Memorial Day Semper Fi Marine!

You died defending my country.

Update on the Pima County SWATicide.


Disturbing Excerpt:

Nearly a month after Guerena’s killing, it’s still unclear whether the Marine had any ties to a cartel. But the absence of clear evidence means we must assume he was innocent. It’s equally unclear, at least to outsiders, precisely how the shooting went down and who’s to blame.

One thing is clear. With military-grade vehicles, armor, assault weapons and robots, the raid on Guerena’s home was all but indistinguishable from the kind of house-clearing operations U.S. forces perform every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. Guerena survived two tours in the desert only to perish in a military-style action in his own home. (Editorial Comment: Except in Iraq and Afghanistan Military Troops have strict rules of engagement which are noticeably absent from Law Enforcement Operations)

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ALERT…SWAT killed Iraq war vet and father of two shot SEVENTY-ONE times ..(via Randy’s Right)

Randy’s Right picks up the tale of the Arizona Marine SWATicide first covered here last week.

ALERT...ATF killed Iraq war vet and father of two shot SEVENTY-ONE times in his own home by SWAT team Sad part about this story…US media didn't even cover it!!  I got the story out of the UK news.  Another Ruby Ridge, Waco Cover and Gunrunner cover up!! Randy's Right   Scroll down for video Jose Guerena, 26,survived two tours of duty in Iraq as a marine, only to be gunned down in a hail of 71 bullets in his own Tucson, Arizona home, while his wife and four-year old son hid in a nearby closet. Mr Guerena's wife, Vanessa, said she heard her husba … Read More

via Randy's Right

A Tale Of Two Terrorists

FBI Approved (aka Lon Horiuchi)

Odd business.

The weekend Osama Bin Laden was taken into the “permanent custody” of the United States his domestic counterpart -one Lon Horiuchi- remains at large and free.

This fact comes to mind because the HS Precision Booth at the NRA Convention this same weekend was desolate and unpatronized presumably because of their association with Mr. Horiuchi from two years ago and their continued endorsement by the FBI.


It took ten years for Mr. Bin Laden to come to justice and it may take twenty or more for Mr. Horiuchi to account for his crimes.

But as the press so gleefully reminds us all, “Americans do not forget” and since there is no statute of limitation on MURDER I remain confident Mr. Horiuchi will eventually be brought to account for his crimes.

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Waco Jim Cavanaugh Lies Again!

Remember the War on the 1st Amendment that accelerated when Barry Soreto Obama was “immaculated” President Of the United States? CLICK LINK HERE and HERE and HERE.

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Real Violence-J’accuse

Here it is folks.

Guilty until proven innocent.

Even better, once presumed guilty of anything You, The Trampled, are presumed guilty of everything.

They,the Government, KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE and you are NOT secure in your papers and possessions or life or liberty because They, The Jackboots, are prepared and able to extract their assessment by any means necessary, due process be damned.

Submit or die. You have been accused.

Cops Shoot Fire Chief In Dispute Over Traffic Tickets

Heavens to Betsy! Just when you think things could not possibly get more idiotic, THEY DO!

I resolved to post only the most egregious Feral Cop stories after I contemplated posting two statutory rape cases from two different jurisdictions in one week.

Somehow, I now believe it impossible to limit Feral Cop stories in any way. They are too frequent, too outrageous and too, did I mention, idiotic?

Read this story.

A town with 174 residents where the last business was just shuttered has SEVEN Police Officers who spend all their time writing traffic tickets.

When the Fire Chief went to Court to complain he left on a stretcher with a .40 Caliber slug in his hip.

The DA says he will not prosecute the Officer. The Judge has resigned. The Mayor is unavailable. The Sheriff wants to know why all the money from the traffic tickets has disappeared.

Good Grief, television soap operas should be so lucky to have such a rich texture of farce in their daily broadcast.

Hysterical Excerpt:

Now the police chief has disbanded his force “until things calm down,” a judge has voided all outstanding police-issued citations and sheriff’s deputies are asking where all the money from the tickets went. With 174 residents, the city can keep seven police officers on its rolls but missed payments on police and fire department vehicles and saw its last business close its doors a few weeks ago.


The Ultimate Feral Cop Compilation Video


Much like David Codrea, I have no real desire to become some kind of cop bashing blog.

But once my toe dipped into Issues RKBA I realized how different the world looks in a parallel universe.

There is actually a GoodCopNews Post. (Really, CLICK HERE TO SEE) No one ever visits to see it. BadCopNews? (CLICK HERE TO SEE) Almost the single most popular post on my humble little blog.

