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David Codrea echos a discussion held many times over the years in his new gig as the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner.

(Example from the dusty past: See archived article from the old Sierra Times:

Tantalizing Excerpt from the Cleveland Examiner:

But in ourselves…
November 5, 6:50 AM
by David Codrea, Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner

I question how many of us got truly involved, not just in this election, but in influencing our political destinies on a regular basis………

Unbelievably, of the many thousand gun owners in the district who had signed up to be on a local gun show’s mailing list, less than a tenth of these were even registered to vote. To add insult to injury, after losing the election, my friend was stuck with a $10,000 campaign bill, with little financial assistance in sight…………

We expect politicians to champion our rights, but how many of us make it worth their while to do so on such a hot button issue–one that is radioactive in most urban locales? Yes, true, a principled person does not shrink from hoisting his colors, but most politicians, even the ones who vote our way the majority of the time, view it as but one of many issues. And even though we don’t like to hear this, most constituents do not consider gun rights their major concern……

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Just Say NO to SWAT Thug Attacks!

Just as the War On Alcohol generated more grief than good during Prohibition, the War On Drugs has finally come full circle as the Government Attacks the People in order to save them.

Commentary here:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

But like so many other SWAT team raids across the country, this one turned out to be a big mistake. After reviewing the case, State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey acknowledged that the Calvos were victims of a multistate drug ring that used innocent people’s names and addresses to hide shipments of contraband drugs. But the mayor and his family were also victims of a home invasion by the SWAT team, based entirely on what turned out to be a false premise.

In a groundbreaking study in 2006, former Cato policy analyst Radley Balko documented a disturbing pattern of cases across the country in which innocent citizens were killed by armed-to-the-teeth SWAT teams who either acted on the basis of wrong information from an informant or stormed the wrong house by mistake. “One thing I’ve noticed while picking through the depressingly long list of botched drug raids: The cops always shoot the dog,” Balko noted. Sure enough in the local case, Mayor Calvo and his family lost their two beloved black Labrador retrievers, but it could easily have been his own life or that of a family member that was lost. An apologetic “oops” from the responsible officials just doesn’t cut it anymore.

SWAT Team Gone Wild (ANOTHER Creepy Maryland Story)

This is geniunely creepy stuff.  These were Maryland STATE TROOPERS asking about ammunition purchases.  I do not know what conferences these goblin wannabees attend, but we, the public, have a right to know.


From David Codrea’s Waronguns:

Tantalizing excerpt:

There are no laws in the State of Maryland whatsoever that cover the use of ammunition logs at the point of sale. None. This is pure policy intimidation on the part of local and State police and if you are in Maryland and presented with a requirement to sign such a log, REFUSE politely and call a lawyer.

There are no laws in the State of Maryland that restrict the type or quantity of ammunition you may possess. The only requirement is that you are not permitted to purchase handgun ammunition if under the age of 21. If the police show up and question you about your purchases or their quantities, REFUSE politely and call a lawyer. Request to see ID and demand to see a warrant.

Is It Real or Is It Memorex? Swat Style Home Invasion

On the topic of Swat Teams Gone Wild,  this group of thugs just broke into a guy’s home and DECLARED they were the cops. Who would know the difference?

Common Law existed long before modern Fabian Socialist theories of jurisprudence and one keystone principle has always been the absolute right to defend your home against all predators, government or goblin. 

Maybe this culture will rediscover the wisdom of Common Law before it is too late.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:
4 gunmen bust doors, yell ‘FBI,’ loot home
By Jacob Quinn Sanders

Friday, August 8, 2008

LITTLE ROCK — Two men kicked in the front door, splintering it near the bolt-lock.

Two more kicked in a side door. All four had guns. It was 3 a.m.

“FBI! FBI!” the men shouted, one pulling what looked like a badge out of his shirt before stuffing it back in. “Where’s your money?”

Swat Team Gone Wild (Berwyn Heights Update)

Cheye Calvo Family Photo

Cheye Calvo Family Photo

This story just gets more bizarre.  A couple of knuckleheads randomly mail packages across the country and the Police have license to go berserk?  Anarchy by another name stinks as much.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

“Trinity was an innocent and random victim of identity theft. Apparently, so were four or five other county residents whose names and addresses were stolen and used as addresses on drug packages,” Calvo said at a news conference outside his house, near a garden of tomatoes and strawberries.

“However, Trinity and our family have not been treated as victims of a crime.

Instead, our home was invaded. Our two beloved Labrador retrievers are dead.

My mother-in-law and I were tied up for nearly two hours,” he said. “We were harmed by the very people who took an oath to protect us.”

In once such case, Prince George’s sheriff’s deputies executed a warrant on the home of Frank and Pamela Myers of Accokeek in November. The Myers told sheriffs that they had the wrong address as their dog began barking from the yard.

The couple asked if they could retrieve their dog, but deputies refused. Minutes later, two shots were fired and the dog was killed, according to a notice of a tort claims filed by attorney Michael J. Winkelman. The Myers were never charged and nothing was seized from their house.

“This has happened before, and without oversight, it will happen again,” Calvo said

Say It Ain’t So! BadCopNews Closes!

Another source I did not exploit enough when I could. Sheesh!

Update February 08,2009:

Okay! I get it! A lot of you folks need to find fresh raw Bad Cop News from around the web.

(This is now officially the most frequently and consistently visited post on my humble little blog site)

(Update 11/01/09: It is now ranked 3rd, maybe 4th. Come’on folks! put it back on top where it belongs!)

So, in my humble Sovereign Citizen way, I provide these links to help abate the fever of my readers.

