ALWAYS Clear And Make Safe A Weapon!!

AND Point it toward a safe backdrop or berm or equivalent. AND just be careful and treat a pistol with the respect all weapons require.

This story just cries out for more details. Electrical tape? Around the slide?? This kind of stuff gives negligent discharges a bad name.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Man shoots self in leg with found gun.

Journal Gazette

A Fort Wayne man was taken to a hospital in serious condition late Thursday after he accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he said he found in his front yard, a report said.

Complete link:

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network-Another NRA Style RKBA Trojan Horse????

(Update #3 12/08/13 Readers should note the extensive discussion in the comments section about Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network from Rob Pincus et. al.)

The 2nd Amendment has apparently reached that point in it’s long torturous history where the time has come to send in the clowns, uh….. lawyers.

Over on Michael Bane’s Downrange TV Blog, Rob Pincus recommended the services of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network to his readers.

Click Link Here:

On the surface this organization would appear to be a long overdue development.

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Unfortunately for me, I first heard of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network over year ago when a flame war erupted on an obscure Gmane Concealed Carry Message board about the nature and purpose of said Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

Now to say there are flame wars on the Internet is akin to the observation there is snow in Antarctica.

What distinguished this particular flamewar was the unilateral assault launched by a poster who signed himself as “Dave Workman” (presumably???) of Second Amendment Foundation fame.

I have been unable to find any evidence it was not, in fact, Dave Workman of SAF.

Apologies in advance to the real Dave Workman if he was NOT the poster on this message board.

The second distinguishing feature of this flamewar was the overwhelmingly familiar flavor of the assault, to wit: Dave Workman in his initial post has his facts completely wrong and uses the incorrect facts to segue into an unbelievably personal attack on a relatively innocuous criticism.

And it went downhill from there!

What could have been a reasonably enlightened discussion about the merits of a new organization became a spitting match between adults (????) who should have been able to conduct themselves with more dignity.

Where have We, the People, seen this technique used ad nauseum?

Short answer long: Whenever anyone has publicly criticized the NRA, their methods,their tactics or their philosophy, a veritable army of deniers emerges from the woodwork to browbeat critics into near total silence.

Which is exactly what happened in the Great GMane Concealed Carry Poo Flinging Contest -the inept critic was surrounded and eventually banned from the message board without ever approaching within a hundred yards of the original observation he/she posed for consideration by the group.

What was this tumultuous observation you may ask? Perhaps it is best to let the combatants speak for themselves.

Here is the original post from the poster of the 1st part:

Click Link:
From: cohodas
Subject: After a self-defense shooting, where do you get legal help?
Newsgroups: gmane.culture.hobbies.guns.concealed
Date: 2008-04-12 03:09:34 GMT (45 weeks, 5 days and 19 minutes ago)

I came across this website today.


And here is the original rebuttal from the poster of the 2nd Part:

From: handyone_tjk
Subject: Re: After a self-defense shooting, where do you get legal help?
Newsgroups: gmane.culture.hobbies.guns.concealed
Date: 2008-04-12 20:36:07 GMT (45 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours and 53 minutes ago)

BZZZZZT! The only good gunowner is a CCW Licensee. The only good self defense shooting is a CCW self defense shooting.

Another gungrabber dot org in RKBA clothing.

I’ll pass, many thanks anyway.


And here is the original post from the Poster Known as Dave Workman as he wades into the fray:

From: Dave Workman
Subject: RE: Re: After a self-defense shooting, where do you get legal help?
Newsgroups: gmane.culture.hobbies.guns.concealed
Date: 2008-04-15 17:11:41 GMT (45 weeks, 1 day, 10 hours and 19 minutes ago)

Well, BZZZZT right back at you. What on earth prompted this reaction? These guys don’t give a hoot whether you have a CPL or not. I believe I know one of the principles involved and he is hardly a “gun grabber.”

This rant is like so many I see these days from people who just have to believe in some kind of conspiracy. We have enough real enemies that we don’t have to imagine any. Americans for Gun Safety, American Hunters and Shooters Assn,., the Joyce Foundation, Rosie, George Soros…these are the real enemy.

If a group of attorneys is forming to help people involved in Self defense shootings, that’s a good thing.
One doesn’t simply holster his gun and ride off with the blonde, you know. ?The aftermath of a shooting can be a legal quagmire, and even if you despise attorneys, you’re going to want a good one in there.

Dave W.


And here is where it starts to go all rodeo real fast:

From: handyone_tjk
Subject: Re: After a self-defense shooting, where do you get legal help?
Newsgroups: gmane.culture.hobbies.guns.concealed
Date: 2008-04-15 18:32:12 GMT (45 weeks, 1 day, 9 hours and 23 minutes ago)

Unlike many people here, I appear to have ACTUALLY read what it says on the website and I posted the requirements in this message:, so I reiterate my reiteration again: BZZZT!

