Knabenschiessen – Boys’ Shooting Match, Zurich, Switzerland


What a terrific target range.  Knabenschiessen is a word that should be in every American RKBA Supporter’s vocabulary.



Explantory Text:

Knabenschiessen – Boys’ Shooting Match

Military training for Swiss youths has been on record since the Middle Ages. Conscription started at the early age of 16 and so even boys were taught how to handle weapons.

Shooting practise for Zurich youths was first described in 1576 but the actual Knabenschiessen competition was first documented in the second half of the 17th century.

This shooting match for 12–16 year-old boys is held on the second weekend in September but has only existed in its present form since 1899.

Thousands of boys – and more recently girls – take part. Each competitor has five shots and the winner receives great honours with his/her picture appearing in every Zurich newspaper.

The “Shooting King” receives an old Zurich coin on three silver chains and may choose an award from the prize table.

The Knabenschiessen is a vivid and vibrant folk festival – a firm favourite with all age groups!


Ersatz RKBA. Comments on the NSSF Kerfuffle.

The last few days the people who go to conventions, the SHOT Show, appear on TV and speak on radio have gotten into a food fight over the NSSF’s recommendations from a Research Firm about how to gain public trust for RKBA.

According to focus group research some firearms are more equal than others. Pistols,in particular, are children of a lesser god.

Michael Bane has some lengthy comments on his blog.

Those of us who have gone where no celebrities or cameras or big shots can be found have long been aware this society is top heavy with gungrabbers.

No matter how many members of a police or Sheriff’s Department support RKBA, the top administrators and policy makers are almost always gungrabbers.

No matter how many County Commissioners or City Council Members or Wildlife Commission Directors support RKBA, the City Manager or the Executive Director or the research staff are almost always gun grabbers or in a pinch, lean toward “sensible gun control” regulations.

And of course the NRA is on record since the 1930s with their version of gungrabbing in their role as America’s Oldest Gun Control Institution

So why the surprise with NSSF? Has everyone forgotten the CHILDSAFE Ad Campaign from 2004 funded and supported by NSSF?

Can anyone recall the specifics of ChildSafe and Project SafeNeighborhood?

Let me help you out. 5 MILLION Dollars(last I checked, it has probably increased by now) of YOUR TAX MONEY fund a guy and a van to drive into YOUR CITY and park IN YOUR Walmart Parking lot and advertise to all and sundry that any RKBAian who does not try to ruin his/her weapon with some inane bicycle cable lock is an evil danger to society and him or herself.

George Bush (the good Republican) loved this program when he was Governor of Texas and he loved it even more when he became President.

As a result behold the NSSF in a full page ad in your favorite gun magazine using your tax dollars to tell you how to live your life.

It matters not what Mary Carpenter thinks about Child Safety programs, for example. Most people do not have the intestinal fortitude to sit through 10 minutes of her testimony even if it is broken up into two parts so they can take a breather between indictments. Like a train wreck it is easier to avert eyes and pretend the inevitable will not occur.

Here, see if you are one of the few strong enough to endure ten minutes in two parts here and here.

And you can dingdongdarnwell bet Doug Koenig does not abuse any of his raceguns with some idiotic cable lock and risk ruining the alignment of the slide or dinging the magazine well.

Yet, behold, again, Mr Koenig instruct the ignorami amongst the unwashed masses how to acquire, possess, transport and deploy their personal weapons with a child who looks NOTHING like the children who die of gunshot wounds in crackhouses and neighborhoods filled with drug dealers and gang violence.

As much as I enjoy a good food fight amongst the elite it is simple reality things will not change until We, The Peasants ask ourselves and each other:”How did the people who “run things” get to where they got and why can we just not fire them and find replacements who actually believe in RKBA?”

I will believe in change when I see it.

Speaking of Machineguns

Some of you may remember the BATFE classified a shoestring as a machinegun a few years back subject to regulation under the NFA.

Maybe they have not had time to regulate rubber bands (yet).

The boys at Poor Man’s Machinegun explain it all to you.

Akins Accelerator Back in the News

For those of you who do not remember, Bill Akins designed a replacement stock for the Ruger 10/22, had it vetted and approved by the BATFE, went into production and then for reasons unknown the BATFE went bananas and told him and his customers to pound sand. No compensation, truly bad interpretation of existing law and just general lunacy all around.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

“While the ATF might not like it, they’re stuck with the laws that Congress passed,” he said. “They have no policy-making authority outside of the boundaries of the laws.”

