August 13,1981 President Reagan Signs The Biggest Tax Cut In History


It was called the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and for 20 years it fueled a prosperous and growing economy.

Under the radar, the Clintonistas, the Bolshevik Left and now ObamaNation seek to convert that prosperity into permanent penury.

President Obama, tear down this tyranny!

These bills that I’m about to sign — not every page — this is the budget bill, and this is the tax program — but I think they represent a turnaround of almost a half a century of a course this country’s been on and mark an end to the excessive growth in government bureaucracy, government spending, government taxing.

And we’re indebted for all of this — I can’t speak too highly of the leadership, Republican leadership in the Congress and of those Democrats who so courageously joined in and made both of these truly bipartisan programs. But I think in reality, the real credit goes to the people of the United States who finally made it plain that they wanted a change and made it clear in Congress and spoke with a more authoritative voice than some of the special interest groups that they wanted these changes in government.

This represents $130 billion in savings over the next 3 years. This represents $750 billion in tax cuts over the next 5 years. And this is only the beginning, because from here on now we are going to have to implement all of these, and it’s going to be a job to make this whole turnaround work. It’s going to be the number one priority — or continue to be the number one priority of our administration.



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