With all due respect, maybe you should contact the principal you know who is involved and ask him/her why open carry and ordinary self defense(Joe Horn???)type people are unworthy to pony up $85.00 for the blessings and benefits of competent(???) legal defense before you engage in a knee jerk rebuttal about people who believe in “conspiracy theories”

It is not a conspiracy to say the NRA is the “oldest gun control organization” in the country. The Congressional Record and their own press releases confirm their kinder gentler gun grabber philosophy.

They differ from the Brady Bunch in degree but not in philosophy.

If you want to get into a food fight about this at least take the time to review the website FAQ.

I used to expect better of Marquee Names in the Gun Writer Community but have learned otherwise in my dotage.

Sheesh I say. Just Sheesh.

And then, of course, the inevitable occurs and boys will be boys and they mix it up pretty good:

From: Dave Workman
Subject: RE: Re: After a self-defense shooting, where do you get legal help?
Newsgroups: gmane.culture.hobbies.guns.concealed
Date: 2008-04-15 21:21:45 GMT (45 weeks, 1 day, 6 hours and 40 minutes ago)

Hmmmm, lemme see now. This is “concealed@…” right? A concealed carry forum.

Now you start throwing open carry in here and talking about Joe Horn, which is quite a different case, or did you not realize that?

Why don’t you contact this group directly and ask these questions? That seems far more sensible than having a fit about this group here on a forum.

Just how did the NRA get brought into this as “the oldest gun control organization in the country?” This
after your opening salvo accuses this bunch of being a “gun grabber dot org in RKBA clothing.”

What is it, anybody you decide to take a disliking to suddenly becomes a gun control organization or something?

And just how does what I do for a living have anything to do with this conversation? At least I’m not hiding my identity behind some e-mail handle.

Dave W.


And here is the crux of the discussion that was skillfully suffocated by all concerned:

From: handyone_tjk
Subject: Re: After a self-defense shooting, where do you get legal help?
Newsgroups: gmane.culture.hobbies.guns.concealed
Date: 2008-04-16 00:04:13 GMT (45 weeks, 1 day, 3 hours and 30 minutes ago)

Let’s see now, the TITLE of this thread is where do you get legal help after a self defense shooting?

And the link therein provided leads to an organization which CALLS ITSELF the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network.

Anyone who explores their website instantly discovers they have no interest in Armed Citizen Self Defense or even Gunowner Citizen Self Defense. Noooo, their interest is in CONCEALED CARRY Citizen self defense which is certainly their right, but have the street savvy to CALL yourself Concealed Carry Legal Defense Network so as not to confuse the peasants in the belief you understand and support RKBA.

You better believe my antenna go up to full extension whenever I see an organization aggressively advance the notion of stratification of RKBA as practiced by both the government and the NRA since the 1930’s.

If you do not show up on their doorstop with the Yellow Star of David visibly sewn to your clothes as prescribed by law, you need not apply.

Well, son of gun, I certainly will not bother to ask questions of this group since they have so clearly advertised their intentions from the get-go. I am guilty until proven innocent and my innocence rests on a piece of government generated paper known as a CCH permit. The process works so well with illegal immigrants driver’s licenses why should it not work with firearms as well?

Feel free to continue this discussion under any email handle of your choice, it will not make a wit of difference to the topic, though it might not confuse me with a body of work which I previously thought
deserved some deference.


The next 50 or so posts appear to be little more than cut-and-paste from Drama Queen Central and any of you who enjoy that type of soap opera are welcome wade through the melee’.

Regardless of the nature of this “discussion” the questions posed are excellent:

Why would an organization call itself Armed Citizen Legal Defense and ostracize two thirds of the RKBA community who believe Concealed Carry Licenses are little more than thinly veiled gun (gunowner) registration certificates?

Alaska and Vermont have no concealed carry license requirements, is everyone in those two states restricted from membership?

And why further contribute to the stratification of a community that is already unaware of serious
internal divisions? (Think Jim Zumbo and Dan Cooper)

Until I know more about Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network, I too will respond with caution to their
purported mission and purpose.

And I would certainly recommend they pick their advocates more carefully…..with friends like Dave Workman they hardly need enemies.

Update 03/06/2010: The Great GMane Concealed Carry Poo Flinging Contest has all but disappeared down the Internet Orwellian Memory Hole.

A terrific loss as it was a case study of how robust debate can be crippled by heavy handed moderators and intemperate celebrity commentators.

Particularly disturbing were the poster Dave Workman’s gratuitous ad hominem assaults even after the hapless dissident was blocked from rebuttal. To the best of my knowledge he has never rescinded the comments or apologized for their tone.

Try these links for as long as they work:

Here are screen shots from the Google cache of the fifty +/- posts.

Click on thumbnails for better view:

I got my copy of the thread, I hope you got yours.

Update #2 03/09/10

Apparently the Rob Pincus Blog Post recommending the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network has also disappeared down the Internet Memory Hole.

