridley in this video: CLICK HERE

Learn how the New Hampshire folks have planned ahead for Police Encounters with their own off site electronic recording system-Porcupine 411 CLICK HERE

And finally you may be ready to pick your way through some other examples of Police Encounters in this (and other) categories: CLICK HERE

If you know of other instructive materials, post them in the comments section and I will incorporate them in this post if necessary.

In Liberty,

1955: When Militia meant “The Good Guys”

Did you hear it?

A real shocker. Embedded in popular culture, broadcast every week for four years, broadcast for years afterwards in reruns, now available on Youtube, the word “Militia” used as an honorific, not an expletive.

How far we have fallen in the past half century.

In case you wish to see the script here it is again in the Encyclopedia Of Television Series, Pilots and Specials 1937-1973, by Vincent Terrace


The Ultimate Feral Cop Compilation Video


Much like David Codrea, I have no real desire to become some kind of cop bashing blog.

But once my toe dipped into Issues RKBA I realized how different the world looks in a parallel universe.

There is actually a GoodCopNews Post. (Really, CLICK HERE TO SEE) No one ever visits to see it. BadCopNews? (CLICK HERE TO SEE) Almost the single most popular post on my humble little blog.

When Cops clean up their Cop Shops it will no longer be necessary for people like me to post their dirty laundry in public.

Meanwhile most of the clips in this video are sadly familar to those of us who keep up with this issue.



Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE