Forensic Expert Dan Austin Explains The Golani .223 Elephant Rifle

Holy Mackerel! This IS truly unbelievable!

Where has this guy testified as a forensic expert?

Can you say mistrial?

Is it too late to have the NYPD revoke his pension?

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Tantalizing Explanation:

February 24, 2010

Forensic expert Dan Austin speaks with In Session Host Ryan Smith about the weapon that was used to kill Amy Boscarino.

Democrat NC Senator RC Soles: Will They Take His Gun Away?

Raleigh Constituent updates the story of Democrat Senator RC Soles who shot an intruder in his home last summer.

Dear John Jacob;

This is one of those Mother-In-Law drives-your-brand-new-Cadillac-over-a-cliff type stories.

It is difficult to know exactly what to think.

On the one hand RC Soles did not exactly endear himself to North Carolina Gunowners when he voted in the General Assembly and acquired a Grassroots North Carolina 1 star rating.

(Previous Story CLICK LINK HERE)

On the other hand he WAS an elderly man confronted in his home by two much younger men angry enough to break down his door.

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NEW! The Liberty Sphere Video Blog

The Welshman over at the Liberty Sphere has gone hi-tech and launched his own Youtube video commentary.

And what an impressive debut!

See for yourself and tell me if you agree.

Michael Bane eat your heart out!

Explanatory text:

Obama has created a bipartisan panel to deal with the budget deficit and national debt, which is the job of Congress, according to the Constitution. WARNING! Danger ahead.

Breaking: Kamikaze Taxpayer Plane Attack On Austin IRS

Thank Heaven he did not have a gun, he might have been dangerous.

Quick show of hands: Will the Imperial Feral Goobermint use this incident as an excuse to

A. Beat the Puppy Poop out of General Aviation?
B. Beat the Puppy Poop Out of RKBA Activists?
C. All of the above.

After all, there were no Jihadists involved, just an ordinary American Sheeple so it should be safe for the beatings to continue until morale improves.

(Note to skeptics: this guy sounds a little like a lefty, and yet somehow he is unhappy with the American Way of Taxation)

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Armored Assault Golf Cart

A serious piece of work.

For use in tight spaces and narrow corridors.

Of course, Murphy’s Law still applies:
If the enemy cannot get in, you cannot get out.

Hope nobody gets hurt.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Its manufacturer, Metaltech Motor Bodies Pvt Ltd, said it had been designed in the wake of the Mumbai carnage, in which Islamist gunmen holed up in two luxury hotels held Indian commandos at bay for 60 hours.

Seventeen security personnel lost their lives in the attacks, which left a total of 166 people dead.

Are You Ready For Some Targets?

With rifles on their backs and skis on their feet, the American Olympic Biathlon Team is ready to rock and roll!!

TIME’s Sean Gregory gets a shooting lesson from U.S. Olympic favorite Tim Burke as he trains for the games in Vancouver. Check out the series here

For the first time in history, a member of the U.S. Biathlon Team wore the World Cup points leader’s yellow bib. Meet Tim Burke and the rest of Team USA.

How To Fill Out A Gun Control Questionaire

Okay, head over to David Codrea’s Blog and click on the questionaire. You will be glad you did.


Raleigh Constituent Examines The Medina Beck Kerfuffle

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Dear John Jacob,

Character Assassination- the age old technique by which political opposition is muted or eliminated in any number of clever rhetorical ways usually by some form of ad hominem attack.

Consider this brilliant chestnut from an early 20th Century Stump Speech (Courtesy of Professor Al Gini, Loyola University):

My opponent is an acknowledged philatelist! He is a known sexagenarian whose wife is a thespian! He has been known to keep phonographic literature in his possession and has been observed masticating in public!

And of course the classic example of the loaded question fallacy:

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Debra Medina Strikes Back! Yes!

Here is something you do not see every day.
Medina took a hit, she got up, dusted off, and came back swinging!
Texans are lucky to have her as a candidate for Governor.
Let us pray they are smart enough to recognize their good fortune.

Glenn Beck Sucker Punches Texas Candidate Debra Medina

Like the true gentleman he is, The Welshman from the Liberty Sphere CLICK LINK HERE comes to the aid of a lady in distress. Kudos to him!

There is something squirrely about the whole Glenn Beck phenomenon and it maybe time to examine this so- called conservative who sheds crocodile tears on Television and surrounds himself with a radio pack of wannabe Howard Stern Hyenas.

If Bully Beck needs to be taught to pick on someone his own size I am sure there are many 12 year old girls up to the task and able to give him the necessary tutelage.

Candidate Medina will learn to handle herself in assorted venues over time, but Beck will always be a dummkopf.
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