When Cops clean up their Cop Shops it will no longer be necessary for people like me to post their dirty laundry in public.

Meanwhile most of the clips in this video are sadly familar to those of us who keep up with this issue.



Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE

Professor Gates, President Obama: Clyde Coffey Is Still Dead

It would be hard to find a better example of the self absorption exhibited by children of the “Age Of Aquarius” than the inane discussion conducted by President Obama and the Nattering Nitwits of the National Press about the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates by Cambridge Police.

Seriously folks, We, The Public, should shed crocodile tears over the arrest of a Professor with more degrees than intelligence because he could not talk his way out of a routine investigation? And he teaches where? At Harvard? AND he wants to make the incident into some kind of racial issue?

Geez. A small reality check is in order.

In just five years, writer David Codrea CLICK HERE has amassed nearly 3,500 Police Misconduct Incidents in his (TM) “Only Ones” File; incidents that range the gamut from (but are not limited to) murder to rape to child molestation among other charges.


Before David Codrea’s (TM)”Only Ones” File there came the now defunct Bad Cop News, where, as the description on their masthead stated: Bad Cop News:10’s Of Thousands Of “Isolated Incidents” – Our Tax Dollars At Work


Before that, JJ Johnson of the equally defunct Sierra Times maintained an archive dubbed the Whack’em and Stack’em Files.


I, myself, here in this small humble blog of a few hundred daily hits have uncovered a ridiculous number of police misconduct reports to the point where I tire of the chronicle.

Police who invade the wrong address in SWAT Team garb, police who gratuitously shoot the family pet dog, who terrorize women and children over fabricated charges of illegal food sales(?!) and just generally leave a trail of mayhem and mischief where ever they go.


A surprising number of these incidents, if not the overwhelming majority, occur between white cops and white citizens.

Which brings us to the strange case of Clyde Coffey in North Carolina. CLICK HERE

In April of this year 76 year old (Caucasian) (male) (taxpayer)(Citizen)(Landowner) Clyde Coffey was turkey hunting on a remote parcel of land he owned in Wilkes County, North Carolina as he had for 25 years without incident when he was approached, shot and killed by (Caucasian) (male) Wildlife Enforcement Officer Mark Minton who alleges Clyde Coffey was engaged in illegal bait tactics.

In spite of a severely contaminated crime scene (caused by Emergency Medical Personnel and others) the State Bureau of Investigation has exonerated the conduct of Wildlife Enforcement Officer Minton and the County DA has declined to even present the case to a grand jury.

In a State that brought (recently) disgraced Prosecutor Mike Nifong to national attention, the inaction of the Wilkes County DA seems to reach the level of routine procedure.

Where is the national discussion or outrage over this case?

Professor Gates, President Obama, get over yourselves.

The issue is hardly racial profiling. The issue is Police Training.

Who writes the curriculum for these people and how have they become so isolated from their fellow Americans (Black or white?) that they shoot, kill and terrorize with impunity?

Professor Gates had a mild experience, probably because he is black.

Clyde Coffey is still dead.

Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE

Raleigh Constituent Investigates The Clyde Coffey Shooting


Our occasional correspondent from Raleigh, Raleigh Constituent,regales us with another telephone adventure.

For a link to the NC Wildlife Resources Page with .PDF Files of Wildlife Enforcement Officer Standards and Qualifications CLICK HERE

Posted with no additional comment:

Dear John Jacob,

As I have explained in the past I occasionally tangle with bureaucrats in government because my proximity here in Raleigh make them a somewhat irresistible target.

Once again a simple inquiry to what should have been a yes- or-no question became something of a quest as I bounced through various layers of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Bureaucracy in my attempt to ascertain over the phone whether they were a CALEA (Commission for Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies) Certified Agency

I must tell you this telephone visit with the Wildlife Resources Commission is consistent with previous telephone visits in that the people in Wildlife Resources are universally helpful and cheerful and dare I say intelligent people who really do offer their best help to the public when they call about some hunting related issue. They all seem to have attended the same finishing school and unfailing treat me in the manner I like to think I treat phone inquiries to my phone number.

When asked to identify myself I said I preferred to remain a hunter and member of the public engaged in a routine inquiry. They accepted this without comment and continued to help me to the best of their ability. These folks could give lessons to other bureaucracies on how to deal with the public.