Akins, 55, said the issue boils down to fairness.

“They arbitrarily changed their mind and didn’t offer any compensation,” he said.

ATF officials wouldn’t comment on the pending litigation, but a spokesman said the agency stands behind the decision to outlaw the Accelerator.

Drew Wade said the ATF initially approved the device after test-firing a prototype Akins sent the agency in 2003. He said the prototype malfunctioned when it was tested and analyzed by a senior technician from the ATF’s Firearms Technology Branch.

But the agency approved the Accelerator anyway, saying in a letter it did not meet the criteria for a machine gun and, as a concept, was allowable under federal law.

“FTB has concluded that your submitted device is not designed and intended for use in converting a weapon into a machine gun,” ATF officials wrote in an August 2005 letter.

Wade said the agency reversed its position after someone who bought a fully functioning Accelerator requested another test-firing. This time, it worked.

Shortly after, federal regulators issued a new ruling, concluding the Akins Accelerator was a machine gun prohibited under the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Besides mailing in all recoil springs in stock and his customer list, the agency demanded that Akins send an affidavit to each customer to account for all of the devices sold. The recipients had to sign the document and return it to the ATF with the removed springs.

Wade wouldn’t comment on the rationale for the ATF’s reversal of its ruling.

The Accelerators, made of injection-molded plastic, sold for about $1,000 each. They came with tools and instructions on how to attach the device to a semiautomatic rifle.

Similar to a Hellfire, which attaches to the trigger guard and has been on the market for decades, the Accelerator was based on the target-shooting practice of bump firing.

Once the trigger is pulled, the Accelerator’s spring mechanism takes over, and the trigger reciprocates at high speed, using recoil resistance to imitate automatic fire. Most of the devices were made for a Ruger 10/22, but Akins intended to make them for other rifles, too.

Swiss Militia Operations Order #2- Fight to the last man

From the venerable Vin Suprynowicz  an article from ten years ago about the (successful) Swiss Resistance to Hitler and the Nazi War Machine.

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Those who would blithely abandon the greatest safeguard of liberty — the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear military-style arms — aren’t real strong on consistency.

Aiming to gradually erode the quality of arms we have “permission” to bear — back to the level of the muzzle-loading flintlock, if not the slingshot — they have been disingenuously mewing for 60 years that they have no objection to arms “for which there is a legitimate sporting use.”

Of course, the Constitution says nothing about hunting or skeet shooting. Rather, it says we must be allowed to keep our arms — no “infringement” whatsoever, no tax, no registration, no “application for permit” — because the citizens constitute the militia, the most powerful armed force in any free state.

Writing in the January 1998 edition of the excellent magazine Chronicles, Mr. Halbrook points out that “Since the origins of the Swiss Confederation in 1291, it has been the duty of every male Swiss citizen to be armed and to serve in the militia.

Today, that arm is an ‘assault rifle,’ which is issued to every Swiss male and which must be kept in the home. During Germany’s Third Reich (1933-1945), that arm was a bolt-action repeating rifle, which was highly effective in the hands of Switzerland’s many sharpshooters.

“Americans of the wartime generation were familiar with the fact that brave and armed little Switzerland stood up to Hitler and made him blink. As a map of Europe in 1942 shows, the Nazis had swallowed up most of everything on the continent but this tiny speck that Hitler called ‘a pimple on the face of Europe.’ The Fuhrer boasted that he would be ‘the butcher of the Swiss,’ but the Wehrmacht was dissuaded by a fully armed populace in the Alpine terrain. …

“The Swiss federal shooting festival, which remains the largest rifle competition in the world, was held in Luzern in June 1939. Hitler’s takeover of Austria and Czechoslovakia was complete, both countries had been surrendered by tiny political elites who guaranteed that there would be no resistance. Swiss President Philipp Etter spoke at the festival, stressing that something far more serious than sport was the purpose of their activity. His comments demonstrated the connection between national defense and the armed citizen:

” ‘There is probably no other country that, like Switzerland, gives the soldier his weapon to keep in the home. The Swiss always has his rifle at hand. It belongs to the furnishings of his home. … That corresponds to ancient Swiss tradition. As the citizen with his sword steps into the ring in the cantons which have the Landsgemeinde (government by public meeting), so the Swiss soldier lives in constant companionship with his rifle. He knows what that means. With this rifle, he is liable every hour, if the country calls, to defend his hearth, his home, his family, his birthplace. The weapon is to him a pledge and sign of honor and freedom. The Swiss does not part with his rifle.’

