Memorial Day Semper Fi Marine!

You died defending my country.

Update on the Pima County SWATicide.


Disturbing Excerpt:

Nearly a month after Guerena’s killing, it’s still unclear whether the Marine had any ties to a cartel. But the absence of clear evidence means we must assume he was innocent. It’s equally unclear, at least to outsiders, precisely how the shooting went down and who’s to blame.

One thing is clear. With military-grade vehicles, armor, assault weapons and robots, the raid on Guerena’s home was all but indistinguishable from the kind of house-clearing operations U.S. forces perform every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. Guerena survived two tours in the desert only to perish in a military-style action in his own home. (Editorial Comment: Except in Iraq and Afghanistan Military Troops have strict rules of engagement which are noticeably absent from Law Enforcement Operations)

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Food Riots- On Schedule As Planned

Back in 2008 people thought the idea of foot riots in the US was fantasy. CLICK LINK HERE.

Yet here in 2011 is Frank W. James assessment of the current crop outlook. Any bets on the outcome?

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Tantalizing excerpt:

Well now, with this rain, the country is going to have great difficulty reaching the 87 million acre figure for 2011 corn production. If our planted corn acres fall below the 87 mil figure significantly AND we have a weather scare in July or August, look for corn on the Board of Trade to go through the roof. How far? Some analysts are already talking over $8/bu. corn.

One thing $8 corn will do for sure and that is eliminate the ethanol debate. Even with the present 46 cent per gal. subsidy (which goes to 42 cents at the end of this year) ethanol from corn is dead at $8/bu.

But then so is most of the livestock feed market.

Police Stop Refresher Course

Our New Hampshire Liberty Friends offer us all this excellent short, sweet, to-the-point and memorable reminder of proper conduct during encounters of the Peace Officer kind…….

Pass along to everyone you know everywhere.

ALERT…SWAT killed Iraq war vet and father of two shot SEVENTY-ONE times ..(via Randy’s Right)

Randy’s Right picks up the tale of the Arizona Marine SWATicide first covered here last week.

ALERT...ATF killed Iraq war vet and father of two shot SEVENTY-ONE times in his own home by SWAT team Sad part about this story…US media didn't even cover it!!  I got the story out of the UK news.  Another Ruby Ridge, Waco Cover and Gunrunner cover up!! Randy's Right   Scroll down for video Jose Guerena, 26,survived two tours of duty in Iraq as a marine, only to be gunned down in a hail of 71 bullets in his own Tucson, Arizona home, while his wife and four-year old son hid in a nearby closet. Mr Guerena's wife, Vanessa, said she heard her husba … Read More

via Randy's Right