Extreme Bolshevik Censorship

Extreme graphic special effects warning. Children and sensitive people SHOULD NOT VIEW THIS VIDEO.

Okay, this is supposed to be humor- a funny rebuttal to people who challenge Global Warming Wackos and their thesis of Climate Change.

But seriously, can anyone imagine the reaction to a video made by the Pro-life community which suggested this type of solution to the Abortion Debate?

And the inherent fascism of this FINAL SOLUTION.

The people in this video do not want to fight for their ideas or persuade their opponents,they just want to eliminate their adversaries in the most intimidating way possible so EVERYONE GETS THE RIGHT IDEA.

The Earth Huggers among us are truly the heirs and assigns of Josef Stalin, Pol Pot and yes, Einsatzgruppen.

I eagerly await denunciation of this video by the tree huggers and Earthfirsters as “out of line” and unacceptable!!


Apparently I missed this party. The video was yanked within a few hours of it’s premiere.

Too late. It is reposted everywhere.

Just another unanticipated collision between the psychotic Bolsheviks inside the asylum and the real world outside.

Do you understand yet? If you do not agree with their psychotic fantasies they WANT YOU DEAD or silenced as a distant second place solution

Now Public.com Commentary CLICK LINK HERE

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The 10:10 Climate Change Campaign in the UK Released Their ‘No Pressure’ Campaign Video, But Had to Remove it After Violence Complaints

The film was written by Richard Curtis, known for his work on Blackadder, Four Weddings and a Funeral and the co-founder of Comic Relief, and directed by Dougal Wilson.


Ten Ten’s website apology (wink, wink, nod, nod) (They are sorry people understood their real message)

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