I have a copy of the post dated February 17,2009 and Mr. Pincus did in fact say “Although I have only recently gotten to know Marty and Gila other than through reputation, I am quite comfortable recommending their network to readers of this blog.” among other comments.

Sorry, that is the best I can do short of posting the entire blog post, which of course, I would only do with the permission of DRTV and Mr. Pincus.

Little Red Riding Hood- My! What A Big Pistol This Is!!!


Tee Shirts For Sale. Quite classy, I think. The old fairy tales are still the best, (with some modern updates.)

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Ohio Stowers Food Raid Update Update

Two new wrinkles in the Stowers Family Food Raid.

First, there is now a separate category for all the posts here:

Second, the Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition Blog has taken up the story with a really good summary and links to the Sheriff’s Warrant and other interesting documents —Click here:

Update May 2,2009: For some reason the previous link has been disconnected, but here is a new link to some updates:

So those of you who have followed this story from December will now be able to keep up with all the various threads and podcasts and other developments.

Parable Of The Good Cop Part II

Last summer the Michael Bane Blog was host to a remarkably bizarre encounter of the Orwellian (or, if you prefer, Kafkaesque) variety between an anonymous (RETIRED!!!!) Detective and a message board moderator.

On February 12th of this year in Oklahoma City there was similar incident, only this time the dispute was over the interpretation of a sign on the back of a car and the cops were clearly visible and operated in broad daylight.

While the Police Chief backpedaled as fast as he could, the hapless motorist was subjected to an (informal?) visit from the Secret Service which included a (warrentless?) “plain view” search of his home and an “interview” with said Secret Service Agents.

No one knows how many incidents of this type regularly occur around the country, but these two highly public examples should be enough to alarm anyone who has ever taken an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”.

Take your choice as to which incident is more chilling.

In the Michael Bane case a moderator on one of the message boards received a phone call from a ” retired Marine and undercover cop” who somehow advised her one of the comments on her board was somehow out of line.

In response to this out-of juridiction, extra legal and (presumably) interpretive view of the 1st Amendment the moderator went into “super compliant sheeple” mode and posted this gem:,3055.msg34924.html#msg34924

When challenged about the whole business the moderator then posted this explanation:,3055.msg35196.html#msg35196

My question to all current, former and otherwise wannabe JBT’s: WHEN will Jesse Jackson be publicly investigated for his widely broadcast threat to harm a Presidential Candidate? SEE VIDEO CLICK LINK HERE

Or in the absence of such investigation, is it acceptable for me to make a tee shirt or bumpersticker which reads: “I agree with Jesse Jackson, castrate ObamaNation!”

Link to original Parable Of The Good Cop:

The Federal Reserve And The Porkulus Bill—Abolish Both Now!

Howard Phillips at Conservative Caucus TV interviews Dr. Edwin Vieira who explains the difference between the Mint and the Federal Reserve. One produces Constitutional Coinage and the other prints currency.

Very educational.

Descriptive Text:

America’s expert on Constitutional monetary policy and acclaimed author, Dr. Edwin Vieira tells why the Federal Reserve must be abolished, and warns of potential economic collapse as the result of the massive “stimulus” bills. All Americans must watch this program to learn the facts and the potential consequences of current unconstitutional monetary policy. Dr. Vieira is the author of “Pieces Of Eight” and other important books on Constitutional monetary policy and other topics. You’ll also learn the Constitutional definition of a Dollar and just what is “legal tender.”

Call your Congressman and Senators in favor of ending the Fed and creating a REAL American economic recovery!

This is an edition of Conservative Roundtable, the nationally broadcast conservative television program hosted by Howard Phillips, and produced by The Conservative Caucus.

David Codrea Questions For NRA. Rots O’Ruck Buddy!!!

David Codrea thinks there should more transparency in NRA Board Elections.

Really? In the oldest Gun Control Organization in the country?

The NRA has been AWOL longer than most of us have been alive.(Click link here: )

The NRA, always there when you do not need them and never there when you do.

For what it is worth, tantalizing excerpt here:

As a start, I’d like to see each candidate for the BOD specifically answer the following questions, adapted from a questionnaire I have sent in the past to political candidates who claim to be pro-Second Amendment. I’ve done this for the past four years in a row, and have no real hope that this year will finally be the one to make the big difference. But we need to keep chipping away at the apathy, and perhaps if enough of us join in and demand candidates answer somebody’s questions with completeness and candor, we can begin to effect real change.

Link to Complete Article:

Bug Out Kit In A Milk Jug

This is a pretty neat idea if you need to have essentials available at various locations and do not want to go to the trouble to purchase commercial kits which may or may not be stocked with the items you need.

Not a substitute for better preparation, but certainly useful for fishing boats and cars and remote locations.

Definitely customize to your individual requirements.

Descriptive Explanation:
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