North Carolina’s Pistol Packing Chancellor – Go Wolfpack!


One of the more interesting Public Figure Concealed Handgun Permit Records to emerge from Not is that of North Carolina State University Chancellor James Oblinger.

While I think this is a good thing, I have to wonder how publicly and forcefully he has lobbied for his students and professors to have the same right to self defense and 2nd Amendment Protections he so obviously enjoys? Academic Freedom and all that sort of thing!

Not a topic on his official website that I can find. Maybe younger stronger eyes can spot it.



How about it Chancellor? Have you established a liason with Students For Concealed Carry On Campus?

Link to Oblinger Record:


Link to Students for Concealed Campus Carry:

Gut Wrenching Legal Carry Traffic Stop

Enough mistakes here on all sides to fill a phonebook. Watch and learn.

David Codrea has complete details and analysis here:

Gold Standard Example Of New Hampshire Open Carry Activism

Still relevant after lo, these many years, from the Wayback Archives, watch Dave Ridley efficiently assert his right to Constitutional Carry in an extremely hostile environment

If you have not seen this video, watch it now.

It represents the Gold Standard of RKBA Activism.

The Free Staters had an off site recording system in place (Porcupine 411), were well rehearsed for any encounter of the official kind and properly educated some obviously uninformed Police.

We could all take a lesson from the Intrepid Free Staters especially if you fancy yourself a “three percenter” or “threshold of outrage type”. Consider this a training exercise for future encounters in the Aftertimes. It will not get any easier if you do not practice now.

Descriptive Summary:

Dave Ridley accosted by three police for doing something legal. Dave’s politeness is only surpassed by Russell’s outrage. See Dave’s latest adventure at

Searchable Concealed Carry Database. Find Public Officials With CCW Permits!


Does your Public Official have a Concealed Carry Permit? How about your neighbor?

Search this database and learn who is naughty and who is nice.

Note former FEDERAL PROSECUTOR and alleged Obama supporter George Mendelson carries personal protection because he is “in fear for his life”.

I guess We, the Peasants, have not the burden of such worries.

Link to Website:

Jim Shockey Muzzleloader Mountain Goat Hunt On Youtube!

Another great Jim Shockey hunt on Youtube. Listen to the old timey musical score from a 1930’s movie dramatize the action. Now them’s there REAL production values. ( Another show with great music is SCI Expedition Safari. Somehow Mike Rogers has not made it to Youtube, but there are some brief clips on the Outdoor Channel Website.)

Descriptive Excerpt:
In this clip from Outdoor Channel’s ‘Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures’, Jim Shockey hunts tahr on the south island of New Zealand. For more video check out

Rufus Hussey Beanshooter Man Video (Slingshot Guru)


David Codrea has come across a video of my hero, Rufus Hussey, Beanshooter Man (Slingshot Guru).

As a proud owner of a genuine Rufus Hussey Derringer Beanshooter, Serial Number 9xxx, in a nifty display case in my hallway, I am reminded everytime I see it humans survive and fight with their minds.

Weapons are just accessories.

Codrea Link:

Youtube Video Link: