ATF Criminal Enforcement Map


It is three minutes to midnight on the tyranny clock. Do you know where your Government Kakistocrats are?

Maybe you should check.

Be sure to click on the Lead Charge Tab. From 2003 to 2007 60 Percent of all convictions were violations of 18 USC 922. A total of 5000- 6000 per year!! Any bets as to how many of these were directed at Gunshops and other FFL’s?

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Ramset .22 Blank Cartridge Shortage?

Today Raleigh Constitutent writes to advise of an unusual problem he has run across:

Dear John Jacob,
As you know a Ramset is a powder actuated tool ie a nail gun used to set concrete nails with a projectileless .22 rimfire blank cartridge.

The cartridges are graded in strength by color-brown designates low power and yellow designates as much force as I usually need. I usually buy a box of one hundred of the various colors which keeps me supplied for 1-2 months so I can restock periodically without a panic attack at any particular time.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered several different Lowe’s Lumber Yards were completely out of all grades of the .22 caliber blanks. Whether this is related to the economy or the ammo shortage is anyone’s guess. I will keep checking at various hardware stores and Home Depots and etc.

Anyone out there use Ramset .22 cartridge blanks? Is this a restocking problem, a regional shortage or something more widespread?

Canadians Debate Repeal Of Long Gun Registry

Our neighbors to the North have long been saddled, as have we, with absurd usurpations of their right to self defense. Portions of their ordeal may be at an end.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Ending a $2 billion joke on taxpayers

By Kevin Gaudet
web posted March 23, 2009

Many jokes get played on April Fool’s Day. This year, however, April 1st brings a chance to end one long, painful and expensive joke that has been played on taxpayers and law-abiding gun owners. On that day, the Parliament of Canada will debate ways to improve gun registry in Canada and to save tax dollars; in part by ending the long-gun registry. This will be accomplished while maintaining public safety.

Thankfully, the debate won’t just be rhetorical. It will involve voting on a Private Members Bill moved by Garry Breitkreuz, the veteran MP for Yorkton-Melville. Members of Parliament will have a genuine opportunity to end this outrageously wasteful program.

Back in 1995, then Justice Minister, Allan Rock, sold Canadians a false bill of goods with Bill C-68, the Canadian Firearms Registry. The idea was to create a national registry to license long-gun owners and their guns, much like provinces do with cars and drivers.

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The Face Of Hyperinflation-Zimbabwe 50 Billion Dollar Note


While it may be difficult to find books about the Weimar Republic for those who wish to see the face of hyperinflation it is unnecessary to look any further than the contemporary situation in Zimbabwe.

This is actual government issue currency complete with watermarks and security engraving. It cost more to produce this bill than it is worth. Note both an issue date and an expiration date. Spend it while you can, tomorrow it may be completely worthless.

Just Yell Police! And Break Down The Door!

It is to wonder how many stories like this will accumulate over a short period of time?

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Home invasion ends in shooting
Injured intruder run over by accomplices

By Gavin Lesnick
Sunday, March 15, 2009

They claimed to be police officers but peppered their speech with slang and curse words that, along with the lack of lights outside, quickly convinced Murray they weren’t.

The man identified by police as Clark was brandishing a handgun.

“Once I seen he had a gun and he was in shooting range, I just shot him,” Murray said.

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Guest Commentary- Republican Senator Richard Burr and the 2nd Amendment

(Republished to the top of the blog 04/06/2019)

Today’s guest remarks come from Raleigh,North Carolina …… posted without comment. Correspondent Raleigh Constituent shares his experience with the Staff of Senator Richard Burr. Enjoy.

Republican Senator Richard Burr and the 2nd Amendment

A Call To Action

Opinion Commentary From Raleigh Constituent.

Dear John Jacob;

As you may know over the years I occasionally undertake to contact my elected officials in a feeble attempt to influence the outcome of some political issue or other.

Notified over the weekend of the Presidential Order to shred expended brass small arm cartridge casings rather than recycle them to commercial civilian reloaders as had been the practice of the Department of Defense for many years I called the office of my Republican Senator Richard Burr to learn what he may know of this situation and how he will proceed to defeat this attempt to curtail freely available supplies of ammunition to gun owners of America.

As I bounced from the desk of the constituent service staffer to the Department of Defense Liaison and then to the 2nd Amendment Legislative Coordinator it occurred to me to ask a simple question of these people: Are you a gun owner or shooter or hunter or in any way actively engaged in 2nd Amendment Activities outside the bubble of Washington politics?

You may be surprised to learn I was unable to find anyone who was a proactive, gung-ho,out-of-the-closet gun owner anywhere inside the office of Senator Richard Burr.