First, from the other side of the looking glass an actual cop from an actual cop blog who is also a pretty good 2nd Amendment supporter. (Heaven knows I am not eager to bash all cops all the time. Just the ones who need it. If you guys would clean up your cop shops I would not need to post all this crap):

Next, a generally credible source-David Codrea’s War On Guns Blog with his “Only Ones Files” ( Some are actually kind of funny. Others not so much.)

Over at The Agitator we have some pretty scary SWAT Team Tales along with some legal commentary on the implications of it all:

And last, in no particular order, some upstart specialized sites:;;

Remember also I include some stories in my sidebar categories of Police War On Dogs, Feral Cops, Do NOT Talk To Investigators, Open Carry/Constitutional Carry Files, politics and Self Defense.

Maybe this will help calm things down for a while. Other links will be posted as they come to my attention.

Update May 3, 2009. Hard to believe but I left out Sierra Times. Yes, before The ONLY ONES, Before Badcop News, Sierra Times had the Whack’em & Stack’em Files. So, for you history buffs:


Complete link to the WAYBACK Machine Archives for you BadCopNews Junkies:*/

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

Bad Cop News
10’s Of Thousands Of “Isolated Incidents” – Our Tax Dollars At Work

Bad Cop News is no longer being updated. We will maintain the domain and offshore hosting.

If anyone is interested in posting current news for your area/state, or even managing the site, contact us at

Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE

Sierra Times Classic- Meditation On Our Current Predicament

Honest, I will try not to dabble in the Sierra Times Archives any more after this. (But really, it was a great online publication)

This piece seems relevant today because of all the chatter about “the reset button” and “the threshold of outrage” and uberposts about “what to do” going around during the Dog Days of this really not all that hot summer.  The “reset button” has been right under our nose all these years and we, the people of dissent, still have not learned how to use it as explained in this kinder, gentler analysis of the State of The Union.

Thanks to the good folks at FreeRepublic it lives on the Internet  but somehow has not made it into the Wayback Machine archives.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

A Meditation On Our Current Predicament

(c) 2000 by TJ Kattermann – 06.26.00

Guest Editorial

On the surface, it would seem to be a fair fight.

In the Second Amendment Corner stand people with Business experience – (Motto: Better, Faster, Cheaper); Sports experience – (Motto: When the going gets tough, the tough get going) and Military experience – (Motto: Capitulation occurs when the enemy’s assets are depleted beyond replenishment.)

In the Fabian Socialist Corner stand people with Psychology backgrounds – (Motto: Get touchy-feely with your inner child); Theatre Backgrounds – (Motto: All the world’s a stage and I’m the most important actor) and the unholy marriage of the two known euphemistically as Marketing/Public Relations – (Motto: we can produce graphic demonstrations of “facts” that don’t exist anywhere outside our imagination.)

While -We the People- of the Constitution have barely discovered the Gutenberg Printing Press, they -the Fabian Socialists- have taken our tax dollars to erect institutions and organizations to thwart our every move. The Federal Communications Commission, an organization that magically determines who shall own and build the fortresses known as Television and Radio Stations; the Federal Election Commission, an organization which establishes dominion over the kind of people who can run for office and the terms under which they may get their hands on the levers of power known as taxation.

SWAT Team Gone Wild (Part III- The Theory)

This is a little article from The North America SWAT Training Association by one James J. Scanlon entitled Dynamic Entries: Leasons Learned (yes, apparently SWAT experts cannot spell either).

It is hard to believe the Prince George County SWAT Team followed ANY of the guidelines listed before they broke into an elected MAYOR’S home and shot his dogs.

I wonder if the Maryland mission would be considered a success or failure? Maybe some intrepid reader will call the North American SWAT Training Association and ask for their professional appraisal.

Complete link:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Tactical Response
March/April 2005
Dynamic Entries: Leasons Learned:
By: James J. Scanlon

Scouting Phase: The mission begins when we receive the request. We demand a great deal of information from the detectives, but we do so diplomatically. Most detectives don’t understand our needs, so we have to educate them. Many detectives think that we only need an address, when we actually need to know everything from the wording in the warrant to the backgrounds of the suspects. Are there kids in the house? Are there guns or dogs? Are there barricaded doors or lookouts? We have to sometimes pry this information out of the detectives, but our tactics will depend on the information they provide. Obviously, mission success depends on our tactics. Do we execute the mission during the day, or under cover of darkness? Do we deploy diversions and where should they be deployed? Will a ram work, or should we take a chain saw? Information is the key to success! Encourage your detectives to provide this information early, so you can complete a thorough scout. Some detectives wait until the warrant is signed, before informing their tactical team of an impending entry. Then, it’s rush-rush-rush! We need to convince them that we can better serve them, if we have plenty of notice.

SWAT Team Gone Wild (Part II-The Video)

Here it is folks, the house, the family, the people your government has declared Enemy Numero Uno. (A little spanish lingo for those of you in Rio Linde) This guy just happens to be the elected Mayor of a town of 3,000 souls. I like rooting out government corruption as much the next guy, but this seems a little severe. I guess cannabalism always has been.

Call me crazy,but one of these days one of these assault teams will walk into a real bare knuckle, heads-on-pikes gunfight.  It will not be just another routine case of gunning down Little Timmy and Lassie.  (See Ruby Ridge)

Wonder if it will make the National News?

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

The Mayor of Berwyn Heights, MD had his home raided by a SWAT team who shot and killed both of his dogs because a 32lb. package of Pot was sent to his home. The Mayor claims he has no idea where or why someone would send the Pot to his home.