Mr. Halbrook continues: “On September 1, 1939, Hitler launched World War II by attacking Poland. Within a day or two, Switzerland had about half a million militiamen mobilized out of a population of just over four million. General Henri Cuisan, commander in chief of the Swiss militia, responded with Operations Order No. 2:

” ‘At the border and between the border and army position, the border troops and advance guard persistently delay the advance of the enemy. The garrisons at the border and between the border and the works and positions making up the defensive front continue resistance up to the last cartridge, even if they find themselves completely alone.’

“This astonishing order was the opposite of the policies of the other European countries, which either surrendered to Hitler without a fight or surrendered after a brief resistance. For example, in April 1940, Denmark’s king surrendered the country after a meeting with the Nazis and instructed his forces not to resist. Norway resisted, although ‘unlike Switzerland’ it had no armed populace and was ill- prepared for combat.

“In response to the invasions of small neutral countries, Switzerland issued its ‘directions concerning the conduct of the soldiers not under arms in event of attack.’

Intended as a warning to Germany, it was pasted on walls all over the country. It prescribed the reaction against surprise attack and against the fifth column as follows:

” ‘All soldiers and those with them are to attack with ruthlessness parachutists, airborne infantry and saboteurs. Where no officers and noncommissioned officers are present, each soldier acts under exertion of all powers of his own initiative.’

“This command for the individual to act on his own initiative was an ancient Swiss tradition which reflected the political and military leadership’s staunch confidence in the ordinary man. This command was possible, of course, only in a society where every man had his rifle at home.

” ‘Under no condition,’ the order continued, ‘would any surrender be forthcoming, and any pretense of a surrender must be ignored: If by radio, leaflets or other media any information is transmitted doubting the will of the Federal Council or of the Army High Command to resist an attacker this information must be regarded as the lies of enemy propaganda. Our country will resist aggression with all means in its power and to the death.’ …

“France collapsed in June, 1940 after only a few weeks of fighting. Paris was taken without a shot being fired. The Nazis promptly proclaimed the death penalty for possession of firearms in France and other occupied countries.

“In contrast, Cuisan recalled the high duty of the soldier to resist:

” ‘Everywhere, where the order is to hold, it is the duty of conscience of each fighter, even if he depends on himself alone, to fight at his assigned position. The riflemen, if overtaken or surrounded, fight in their position until no more ammunition exists. Then cold steel is next. … The machine gunners, the cannoneers of heavy weapons, the artillerymen, if in the bunker or on the field, do not abandon or destroy their weapons, or allow the enemy to seize them. Then the crews fight further like riflemen. As long as a man has another cartridge or hand weapons to use, he does not yield. …”

Even old men and children were issued armbands, identifying them as Ortswehren (local defense) so they could not be shot as partisans under international law, when the time came for them to shoot any invader they saw.

Hitler never invaded Switzerland. Would you have?


Machineguns for the People!!

Really great analysis of the upcoming Heller Decision and the impact on FDR’s legacy case Miller. (Next week??)

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3. Whither Miller? In the same vein, it will be fascinating to see how the Heller Court handles the 69-year-old opinion in U.S. v. Miller. Miller is compatible with an individual right to arms that stresses the civic purposes of arms ownership, and the concept of the citizen militia and the “ordinary military equipment” pertaining to it.

Many members of the Court are clearly uneasy at the prospect of a strong interpretation of Miller, which one might boil down crudely into the formula: “machine guns for the people!”. In oral argument in Heller, Justice Kennedy openly questioned whether Miller should continue to provide the guiding framework for Second Amendment adjudication. I predict that the Court will put some distance between itself and a strict reading of Miller, perhaps through some agile recasting of the earlier opinion.

Michael Bane Understands- His NFA Rant


 You will definitely see more NFA stuff on SHOOTING GALLERY in 2009, and for exactly the reasons outlined in earlier posts. There’s nothing evil, wicked, mean and nasty about SBR, SBS, suppressors or the other odd things controlled by the NFS. In fact, IMHO, the 1934 Firearms Act defies even the slightest tinge of logic. It is a law spun out of whole cloth to give a job to the hordes of “revenue agents” left with nothing to do after the repeal of Prohibition.