In short, gun owners literally do not have a place at the table inside the office of Republican Senator Richard Burr.

There is no go-to guy or gal who walks the walk or talks the talk of ordinary routine commonplace 2nd Amendment Activities – IDPA,Trap,Skeet,Sporting Clays,Camp Perry,Plinking,Duck Hunting, Deer Hunting, Predator Hunting,Bullseye,CCW,Open Carry,Cowboy Action, Thunder Ranch, Front Sight, you name it, it does not exist inside the Senators Staff on a daily basis in Washington or in the North Carolina Office.

No one who attends seminars or meetings, sits in conferences, writes memos, makes phone calls actually owns or understands the daily possession and use of rifles, pistols and shotguns let alone crew served weapons or other accoutrements of a well regulated Militia.

There is simply no one available to refute the dozens of daily myths or misunderstandings that may be held by members of the staff or answer questions from the public about the Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

So it would appear Task One for all Three Percenters and 2nd Amendment Activists would be to catalog all the offices of all elected officials who cannot find room in their staffing budget to include an actual real live gun owner as part of the routine personnel selection process.

Do it today. Call your various elected representatives and ask to speak to an actual real live gun owner on staff.

Be sure not to settle for some lame answer or half hearted response- I used to shoot when I was a kid or I have a shotgun in the closet.

Ask specific questions: In what kind of shooting or hunting do you engage? How often? With what rifle, pistol or shotgun? Where?

You will easily separate sheep from goats with the quality of replies you receive.

All other issues are moot if the staff is devoid of anyone with true knowledge of and passion about the 2nd Amendment.

So call out the Militia with instructions for recon patrols of their elected representatives staff personnel.

If The People do not have a place at the table of our elected representative’s counsels, for all practical purposes we are invisible and do not really exist in a practical sense.

Classic Starlets And Guns! Enjoy!


These pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Very tasteful stuff from yesteryear.

Mild by today’s standards.

And you thought Thunderwear was a modern innovation. Charlotte Rampling put the thunder in Thunderwear before there was Thunderwear!

So enjoy! Starlets and Guns! Wheelguns, no less!

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South Dakota Eliminates Gun Purchase Waiting Period

Incremental repeal of draconian Fabian Socialist Doctrine. A model for the rest of us.

Tantalizing Excerpt From the Argus Leader:

Gun owners glad to see state’s waiting period go
Legislation ends 48-hour delay for pistol buyers

Thom Gabrukiewicz • • March 14, 2009

Gun owners in South Dakota praised Gov. Mike Rounds on Friday for signing into law Senate Bill 70, which strikes the state’s mandatory post-purchase 48-hour waiting period to buy a handgun.

The federal Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 requires an instant computer check of gun buyers through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Before SB70 was signed into law, only those people who had a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon in the state were exempt from the 48-hour waiting period. Now, anyone who wants to buy a handgun – and passes the federal check – can walk out of a licensed dealer’s shop with one.

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When Cops Collide- A Cautionary Tale From LAPD

A chilling tale that begins with a “road rage” shooting.

Watch these videos and explain to me one more time why ordinary citizens should jump through flaming hoops to exercise their Right To Bear Arms.

What if the Party of the 2nd Part- the undercover cop in the first segment, had been just an ordinary citizen who was unarmed? Just another tragic shooting death in LA?

Link to Part I:

New Hampshire Horse Raid- Duct Taped License Plates

Food raids in Ohio, horse raids in New Hampshire. Is this really the country in which You,the People, want to live???

If there is one common theme in all these thousands of isolated incidents, it is the unbelieveable insouciance of the authorities and other participants.

Just barf all over someone’s life with some bogus legal action and if it does not stick, scamper off somewhere else and do it again.

Assume for a moment there were exigent circumstances grave enough to drive into a blinding snowstorm to rescue endangered horses. Why duct tape your license plates? Why not take ALL the horses? Why seal the search warrant? Why consume public resources from multiple communities? Who pays for all this sturm and drang?

Tantalizing excerpt:

On March 9, 2009 the SPCA raided our farm in Candia, NH. Backed by over a dozen cops from three towns, they blocked off the road for a half mile and took 12 happy, healthy horses. Think about this the next time you send your donation to the SPCA.

Edit Update:
Some other questions:

If these horses are desperately in need of quarantine is it a good idea to transport them from pillar to post,potentially exposing other horses along the route to whatever ailment they might have?

How about the farms to where they were transported?

Are they certified quarantine facilities?

And, of course, where was the Constitutional Law Enforcement Authority-the Sheriff?