All that said, my initial question: Is NC Wildlife Enforcement a CALEA certified agency? drew a complete blank from the person/people on the other end. The Enforcement Division is not directly listed in the Raleigh Phone Book so I called a number which I judged most likely to be able to answer my question.

However, they did diligently connect me with a sworn LEO (a Lieutenant) who said he was familiar with CALEA, but to the best of his knowledge the agency was not so certified. He did mention all officers carried a book of some sort which outlined their duties and responsibilities. It was about the size of binder which could have revisions inserted as needed.

The Lieutenant also suggested I call his boss who oversaw all training related issues. In addition he gave me a phone number for the Public Liaison or Public Information Officer.

The Public Liaison, while not a sworn LEO, was a complete professional filled with a wealth of information about the Wildlife Enforcement Division. If I quote him correctly, he offered the following details about Wildlife LEOs:

There are approximately 300 applicants for about a dozen slots at a 19 week training Academy or “boot camp” of which only 10 successfully graduate.

In their 19 weeks of study all candidates undergo the NC State Standard Basic Law Enforcement Training after which they are sworn to enforce State and FEDERAL Violations. (Yeah, that is kind of an eyebrow raiser)

When I gently turned the conversation to the Clyde Coffey shooting, the formerly effusive Public Liaison immediately clammed up citing “an ongoing internal investigation”.

Since he could not talk to me, I asked if I could talk to him with some comments about the incident. He said he would take notes and pass them along.

I proffered the notion this incident was not local to Wilkes County, but was a statewide problem since hunters could no longer be confident about their interactions with Wildlife Enforcement. We may have crossed the Rubicon where the bond of trust between Investigators and the public has been seriously damaged.

Unlike Clyde Coffey I am not 76 years old, so if approached by a stranger in the woods, it will be my policy to immediately call 911 from a cell phone so some version of the incident will go on record in real time. I have the technology and know how to use it.

I further offered the observation the standard issue uniform of khaki shirt and forest green pants has always struck me as a recipe for disaster since I was advised in a hunter safety course Wildlife Officers are not required to wear blaze orange during deer season as they tramp through the woods.

Just one of several odd things about Wildlife Regulations long overdue for review.

Regardless of safe hunting practices and rigorous Law Enforcement training it may be time to overhaul protocols for public/LEO interactions.

In an era when a 6 foot 8 inch tall 300 pound North Carolina parolee can walk around Gaffney, South Carolina and kill 5 people in a week, no one should have to apologize for their caution when a man who claims to be Law Enforcement approaches you in the woods and declares his intention to disarm you.

In North Carolina Rabbit Cops Shoot Hunters

Attention Hunters!

If you plan to spend your recreational hunting dollars in North Carolina realize you do so at peril of your life!

Wildlife Enforcement Officers have gone as feral as their brothers in other parts of the “Thin JBT Line” .

Without fear of prosecution they now have license to shoot 76 year old landowners hunting their own property.

If the description of the encounter between the officer and hunter are correct Wildlife Resource Officers are apparently not bound by any CALEA Standards (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) for proper conduct of investigations as described HERE and HERE.

Be sure to call the Tourism Board and the Wildlife Resources Commission and tell them why you choose to hunt elsewhere.

In a country where the oldest joke about the judicial system is “The DA can convince a Grand Jury to Indict a ham sandwich” Wilkes County District Attorney Tom Horner has chosen to follow the path of former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong and selectively prosecute only those cases which have the highest positive publicity quotient.

In a case with a negative publicity quotient it is generally considered a bad career move to take sides against Law Enforcement Officers in the Court System. Apparently Tom Horner wants to keep his job.

Unless, of course, the people of Wilkes County initiate a recall petition and boot him out of office.

Minton will not be charged in shooting
by Chuck Hubbard

N.C. Wildlife Officer Mark Minton will not be charged in the April 11 shooting death of an elderly hunter in McGrady.

No charges will be filed against Mark Minton, a veteran state wildlife officer who shot and killed an elderly hunter in the early morning hours of April 11, the opening day of turkey season, District Attorney Tom Horner said in an interview with the Wilkes Journal-Patriot Thursday afternoon.

Killed was Clyde Hill Coffey, 76, of Lenoir. The shooting took place in a steeply-sloped, wooded area above a house on Cane Creek Road in the McGrady community. Coffey was hunting on land he and his family owned.

Horner said he made his decision after reviewing the results of a lengthy investigation conducted by agents with the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). Yesterday morning, the district attorney met with officials from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. In the afternoon, he met with members of the Coffey family.

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