“This used to be America!” “It ain’t no more, OK?”

Must see video, fresh off the townhall circuit taken on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at Rep. Jim Moran’s (D-VA) Town Hall meeting.

A man with a badge and a gun arrives to explain which signs are verboten in the new America. After he advised the hapless Citizen this “ain’t America no more” he went on to include the obligatory all purpose “I can charge you with anything I want.”

Anybody remember Brett Darrow?

The Police culture in this country has become universally homogenized and downright creepy.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

When I said to Officer Cheeks, “This used to be America!” his response was: “It ain’t no more, OK?”

Link to complete story CLICK HERE.

Housekeeping Here At JJH RKBA Commentary

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Breaking: NC Gun Control Democrat RC Soles Shoots Intruder


Here we go again!

Raleigh Constituent alerts us to another Democrat hypocrite armed with a firearm who defends himself after a career of gun control advocacy. So Senator, is your life worth more than We, The Peasants?

As posted on the in- state 2nd Amendment Civil Rights Organization Grass Roots North Carolina website 2008 Voter Evaluation Guide Senator Soles voting record on the Right
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Real Hunting-Dingo Lady Dies At 108


The Past is another country-they do things differently there.

Here is a woman for whom shooting and the use of firearms was as natural as breathing.

Hunting was not a sport or a recreation or an optional activity; it was survival -pure and simple.

If you were competent you prospered because your farm and fields were protected from harm.

If not, you starved.

Anyone care to make the connection between the simple example she offered and the 2nd Amendment and RKBA?

Tantalizing excerpt:
Dingo Lady

Peter Morley
August 20, 2009 12:00am
THE woman known as the Dingo Lady has died a month short of her 109th birthday after a life of shooting and trapping wild dogs on her mountain property.

Nellie Bowley killed hundreds of the animals that attacked her cattle, goats and geese on the place near Killarney where she lived until two years ago when she moved into an aged care facility.

Mrs Bowley bagged her first dog when she was 18 and went on to achieve nationwide publicity.

She was in her mid-90s when she shot her last dingo – failing eyesight made it difficult to aim.


Clowns,Jokers And Fools


Liberty Sphere (CLICK HERE) and Free Republic (CLICK HERE) have already pointed to this article by Karl Denninger.

It is hard to decide which alarms me more: that the most impassioned call to arms comes not from RKBAians but from an Investment Management Analyst or that few RKBAians even acknowledge the imminent threat as it takes shape before our eyes.

The Three Percenters will say we need more time “to get ready”. Clock is ticking down folks, if you are not ready now how will you ever be ready when it is too late?

So I guess I am the fool-Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right….stuck in the middle again!

Tantalizing excerpt:
Does America still truly have the capacity, as a people, as a nation, to get angry? To demand redress of grievance? To call, support, and honor a general strike? To take up, keep and bear arms not to commit violence but to stand shoulder-to-shoulder as our Constitution recognizes as our God-given right to prevent violence against not only ourselves but our neighbors – any and all of them? To peacefully occupy The Capitol and shut it down – not to loot, pillage or destroy, but to force the cessation of all commerce in an unmistakable and singular statement: This far you have gone, and you shall take not one step further until each and every guilty man and woman is under indictment, the institutions and businesses responsible are closed, and the ill-gotten gains returned.

Do we still have what it takes to make that happen? Do we have any more Rosa Parks’ in America? Any Dr. Kings?

Or is all we have left in us a descent into random lawlessness – civil unrest, or even full-scale riots where the looting and burning is not of the banks and others who have robbed America, but of the random store-owner, house or car – simply because it’s there?

I fear for my nation and her future.

I fear we have too few men like that gentleman in Arizona and too many muggers in Lakeview.


Blind Target Shooter….Really!


Just when you think you have seen it all along comes a blind man with a rifle! And he is the real deal!

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Target Shooting for the Blind
by Sarah Komuniecki
Aug 17th 2009
James Miekka of Surry is a target shooter with an accuracy most people would admire. He’s also completely blind.

His accuracy comes from his ingenuity.

“My favorite thing is when I see somebody who’s never seen him shoot before. And if they watch him shoot, their jaw just drops open. And they go, ‘How does he do that?'” says Miekka’s neighbor, Robert Duhaime.

Miekka can’t see his target…he hears it, using an artificial vision system he designed himself.

“It requires an extreme amount of concentration,” Miekka says.

He shoots using instruments to do the same job as the eyes of sighted people, changing light into electric signals.



Fred On Everything-The TSA Menace

Good ole Fred! Still churning them out even at his ripe old age. One of his kinder, gentler columns. Maybe he is losing it after all. (CLICK HERE TO READ FULL TEXT)

Tantalizing Excerpt:

TSA and Its Brethren

Going in a Bad Direction Without Wanting To

I discussed the matter with a group of friends who, like me, are roughly in their mid-sixties—that is, who remember the United States as it was years ago. We agreed that we are seeing an anger in the United States, chiefly directed at government, that is new to us. There was widespread anger during the war in Vietnam, but it was directed at the war, not the government in general. Today we have something different.

There is a sense that the government now is not only hostile to the public, which it never was before, but out of control. The degree of intrusiveness has grown from almost none to almost unrestrained—or so people feel.

Sears Foreshadows The Credit Storm Ahead

Wow! Welcome back Carter (Era Credit Crunch)!

This came in the mail today.

All business, they did not even bother to include it in a monthly statement. It came all by it’s lonesome in a postcard size folded pamphlet.

I have had a Sears Credit Card for at least 25 years with never a balance of more than a few thousand dollars and a current balance of a couple hundred dollars.

They have always been good to me with interest rates as low as 3.99 percent during the go-go years (not a teaser, but a genuine APR).

Apparently they do not qualify for an ObamaNation Bailout.

Lock and load folks, this is just the beginning of Obamageddon.

The floggings will continue until morale improves.